The Beard – The Sign of Masculinity

Earlier in Rus’, as in other Slavic lands, men have always worn a beard. Only with the coming of the parasitic and technocratic civilization, the natural grooming of hair was presented by parasites as a sign of backwardness and neglect. But why did this happen? Because the parasites simply could not grow beards. The rule of demons is and has always been: that what I see is not like I, therefore it must become like I.

The Beard, when translated from Old Slavic, means the Wealth of Rod. That is, the beard on the face of every man, is the wealth of his own Rod.

In 1699, Peter I issued a decree, ordering all to shave(!) beards and to wear(!) German dress (Peter I will be discussed more in upcoming issues). Such ignorant and immoral act has caused an uproar with the uprisings that followed in all provinces of Russia. Peter I ordered the persecution of all those who opposed his decree, including the death penalty for disobedience to shave the beard. As a result, the following saying became known among the people: “Do not touch our beards – take our heads”.

Why did this happen? Why didn’t Peter I did not like the beard? Apparently, it simply did not grow on his face. Earlier in Russia, foreigners and strangers were determined by the absence of the beard. It was the kind of “friend or foe” mechanism. Such people were often called “woman-faced”, and they could easily be spotted in a crowd or at other public gatherings. You did not even have to check the person, whoever did not have a beard, was not native. Talk about the ability to discover spies.

Always, in all times, the Beard was the sign of courage, strength and power. All Slavic-Aryan warriors and greatest heroes have always worn a beard. Aryan Vikings even braided braids in their beards and mustaches. Grow out your beard and protect it. Slava!

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