Life or Like

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when someone needed help, and as you ran to help that individual (or animal), others simply took out their smartphone and began recording? The image above, is of a baby dophin that was passed around by beach goes, so all who wanted to, could take a selphie with it. Out of hundreds, if not thousands of those present, not a single person said: “It’s wrong!” All just casually passed the baby dolphin around, until it finally died.

What is happening to humanity, that instead of helping those in need, many will gladly take out their smartphone and record the entire event, so later they can brag on social networks to have witnessed it? It appears that people will gladly take a picture in order to get hundreds, if not thousands of “likes”, instead of saving just one single life … and not even as much as asking for gratitude. Incidents like this do not happen rarely, they happen each and every day around the world. Anything from floods, to housefires, to automobile accidents is recorded, yet, people die because they were not assisted in time. Are there no more descent people in the world, who still care about others? Or are they as rare as a four leaf clover?

Just think for a moment; should you witness a disaster, what will you do? Will you selflessly run and try to help, even at the risk of own safety? Or will you take out your smartphone and begin recording, without even as little as calling for help of emergency services? You have to keep in mind: in every emergency situation – every second counts!

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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