Seven Secrets of a Wise Woman

Each traditional family, each traditional union, consists of a man and a woman. Two tribes, or families, come together through a union of two individuals. It takes a lot of hard work, in order to make any union last. This article is not about men. This article is about women, and how it takes a wise woman, not just a smart woman, in order to make any union work.

Before we take a look at the differences between wise women and smart women, let us first take a look at the seven secrets of a wise woman.

1. Voice your expectations. Your husband, himself, cannot imagine the certain actions you expect from him. Just as he cannot always understand, as to why you are offended or upset with him.

2. Do not force your husband to like your girlfriends. If he does not want to drink tea with you and your girlfriends in the kitchen, it’s better that way. It is also good to have separate friends, for sometimes it is useful to spend time in the company of your cheerful girlfriends. On the other hand, there will always be plenty of time to be bored in the company of your husband’s friends.

3. Hug often. Sometimes, a single hug can express much more than words. Hugs do not just bring us closer together, but also give us a sense of peace of mind and confidence in that you are loved and understood.

4. Never begin a “debriefing” before going to bed. First, no matter how wonderful your day was, it will only be remembered by its “unpleasant” ending. Second, something that may seem significant and important in the evening, may seem unimportant and blown out of proportion the next morning.

5. Do not bring up the past. All have difficulties in their relationships. If your husband is guilty, and you forgave him … enough! Never again remind him of what a bastard he is, and of how benevolent you are.

6. Joint pastime; may you always have time for your loved one. It does not matter what you do, as long as you do it together.

7. Do not hide your gratitude. If he did what you asked him to do, sincerely thank him! Next time, your husband will do even more. Say “thank you” to him often, and do it from the heart. I’m sure there is something you have to be thankful for.

Now, let us take a look at the differences between a smart woman and a wise woman. It is good to be smart; it is better to be wise.

– A smart woman, after finding her husband’s mistake, will rub his nose in it. She will also recall that she warned him about it. A wise woman will support, encourage, and sometimes even pretend not to notice anything.

– A smart woman, in a crisis situation, will take the reins and teach her husband to live right. A wise woman will subtly show her husband the direction and will support his intention to reach that goal.

– A smart woman will teach children math, no matter what. A wise woman will see in each of them a personality.

– A smart woman, at work, will try to be better than others and not to make mistakes. At the same time, the majority of her colleagues will behave cautiously around her. A wise woman will create a team atmosphere of love and warmth.

– A smart woman will intervene in the lives of her adult children, giving them unsolicited advice and recommendations, telling them how to raise their children. A wise woman will allow children to accumulate their own life experience and support them in any situation.

– A smart woman will contend with the influence of her mother in law, to assert her independence from her parents and to argue with them about their advices. A wise woman will learn to smile, to listen silently and agree. And then, will do everything her own way … with love.

– A smart woman wants to change the world, to remake all people around her. A wise woman will begin to change herself, and will accept others as they are.

– A smart woman believes that the one who is right, is happy. A wise woman knows that the one who is happy, is right.

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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