Creating an Altar

The simplest way to honor your Ancestors and Deities (Bogi) is with an Altar. Many of you may not even realize it, but you may already have a “primitive” Altar in your home. One tradition that is still observed in many Slavic and Aryan families, is the honoring of Ancestors. In addition, because our beliefs dictate that all of us have descended directly from our Bogi; it means that our Ancestors are our Bogi. By honoring our Ancestors, we automatically honor our Bogi (in a way). This tradition of honoring one’s Ancestors has preserved itself in time, by placing a picture (or an image) of a passed Ancestor, and from time to time placing an “offering” (bloodless sacrifices in the form of food or drink: honey, compotes, breads, pancakes and so on) before the picture. Yes, our Ancestors and Bogi cannot eat the physical food, but they can absorb the thin energies from the food that is offered to them. While it is a primitive way to preserve such a tradition, it is better than to forget it altogether, and with it our Ancestors and our Bogi!

Here is the simplest way to set up an Altar for honoring your Ancestors and Bogi in your home.

First, pick a corner in your home; it is good if it is a North corner; however, in all of your doings, your Conscience should always be your guide. Place a table in that corner, it will be the foundation for your Altar.

Next, you need to have the five elements present on your table: one, the element of Fire, it can be in the form of a burning candle (color does not matter, although it’s good if it’s a natural candle, like from bees’ wax); two, the element of Earth, mineral salt on a plate is the simplest way to go; three, the element of Water, no brainer there, just have pure water present on the table; four, the element of Air, this can be represented by the burning incense; and finally, the fifth element is Ether, the one element that is present all around us, and this element is to be represented by Pure and Light thoughts of all who come to the Altar. Next, you should add the images of your Ancestors and Bogi to the table, in order to make it into an Altar. These images are most often represented by photos (if you have them), and if you don’t have any photos, you can use statues of any kind. These statues are usually called Kummirs (Idol is a Kummir that is placed in a valley) and are usually carved from wood, but can be made from any material. It is really your choice. If you have a vivid imagination and can imagine the Ancestor or Bog to which you are presenting your offering, you don’t need to have any images present … up to you. Pure and Light thoughts are the most important ingredients.


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