Words of Wisdom – Silence

The following are seven advices about when it is necessary to remain silent.

Advice #1 – The first thing that must be kept secret, say the wise men, are your long-term plans. Remain silent about your plan, until your plan is accomplished. All of our ideas are not only perfect, but they also have a huge number of weak points, which can be easily stressed, in order to destroy everything.

Advice #2 – The second thing that wise men recommend, is not to speak of your own charity. A good deed is a rarity in this world, and that is why you should treasure it. Do not praise yourself for your good deeds. The pride will see and immediately take away all the good that has come to you as the result of your charity.

Advice #3 – The third, which is not recommended to speak about by the wise men, is about own austerity. Do not speak or spread word about your limitations in eating, sleeping, etc. The physical asceticism only benefits, if it is combined with an emotional component.

Advice #4 – The fourth, what you must be silent about, is about your courage and heroism. Some are tested externally; some are tested internally. The external tests are seen, so for them, people get awards. But the overcoming of internal tests are noticed by none, therefore no awards are given for them.

Advice #5 – The fifth, what is not necessary to speak about, is about your spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge has different levels, and should only be disclosed upon achieving a certain level of purity of consciousness. The main mistake a novice medium (holder) of truth is the willingness to share too high of spiritual knowledge, which is, instead of bringing a benefit to a person, will confuse and maybe even frighten him even more.

Advice #6 – The sixth, which is not especially not necessary to share with others, is to talk of own domestic conflicts, and in general about own family life. Remember, the less you talk about the problems in your family, the stronger and more stable it will be. Quarrel – is a process of getting rid of the negative energy that has accumulated in the process of communication.

Advice #7 – The seventh, what is not worth talking about, is about the ugly words that have been heard from someone. It is possible to dirty your boots on the street, and it is possible to stain the consciousness. The person, who, after coming home, speaks of everything that he heard from a fool on the way, is no different from a man who came home and did not take off his shoes.

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