The Hidden Civilization

This happens to be one of those stories that is difficult to believe. It can neither be proven to be true or false because of the lack of evidence. Therefore, each and every one of us has to make own choice of whether to believe that this story actually happened, or to believe that the following story is nothing more than a creation of an individual’s imagination. I came across this tale in the early 2016 and immediately began to search for the original article. The one I believe to be an original, was written in Russian language and had no author, although as you will see, all names, dates and places are provided.

On February 28, 2003, at the mine, located near the Chinese town of Jixi, in the Heilongjang Province, there was an incident, a rock layer collapsed. The blockade cut off miners from the surface. Fourteen families did not see their providers return home at the end of the work day. The alarm was raised. This story created a lot of noise, not immediately, but after five years. Why? Because it had an unexpected continuation. Although first things first.

The owner of the mine initially denied the fact of the disaster, but after the miners’ relatives appealed to the authorities, was forced to admit that fourteen miners were actually missing after all.

After this confession, rescue work commenced, although only twelve of fourteen miners’ bodies were found. Two miners named Lao Pen and Wan Hu were believed to remain behind the collapsed rock layer, disassembling which was just too dangerous.

The mine was closed, the owner was sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment, and the families of victims, including of the missing two miners, were appointed appropriate compensation.

The story has been forgotten, at least as far as such a tragedy can be forgotten. Five years have passed. And in 2008, Wan Hu returned home. As said as it may be, no one was waiting for the miner. Much has changed during this time: his wife, believing herself to be a widow, remarried; his older children had left the family home…

Wan Hu accepted the unfortunate incident stoically. He bought a new house and began to live, taking care of his garden.

However, after a short period of time, authorities became interested in him. It turned out that the family received compensation for his death at the mine illegally. One question was on everyone’s mind: Why didn’t Wan Hu made his presence known sooner?

The former miner said he was ready to compensate payments made to his family in full. And his absence he explained, is that all these years he lived among the mighty Ktones, who inhabit the depths of the Earth. He was, of course, unable to send any kind of message from there.

Such unexpected and paradoxical statement rather puzzled representatives of the authorities. Who is before them? Hoaxer? Rogue? A husband who conveniently left his family? An insane individual? There was no answer.

As a result, the authorities believed that before them was a crazy individual, and by the decision of the special committee, Wan Hu was sent for examination to a hospital. After a thorough and careful examination, the doctors came to the conclusion that Wan Hu is completely healthy, and not only the soul, but also the body. And his account of the past years no more than a fantasy of a sound mind. Although to the question of why a former miner would have to suddenly make up such a fantasy, they, of course, could not. However, it was not their task.

The doctors could not also shed any light on where the miner was in actuality. Something that, again, did not fall in their scope of tasks. They could not even answer the purely medical question, which fell within their competence: why the miner had no slightest signs of anthracosis. Anthracosis is a lung disease, inherent in almost all miners, who worked for a prolonged period of time, more or less. It is characterized by an inevitable steady disease progression and no practical cure is observed.

Five years ago, Wan Hu, judging by the medical examinations, was in the initial stage of anthracosis, and would soon have to leave the profession of a miner. If, of course, he did not want to live the rest of his life totally disabled. In addition, the returning from nowhere Wan Hu had no pulmonary pathology track! Not in the slightest! Moreover, he also had thirty two teeth. Though, again, according to medical records, five years before he only had twenty five. Wan Hu’s organism, in all respects, was consistent with age 26 to 28 years, but in fact, he was 39.

It was a riddle upon riddle! There was no way to solve them, and the authorities began a thorough investigation. It turned out that in the bank Wan Hu had only about forty thousand yuan (about six thousand dollars according to exchange rate of that time), deposited in cash in April of 2008, two weeks before the miner returned home. A “silent” search revealed that Wan Hu also had over ten thousand yuan in cash, and what particularly alarmed the authorities, raw emeralds worth more than three hundred thousand yuan (over forty thousand dollars).

On those basis, the authorities have been suggested that Wan Hu is not really Wan Hu, instead … an agent of a foreign power. Such a version explained quite a bit, but the main objection was that an agent of a foreign power would really have nothing to do in Jixi. And indeed, the times of traditional spies are fading: millions of Chinese travel abroad and come back each year, so rival intelligence agencies have the ability to recruit agents in a less exotic way.

As a result, further investigation also revealed that money Wan Hu received from the sale of raw emeralds to a jeweler in Shanghai. The miner actually told of that himself, not hiding anything. The special services only checked the veracity of his testimony. When asked where he got the raw emeralds, Wan Hu replied that he got them during his stay with the mighty Ktones.

Again these Ktones! The result “of the fantasy of a healthy mind”, according to the conclusion of the physicians? Although a fantasy will not provide you with money or emeralds. Is it possible that someone really lives down there, in the depths of the Earth? The intelligence agencies had to scrutinize the told story, which was later recorded personally by Wan Hu.

In short, it happened as follows: as a result of the disaster, Wan Hu and Lao Pen were not only cut off from the surface, but also from the rest of their comrades. For about three days, with sufficient food and little or no food, they were waiting for help, but heard no signs of a rescue. Although there was no rescue attempt at that time, for the owner was trying to hide the disaster, and no one reported anything. Suffering from the lack of food, they decided to explore the ancient tunnels, which led to the depths of the mine – what if there is a possibility they will lead to the surface? In the worst case, maybe someone left something like canned food, or anything else edible.

One of such tunnels, which had a bad reputation, led them to a place, where no work had been done for over thirty years, due to the complete depletion of the coal layer. After passing this tunnel, they found another one. The thing is, it did not lead to the surface, but into the depth. Just in case, they decided to investigate it as well. What else to do? Sit and wait for an unknown amount of time? To go insane?

And there, in the depths, they were attacked by strange people – Ktones. Despite the fact that the highest Ktone barely reached Wan’s belt (and the miner’s height – 1.62 meters), both miners were defeated and captured. Although they were fed until full and led further down to the kingdom of the Ktones.

How deep they went, one could only guess. Wan Hu cannot say for sure, but he believes the depth to be about fifteen kilometers. Contrary to the prevailing theories in geology, at this depth, the temperature was bearable, and the air was clean. It was also relatively bright. It is explained in such a way, that there, in the depths, there is a system of cavities in the form of lenses, interconnected with passages. These lenses are up to three thousand paces across and more than three hundred meters in height. The vaults of these cavities emit a faint orange glow during the day (possibly induced by the flow of a particular solar energy, penetrating into the Earth’s crust). Once you get used to such not very strong, in general, lighting, you can navigate well and even read.

The result of their trek deep into the tunnels were huge caves. The settlements of the Ktones were located in these huge caves. Each cave was home up to a thousand people, and that Ktones were of human species Wan Hu has no doubt. According to the principle of the English proverb, which states that if something looks like a cat, walks like a cat, meows like a cat, then most likely, it’s a cat. Ktones looked like humans and did everything as humans. Only little ones. Among the Ktones, Wan Hu and Lao Pen spent five years. The language of the Ktones is in no way like the Chinese, but was easy to learn, and soon, the captives could explain themselves fairly well to others.

Once the two miners were able to explain themselves to the underground people, it immediately became clear that they are not considered prisoners. Ktones sincerely and fervently believe that life on the surface is a great misfortune, and therefore took Wan Hu and his companion for the fugitives seeking a passage to a better world. Ktones knew neither hunger nor disease.

They ate mold, which grows in abundance in the caves. The underground mold, according to Wan Hu, has a peculiar, not devoid of pleasantness taste, but the most important thing is that it is extremely healthy. Both, he and Lao Pen very quickly felt a surge of mental and physical strength, and both went through a change of teeth – something very usual for Ktones. The teeth of the underground people change every 20-25 years throughout their lives, which is rarely shorter than two hundred years. Although quite a few live much, much longer.

Ktones, despite their small (in human terms) height, are perfectly stacked. The physically average Ktone is no weaker than the average man on the surface. Of the different types of mold Ktones made cloth and strong paper on which they write. Ktones also know metallurgy, although iron is rare, so they mostly use bronze, silver and gold. Ktones do not recognize luxury and live with a minimum of things, which they take great care of.

Since Wan Hu and Lao Pen were never considered prisoners, they lived a full life. After some time, they acquired wives and even had descendants. In general, they were satisfied, but Wan Hu longed for the sun. Ktones unobtrusively tried to dissuade him from returning to the surface, but did not forcibly hold him. Guides-volunteers brought him to one of the great Chinese Caves, where there is a hole connecting Ktone Kingdom to the surface. By the way, it is literally a kingdom, for Ktones have a monarchy.

All of the above – only a small part of the narrative of Wan Hu. After that story, the miner was declared insane, but was not placed into a provincial hospital, but is held on a military base, which in itself is unusual and suggests that the Chinese authorities have reacted to the story of Wan Hu much more seriously, than the “fantasies of a healthy mind” deserve.

As for the reaction of scientists to this story – opinions have divided. Some believe that Wan Hu simply paraphrased one of the myths about underground civilizations, which are present in different cultures. For example, the myth of the gnomes. Others, that the Chinese accidentally discovered a lost earthly or unknown alien civilization. In general, there are many supporters and opponents of the existence of the underground life. Neither side has yet to make any serious advance in the confirmation of their belief.

The fact that Wan Hu is now at the military base, says that the Chinese clearly belong to the supporters of the theory. As did the scientists of the Third Reich, who in 1942 under the patronage of Himmler and Goering organized a large scale expedition into the depths of the Earth in secrecy.

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Information taken from various

internet sources.

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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