If You Just Woke Up

This article is absolutely necessary for those who have just awakened and embarked on the path towards spiritual development, to all those who are studying the ancient faith of their Ancestors and still do not know much. Therefore, I see it as my duty to support such individuals and to help them on their journey towards a correct understanding of the Slavic pagan view of the World … and of Existence. The following is a short list of simple advices to help all in their discovery of Self.

The first thing that you need, at the beginning of your journey, is to read the right books. Now, there is not really a formula that can be applied towards understanding what exactly is meant by – “the right books”. There are, however, certain things that one can watch out for as “hints” in certain books. If books speak of money or business more than of Ancestral heritage; if books “praise” or present Jews in a “good light”; if books imply such theories as “Theory of Evolution” or “Africa Being Cradle of Life” or “All Races Come From The Same Source”, etc.; and lastly, if books are “best sellers” – such books are more than likely there to confuse you and set you on the wrong path. There are many books on the subject of ancient Slavic Faith, but the older the book, the more valuable it may be to you as the source of information. Although any book written after the 1700s could’ve been written with the purpose of deception and in order to mislead. Learn to feel the truth and to filter out the true information, for even the books that are written with the purpose of deception may be based off true knowledge and wisdom.

Second, there is no need to immediately look for like-minded people. Before you begin searching for like-minded individuals, you must create a solid foundation of understanding what ancient Slavic Faith is all about, otherwise you are leaving yourself open to deception and brainwashing. Decide what you are interested in paganism: holidays, culture, celebrations, socializing, spiritual practices, crafts, nature and so on. First, you have to understand who is who and what practices certain people follow, for there are many different teachings in paganism. Only then you can begin to interact with groups that are closest to your own ideology.

Third, there is no immediate need to take a plunge into different attributes. It is a direct path into a subculture. There is no need to hang amulets and keepsakes all over your body, to wear only linen clothing and to live in the forest as a hermit. Native Slavic Faith (or paganism) is more … much more than any common stereotype. First, you need to understand the spiritual component of each term, each symbol, etc. and its uses and practical applications. Otherwise you may become a shell without the filling. And I do not think you want this.

In the beginning, try to attend Slavic festivals, different historical exhibitions, master craftsman classes, try to visit folk music concerts. In other words, experience the Slavic culture in all of its diversity and multitude, try to infuse into it, to understand how Slavic culture breathes and which artists, music performers and lecturers you like. No matter where you are in the world, there should be no problems with finding such things.

Try to study more philosophy, heritage, culture, life and beliefs. Slavic paganism today is not a political struggle, and not a search for witches and enemies of faith, it is the love to own Native culture and its millennia-old traditions, which are exactly what you need to learn and understand. And without an ethnic-cultural layer, that is simply not realistic.

Remember, that having embarked on this path, you tacitly assume responsibility. Rodnover (a follower of own Native Faith) tries to live soberly, in harmony with Nature (environment), is laborious, reads a lot, and tries to be a good family man. This is a serious burden of responsibility. Therefore, you need to form within yourself an individual who is friendly to Nature and the world as a whole. It is also important to maintain the sobriety of thought, and, if possible, a scientific approach to things and phenomena, but with the adoption of the belief that Nature is a living organism. No more and no less.

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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