The Living Trees

These events happened in the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil in the early 90s. The forest was being cut down. In the brigade of loggers, was one nonsmoking subject with an inquisitive mind. During the smoking breaks, to pass the time, he came up with a fun way to pass the time; he counted the annual rings on the cut trees.

He counted and was amazed: this tree is 80 years old, and this one is even older. Then he noticed that all the trees occasionally had “damaged” rings. These rings had an “unhealthy” color, and they weren’t as wide and smooth as the other rings. But all trees had a pronounced “disease” in 5-6 such rings coming one after the other.

The logger was puzzled and decided to calculate, in which years, the tree was “sick”. The result stunned him!

It turned out that in all the trees, the “disease” time accounts for the years 1941-1945. It turns out, that the trees felt that something horrible was going on, and suffered together with the people from the hardships of war.

After a tale like this, it is difficult not to believe that we’re all brothers and sisters on the face of our Earth. We are all alive and all have a Soul – all animals, all insects, and plants, and the water, and even stones.

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