Genocide by Christians

It is a known fact, that Kiev Rus’ was christianized through force. Millions of Slavic men, women, elders and children were murdered and that genocide was erased from the pages of the official history. In his writings, Aleksey Vasil’evich Trehlebov speaks of the 15 ways, of how this genocide of the Slavic people was done and in some ways is still done to this day:

1. Rus’ was christianized with fire and sword.

2. The Russian people, through lies and deception, were imposed the Jewish religion of the tribal gods of Sabaoth and Jacob; while the Jews feed their own people at the expense of the “goyim” (non-Jews).

3. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, like true vandals, has destroyed the Slavic culture, and deliberately destroyed the Slavic temples and sanctuaries.

4. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church carried out the purposeful annihilation of the Slavic clergymen by their soldiers; they were given an order – hack all the wise men from head to toe.

5. The sacred scriptures, that contained many thousands of years of experience of our Ancestors, were declared by the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church to be black magic and demonic writings. Contrary to the commandment “Thou shalt not steal”, they stole from the Slavic people their knowledge; they carried out the removal from the Slavs of their ancient books and their destruction.

6. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church declared Slavic writings (Bukvitsa, Runes, etc.) to be black magic and demonic writings; the result of which was the loss by the Slavic people of the ability to learn the ancestral experience of their Ancestors.

7. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church has replaced the Slavic systems of writings by a more primitive system of writing of Cyril and Methodius. For example: the ancient universal charter consisted of 147 letters, while the Cyrillic had only 43 letters, with which it is impossible to convey the true sound of the Slavic language. Thus, the Russian people lost their ability to transfer their speech into the written form; the latter only became feasible in the 18th century, only because of Lomonosov, who managed to make a transformation of this writing.

8. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church falsely claims that the spiritual and moral enlightenment of Russia began only with its christening and that before Slavs were a wild, primitive and ignorant people. The Church does everything in order to hide all the evidence, that Russia and Slavic people existed for many thousands of years before the invasion of the Judeo-Christians; and that the Russian (Slavic) people have a huge heritage of moral life and spiritual development.

9. In accordance with the parasitic life of the spiritually-weak traditions, the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church organized the serfdom of the Russian people. Germans, Poles, Greeks, christened Tatars, christened Jews all owned serfs Slavic people. And according to serfdom, Russian landowners could never own any Germans, nor Poles, nor Tatars, nor Jews or anyone else, except their consanguineous. Christianity brought slavery to Russia!

10. In Russia, an usurious lending rate was introduced, by the means of which the rabbinate ravaged Russia and the Russian people were brought into poverty. Christianity gave this a blessing, because previously our merchants did not have the right to use the loan interest.

11. Christianity righteously prohibits magics, as the conspiracy of Satanists, but skilled magicians and Satanists are only a very small part of the total population, which employ technological activities aimed at the destruction of the world without the use of magic. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, focusing on the activity of the magic classes, say nothing about the more significant and harmful intellectual activity, which is not subject to the discipline of internal and external behavior desires. The Church diverts the attention of the Russian people from the vital need to ban the activities of the civilization, which is leading people to degeneration and death.

12. In accordance with the recommendation of Christianity about the use of wine, allowed the action of the oppression of the psyche and the alcoholic genocide of the Russian people. It is for that reason that Russian people have a saying: “He who drinks wine and beer – the accomplice of Tel Aviv.”

13. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, with exclusive rights in the upbringing of generations, have led the people to the moral and physical degeneration. What the Church has taught, it received, and it received domestic infidelity.

14. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church has taken all measures in distortion and destruction of the Vedic knowledge in creation of the virtuous posterity. They declared the carriers of such noble knowledge – Witches (meaning: Knowing Mothers), to be servants of Satan, and tried to destroy them all. As a result of the destruction of this knowledge in Russia, for every 3,000 children born, only 1 is a full-fledged child. Before Christianity, the title of a Witch was an honorary title among all Slavs.

15. The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church still allows the christening of children only with Hebrew or Greek names. Out of 210 names permitted by the Church, only 15 are Slavic.

As you can see from the examples above, the genocide of Slavic people (not only in Russia, but around the world) is still ongoing. It is through the efforts of Trehlebov and other individuals such as himself, the people of this world are beginning to wake up to the truth. It will be impossible for those who speak Falsehood to hide the Truth during the Age of the Wolf – the time for cleansing and revival has come!

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