Natural or Not?

There are many structures on our Earth, which raise many questions. Most of all, structures that are said to be of natural formation, yet appear to be of artificial origin and cannot be explained by science. More than that, the origins of their creation (as put forth by science) cannot even be called hypothesis, or even a theory. The statements put forth by science are nothing more than a best guess, a version at best.


The first such formation I’d like to look at, is the “Devil’s Tower”, which is located in Wyoming, USA. As can be seen even in this photograph, this formation is of magmatic origin. It appears to have been of “plastic” structure at first, although all formations around it are of sedimentary rocks. Each year, thousands of tourists and mountain climbers visit this location. Such is the nature of man, he is drawn to what he cannot explain.


The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA is a monolith of volcanic origin with a height of 1,556 meters above sea level and a relative height of 386 meters. According to the “official version”, the Devil’s Tower formed from molten magma that rose from the depths of the earth and stood in graceful, hexagonal columns. The age of Devil’s Towers is estimated from 225 to 195 millions of years. The formation is made up of dark-red sandstone and siltstone shale layers. Immediately, any reasonable individual will ask a question – How can this formation be of magmatic rocks, if this structure houses sandstone? It is not even granite (recrystallized from sandstone rock). There is not a single word of that in the official version.


If you take a look at this structure with a clear mind, you will see that it’s a structure made up mostly of individual hexagonal “tubes”. At the foundation, these tubes are bent, as if spreading outward and to the sides as if under the influence of gravity. But for that, this “formation” would have to be “squeezed out” from “something” that was above the earth, and did not come out from out of the earth. Very strange. At the foot of the cliff, there are many smaller segments, that fell off from the formation. The hexagons themselves appear to “crumble” from erosion, or may have had a different “surface” layer in their structure.


I went a step further and asked several individuals (without telling them anything of the structure) as to how they think the following structure formed. One response was: “It appears similar as if squeezing frosting onto a cake from a sleeve.” To me, it appears to be exactly that: something could’ve squeezed out the rock (in the form of the putty of course) onto the surface of the earth, after refining something from it (a rare element, which is present on our earth). In any case, I will leave for you to decide, whether this structure is of natural origin, or if it was made by an advanced civilization or culture (as a bi-product of mining perhaps) hundreds of millions of years ago.


Additional, I am providing images of other unexplained “natural” formations from around the Earth, which include the “Giant’s Causeway” in Ireland and Masleevskie Poles (or pillars) in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Just keep in mind: “… there are no straight lines in Nature …”.


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