The Creative Power of Thought

All thoughts can be divided into three groups or classes: creative, destructive and neutral.

It is necessary to adjust the consciousness to the waves of creative thoughts, rejecting the thoughts of destruction; every thought about an illness needs to be replaced with a thought about health; every thought about failure – with the thought about success; every thought a disaster – with the thought about joy; all thoughts about old age and indisposition – with thoughts of health and cheerfulness. It is necessary to think of yourself in such a way, how you’d like to see yourself in reality. Thoughts are the highest reality! This force can be brought to an extraordinary degree of tension.

The whole area of the reflex based thinking should be replaced with the conscious one. All processes in the body can be subjected to the will and be controlled. The body subjects to it willingly, if the power of will is realized. The body reacts to all mental processes: conscious and unconscious. And if a re-rhythmic thought claims a certain state or order, and firmly, the body follows it without fail. The body does not have own will, except for the one embedded into it by its owner, its master.

Often, the willed currents flow in different, and even in opposite directions, neutralizing each other. If we are to will them to flow in the same direction, their strength will increase enormously. While wishing health, an individual may allow so many destructive thoughts about his illness, that the consequence of such thinking will be the complete destruction of thoughts about health.

The mastery of thought places in the hands of the owner the power that can be applied towards creation, even if only of own healthy body. Let each involuntary negative thought immediately be consciously replaced with a positive and creative thought. This requires control of thoughts, feelings and suggestions that come from other people, the latter is particularly harmful. People love to talk about their weaknesses and to enjoy this process, creating strong and bright images of diseases, which are strengthened and consolidated by the number of listeners. MUST NOT chatter about diseases. The strong, vigorous and healthy do not allow other thoughts at all. For every ailment, at its very beginning, a strong-willed current and order is sent by the entire consciousness – for the ill region to become healthy.

Spirit and Will overcome all, and there is no energy in the body of a human, able to withstand the power of rhythmic, solid orders of will. It is possible through breathing, or by holding a breath, to strengthen the flow of prana and of psychic energy to an ill organ or region. Let it be the usual process for your will to fight against every ailment, before turning to modern doctors and medicines. The powerful laboratory of the human body has all the means to restore health.

Unlocking of the potential strength of the human spirit lies within restriction of particular thoughts, or even their deletion:

1st obstacle – “it is impossible”;

2nd obstacle – “I can’t, I’m weak”;

3rd obstacle – “Because others can’t do it”.

Official science is silent about this, and a human will find thousands of reasons not to take the control over own microcosmos. Although a Yogi claims that he is the master and ruler over his body and all bodies, over thought and will, over everything that exists within him and is given to him to rule. He speaks, he moves, he sees and he hears everything according to will, and he labors, and still believes that has no power over thought and body. It must be understood that even such power is already strong, it is only necessary to make it complete.

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