The Coming of the Wolf … The Passing of the Fox

The Age of the Fox ended in the year 2012 C.E., and the Age of the Wolf began. The Age of the Fox lasted 1,620 years and began in the year 392 C.E. It was the age of deception and lies, and was under the patronage of Boginya (female deity) Mara. They symbol of Mara is a cross with two horizontal lines. The Wolf is said to be the medic of Nature, and is under the Protection of Bog (male deity) Veles. It is a cosmic process and is associated with the movement of our solar system through the Milky Way galaxy.

During the Age of the Fox, as a rule, the most successful people are usually liars and deceivers, while the Conscience and the Honor of individuals are to pass the toughest test of strength. The Russian folk tales clearly describe the energy of the Age of the Fox through images and allegories.

In fairy tales, the Fox is presented as a symbol of trickery and deception, and is always a winner, as well as those people, who chose to serve her. The most famous tales, which helped bring up many generations of Slavs are: “Kolobok” (The Gingerbread Man), “The Wolf and the Fox”, “The Hare’s Hut”, “The Bear and the Fox” and so on.

So why did the Fox eat Kolobok? In the fairy tale, Kolobok symbolizes the Kolobov Body (the body of intelligence) of an individual – the golden glowing ball around the head that can be seen in the icons of the churches. The truth is, the Kolobov Body is present in all individuals. The meeting of Kolobok with different animals represented tests, which Russian people (Slavs) had to pass.

Let us recall the beginning of the tale:

There was-lived an old man and an old woman. One day, the old man asks:

– Bake, the old woman, kolobok.

– What to bake it out of? There is no flour.

– Eh, old woman! Scratch the flour box, sweep the pantry; perhaps you will gather enough flour.

The old woman took a scraper, scraped the box, swept the pantry, and gathered two handfuls of flour.

She kneaded kolobok with sour cream, fried in butter and placed upon a window to cool. Kolobok (the gingerbread man) laid-laid, but suddenly began to roll: from the window to the bench, from the bench to the floor, from the floor and to the door, jumped over the threshold and onto the porch, from the porch and into the yard, across the yard and to the gate, and on and on (journey of our Midgard-Earth through the Milky Way).

So, in the beginning, from Star Light (the images of flour, sour cream, butter) our Heavenly Ancestors (old man and old woman), who live in the Milky Way (the heavenly milk), kneaded and baked in the Heavenly Fire the Kolobov Body of a human. The White cream and the Yellow butter are the types of light-carrying Cosmic Energies of the Milky Way, which were added to Kolobok. Then, the journey of Kolobok is shown from the center of the Milky Way (the Pure Svarga), through the Pleiades (Constallations) and the Sun (Yarilo) to Earth. Because the fairy tale of “Kolobok” (The Gingerbread Man) was created by Volhvs (wise men) before the Age of the Fox, then the further clue to understanding this tale is in this key. On his journey, Kolobok meets the Hare, the Wolf, the Bear and the Fox, which symbolize different tests of the Kolobov Body (intelligence) in the Age of the Fox – the time of trickery, deception and the substitution of Ethical values with Dogmatic. Kolobok is proud of his intelligence and dexterity, believing that he will be able to handle all of the challenges.

At first, he meets the Hare and sings his song:

– I am scraped from the box, kneaded with cream, fried in butter, cooled on the window; I got away from Grandpa, I got away from Grandma (the description of stellar origin). From you, the Hare, it is not difficult to get away!

And he rolled on further; the Hare only saw him!

The Hare, in Russian fold tales, is represented as cowardly, but at the same time, a kind-hearted animal (example: in the fairy tale “The Hare’s Hut”). The meeting with the Hare, is a test of cowardice, that the Russian people (Slavs) passed with ease, thus proving to be kind-hearted and peaceful.

The meeting with the Wolf, is a test of honor, which we also passed.

The meeting with the Bear, the master of the forest, is a test for the rejection of any form of slavery. We passed all of this valiantly!

But the meeting with the Fox, which in our fairy tales symbolizes trickery and deception, Kolobok did not pass – he was eaten.

Kolobok is rolling, rolling, and meets the Fox:

– Hello, Kolobok! How good looking you are! (trust through flattery)

And Kolobok sang:

– I am scraped from the box, kneaded with cream, fried in butter, cooled on the window; I got away from Grandpa, I got away from Grandma, I got away from the Hare, I got away from the Wolf, I got away from the Bear; and from you, Fox, I will also get away!

– What a nice song! – said the Fox. – But I, Kolobok, became old, hard of hearing; sit down on my snout, and sing one more time, louder.

– Thank you, Kolobok! Nice song, I’d listen more! Sit down on my tongue and sing one more time – said the Fox and stuck out her tongue.

Kolobok foolishly jumped on her tongue, and the fox – yum, and ate him! (Russian naivety).

The pride of Kolobok led to the stupid arrogance and he was eaten, and so the intelligence of the Russian (Slavic) people during the Age of Authority of the Fox was badly damaged. Liars became our Knyazi (rulers); and from the dear home and garden, people moved to cities. They began to cut down forests, to sow fields with grains (cereals) and to exchange gold coins. Evil, grains, gold – all currencies of the Fox.

In the Age of the Fox, it was easy to deceive and to control our People; religion, war and agriculture were introduced. Also, in order to deprive people of Faith, the cutting (and shaving) of hair and beards began. Introduction of foreign foods also took place: coffee, chocolate, tobacco, potatoes, bananas, etc.

Also, we can see the Cross of Mara (the Fox) in the Masonic emblem, the Christian cross and even on the Soviet red flag. Boginya Mara walks with a scythe (sickle), also the cross with two crossbars (horizontal lines), which is easily read in the hammer of the flag. Mother of Jesus – Mar(y), and Christianity as the dominant religion on our Earth, which brought the most suffering to the People and Nature. Also, where we can see Skulls and Bones – are also agents of Mara (the pirates, the church, etc.).

In essence, the lying Age of Boginya Marena (Morena), is an adventure and test, which we, Rusichi, wanted to go through ourselves, in order to solve the riddles of Fate, in order to find own Treasure, and to once again restore the integrity of own Kolobok, by learning to distinguish between Truth and Falsehood. So let us thank the Fox for all of her tricks, for our Life in the Pure Svarga is Eternal and Pure!!!

Fair and Righteous individuals will begin to succeed in Life. All, who successfully passed the Transitional Period, will connect to the Sun, Constellations and Svarga. People will once again: grow long hair, walk barefoot on the ground, listen to birds and each other, and to live in prophetic Forests, Heavenly Gardens and Colorful Meadows.

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