Looks 60 at 118 …

If you examine the data from around the world in regards to life expectancy, expect to find a drastic increase in life expectancy in the past 200 years. On average, according to official sources, the average life expectancy has approximately doubled for most countries around the world.

I don’t like to question official sources, although, who am I kidding – I love to question official sources! And if we are to believe the official sources, we should be thankful to our governments, scientists and so on for living as long as we do. But really, who are we kidding?! To believe official sources is to only fool yourself!

I always say, if in doubt … ask your Elders. So, I did! I came to find out, that in my own family, as little as several generations back, ALL, I repeat – ALL lived to past one hundred years old, unless of course they died of unnatural causes (most commonly War). If my words are not enough for you, the following is a record of one man’s journey to a settlement of followers of Native Slavic Faith (who are not influenced by mass media and do not know of official sources).

In the past year, fate brought me to Lake Baykal from Buryatia. I am a hydrographer, and we worked on the river Barguzin. Almost untouched Nature, cleanest air, good simple people – everything fascinated us. But most of all, I was amazed by the settlements of so called “Semeiskie” (families). At first, we could not understand what it is. Then, we were told that they are followers of the Old Faith.

These families live as separate settlements, and they have very strict customs. Women, to this day, wear long dresses to their heels; and men wear kosovorotkas (long shirts). These are very calm and friendly people, but they behave in such a way, that you will not approach them unless necessary. They do not waste energy on empty talks, we never saw this. These are very hard-working people, who will never sit down idly. At first, all of this stressed us, but then we got used to it. Later, we noticed that they were all healthy and beautiful, even the elderly.

Our work took place just on the territory of their settlement, and so we would disturb the residents as little as possible, we were given one grandfather, Vasily Stepanovich, as an aide. He helped us to take measurements; it was very convenient for us and for the residents. In a month and a half of work, we became friends with him, and that grandfather told us many interesting things, he even showed us.

Of course, we also talked about health. Stepanych said it more than once, that all diseases are from the head. Once I clung to him with and required explanation of what he meant by this. And he answered as follows:

“Let’s take you, five men. Just by the smell of your socks, I can tell what you’re thinking!”

We became very interested, and then Stepanych simply stunned us. He said, that if a person has strong smelling feet, than his strongest desire is to postpone all of his business until later, to finish everything tomorrow or even later. And he also said, that men, especially modern men, are lazier than women, that’s why their feet smell more. He then added, that it is not necessary to explain anything to him, but rather to honestly answer to yourself, if it is so or not. So there you have it, it appears that thoughts not only affect the man, but also his feet!

The grandfather also said, that if the feet of the elderly are beginning to smell, it means that waste had accumulated in the body and it’s time to starve a little, or time for a strict fast … about six months or so.

We began to torture Stepanych, to tell us his age. The entire time he protested, but then said:

“However much you will give me – let it be so.”

We began to think and decided that he was 58-60 years old. Much later we learned that he was 118 years old and that for this reason he has been sent to help us!

It turned out, that the followers of the Old Faith are healthy people; they do not go to doctors and treat themselves. They know the special abdominal massage, and everyone does it himself. And if someone should come down with an illness, than that individual decides with the entire family, what thoughts or what feelings are the cause of the illness. That is, he tries to understand what is wrong in his life. Then he begins to starve … and only after he drinks herbal infusions, and treats with natural substances.

The followers of the Old Faith understand that all causes of diseases are in the head of a human. For this reason, they refuse to listen to radio, watch television, thinking, that such devices infest the head and turn human into a slave; because of these devices, a person stops thinking for himself.

They believe own life to be of the greatest value. The entire way of life of Semeiskie made me reconsider many views on life. They never ask anyone for anything, and live well, wealthy. Each person’s face is lit up, expressing dignity, but not arrogance. These people do not hurt anybody, do not offend, no one swears any obscenities, no one makes fun, no one gloats. They all work – from young to old.

They have a special reverence for the elderly, young people never contradict their elders. They especially hold in high honor purity and cleanliness, in everything from clothing, home, and ending with thoughts and feelings. If you could only see these extremely clean homes with crisp curtains on windows and overhangs on the beds! Everything is cleaned and scraped until shiny. All of their animals are tidy. Their clothing is beautifully embroidered with different patterns, which are protection for the people.

Nothing can be said about infidelity of the husband or the wife, for them there is no such thing and cannot be. People are driven by a moral law, which is not written anywhere, but is honored and respected by all. And for the observance of this law, they were awarded health and longevity, and how!

When I returned to the city, I often recalled Stepanych. I found it difficult to link together what he said, and the modern life with its computers, airplanes, telephones and satellites. On the one hand, technological progress is good, but on the other …

We really lost ourselves; we do not understand ourselves; we shift responsibility for our lives onto our parents, doctors, government. Maybe that’s why, there are really no healthy or strong people. What if we really are dying without understanding? We have imagined, as if we are smarter than everybody, because we have extreme diversity of machines. And it turns out, that because of the technology, we lose ourselves!


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