Female Body – Divine Temple

In recent years, many women ask about how to love and accept yourself, and most surprisingly, a great many women, as a consequence of the arrival on Earth of the new energies, expose programs of anti-love for themselves and rejection of own body, which were programmed either while in the womb, or during their lifetime. Do not worry, the same happened to me as well. But why? It seems there is natural beauty, but there is no basic foundation – the understanding of the love of self and to own body.

There are many reasons for this. The first of them, there is no connection with the Earth, the first chakra is not open (I don’t like the word chakra, but in this context it will be the word that I use).

The second possible reason, the closure of the second chakra, and this is the lack of awareness of own sexuality. The concept of sexuality includes the recognition of own natural beauty, the awareness of own value in the world, love towards self and acceptance of your body – that’s all, not what is imposed upon us by the society. The second chakra, is a completely separate topic, as it relates to the sacred flower of womanhood – the womb.

The third reason, which is now the most common, is the transformation of the body, which occurs under the influence of the new energies coming to Earth. This transformation also includes the first two reasons, so if this wave hasn’t caught up to you yet, do not worry, it will soon come to you.

All this happens because the woman of the new era, is energetically a pure woman, the old energies can no longer exist within her. Therefore, many women are now having a hard time, both emotionally and physically. A transformation is taking place, which is awakening a true Boginya (female Diety) within every woman.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the development of a woman comes from the lower centers – with the Earth’s energy. In men, on the contrary – with the top (Sky) centers – the Divine energy. And what is happening to us? All the other way around! Women, either entirely submerge into spirituality, not being centered with the Earth (meaning not grounded), or live according to male principles, busy with work or building of own career. By the way, the first and the second is a manifestation of male energies, so do not think that spirituality alone will lead you to the feminine.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? It is time to take care of own body, dear girls! Heal from female illnesses, eat right, do moderate exercise, devote time to care for own divine body, and we do all this NOT through force (!!!), but through acceptance and love towards self, and that means – get rid of all the programs and settings that affect our appearance and our body.

How to learn to love yourself? Accept yourself? Heal from women’s illnesses? Reveal own natural beauty? Be confident in yourself and inspire others? How to purify the physical and emotional blockages in the body, develop flexibility, plasticity, grace? How to fill the body with energy, so the beauty would breathe life, love, joy … instead of emptiness and soullessness of a doll?

It is necessary to learn all of this, and then everything will work out.

Written by: Alexandra Finagina

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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