No Negative Images

Our Ancestors had a very good habit they followed throughout time: they did not create any negative images in their consciousness. It was believed that by creating negative images in our consciousness, or even our subconsciousness; we are willingly (or unwillingly) created a negative future for ourselves in higher (or next) World, to which our Soul will travel after the death of our physical body in this World.

The saying “You get what you wished for” can describe this better than anything. Our Ancestors believed everything to be made out of energy, just energies of different density: stone, water, air, trees, light and even thoughts. All was made from different kinds of energies.

Because even thought was believed to be made of energy, even if very thin energy; if strong enough, a thought had the ability to materialize. It is also the foundation upon which most magics around the world, as we know them, are built upon. If many people are to think the same thought, such thought will become very powerful, and may in fact materialize.

Our wise Ancestors were very aware of this. Because of that, they tried not to create any negative images. It was their way of keeping this world beautiful and prosperous.

Now if you take a look at all of the negative images which are created and are forced onto the masses through different media channels, you will immediately understand why our world is such a mess right now. Millions, even billions of individuals have negative images and thoughts forced into their consciousness and subconsciousness each and every day, whether it’s through television, radio, internet or even word of mouth.

Think about this scenario for a moment: a woman, a mother, after sending her children off to school, turns on her television (maybe in the kitchen as she goes about her daily routines). On television, she sees a “disaster” that happened somewhere on the other side of the world, which in no way influences her or which she can do nothing about (help in any way). That woman is immediately upset, and what does she do next, she calls one of her girlfriends (or even several) and tell her of what she just saw. Now, two people have their good mood destroyed and are in a bad mood. But it doesn’t end there. Bad news spread quickly. Now imagine of what will happen, if millions of people watched the report about the same “disaster”.

In order to understand why so much “negativity” is being forced onto people, you have to understand who controls all of the media and what purpose they’re trying to achieve. My advice to you may sound cheese, but here it is – “Don’t worry, be happy!” The best thing you can do is to filter everything you see and hear around you. If you encounter negativity in any form – ignore it. “In one ear, out the other!” If you can’t filter out all of the negativity, do what many people before you have done – unplug yourself by turning off your television, turning off your radio, “disconnect” yourself from social networks and even go as far as “disconnecting” yourself from your friends (if necessary).

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