Religion is a perversion, a path that leads away from Vedic Kultura (culture). It is the worship of one or several gods of the material world and the fulfillment of their will, instead of Praising the Supreme and living according to “His” Commandments, which are given to us through Vedas.

The word religion is a combination of two meanings: “re” – is a return or a repeat; and “legion” – is a union. Therefore, religion is a repeated attempt to reestablish the lost connection to the Supreme (the Almighty) by mimicking some prophet or messiah. The world’s major religions have emerged on the basis of doctrines of foreign religious leaders in accordance with the time, place, circumstances and the level of consciousness of other people, their ability to only partially be aware of the impersonal aspect of the Supreme, or just some aspects of His personality and images. For example: kindness and compassion the Supreme personified in the form of Buddha (a human, a spiritually awakened one); compassionate love in the form of Jesus.

The Vedic Kultura, absorbing the images as part of the whole, never forgets of the Whole, praising the Supreme in all of His aspects, features and images simultaneously. For this, the ignorant blame the Primordial Faith of Slavs and Ariys, the Vedic Kultura, in polytheism, being unable to reach with their limited minds the idea of unity in multitude. Because the bearers of these religions are of different people (nationalities), which do not fit Vedic Kultura within own consciousness, their religions have no relation to our Faith and to our people.

Slavs and Ariys never needed, do not need and will never need religion. They do not need to take repeated attempts to restore the lost connection to the Supreme, for they never lost it. The Supreme Ancestor and His children, the Slavic-Aryan Bogi (deities) and Bogini (female deities), in essence, are our Ancestors, and we are their great grandchildren. Therefore, Slavs and Ariys do not only have the spiritual connection, but also kinship with the Supreme. This connection can never be severed, even when a great descendent of the Slavic-Aryan Deities finds himself in the ignorant delusion, while calling himself a “slave of God” and begging for alms of the Gods of the material world.

As many children of Slavic and Aryan culture (Kultura) are in the process of waking up from the sleep during the long Night of Svarog (or Kali-Yuga), just as rebellious children, have a chance to return to their roots and their wise Ancestors. When they do, their Ancestors will gladly accept them with open arms.

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