The Mysterious Antarctica – Guardians of the Border

The icy continent may be one of the most mysterious places on our Earth, and the access to it is not only difficult, it is nearly impossible for all who want to explore it. If an individual wants to explore Antarctica, it is possible, but expensive and your every step will be controlled. I looked into travel to Antarctica, and found five possible ways to travel there, only two of which are leisure based. One, you can become a villager, but it is long-term and controlled by NSF (United States National Science Foundation). Two, you can go as an artist or a writer, but again, you will fall under the control of NSF. Third, you can go as a scientist and once again fall under the control of NSF. Fourth, you can sail in by boat, but you have to follow specific routes, which again means … control. Fifth, you can choose to fly in, but your every move will be watched. No matter how one may choose to go to Antarctica, it will most definitely not be a leisure experience. So what is there on this icy continent that ALL governments that have a presence there would like to keep secret? The following story may shine some light onto that mystery.

The event, which took place in February of this year, is compared in importance with the first human flight into space. Russian researchers in Antarctica, after 20 years of work, broke through the nearly 4 kilometer thick ice and reached the surface of the subglacial lake Vostok. Scientists hope that in the lake, which had no contact with the outside world for millions of years, it may be possible to discover many secrets of the icy continent.

Of one of them, at the time, told the world the Soviet polar explorer Yuriy Korshunov, who miraculously survived in Antarctica during the infamous expedition to the South Pole at the end of the 50s of the last century. Of the six explorers, who started off to the pole from the “Mirniy” station, only two were able to return.

According to the official version, explorers died because of the severe storms and frosts. However, Yuriy Efremov subsequently told about what happened to the expedition in actuality. Here is his story.

“The Killer Balloons”

“It was a polar day, and almost throughout our journey was a beautiful weather. The thermometer showed only minus 30 degrees Celsius, there was no wind – what is very rare for Antarctica. We completed the route in three weeks, without losing a single minute to vehicle repairs. In general, everything was going too good…

The troubles began when we made camp in a location, which, according to all of our calculations, was the South magnetic pole. All were exhausted, so went to sleep early, but could not fall asleep. Feeling a vague anxiety, I got up and walked out of the tent.

I saw some kind of a glowing ball approximately three hundred meters away from our all-terrain vehicle. It bounced up and down, as if a football, only the dimensions of it were approximately a hundred times larger. I shouted, and all ran outside. The ball stopped bouncing and slowly rolled towards us, changing its shape while moving and turning into something resembling a sausage.

The color also changed, it became darker, and on the front of the “sausage” a frightening face with no eyes began to emerge, but with a hole similar to jaws. The snow under the “sausage” hissed, as if it was red-hot. Its jaws were moving, and I swear, it seemed that the “sausage” was saying something…

… the photographer of the expedition, Alexander Gorodetsky, went ahead with his camera, though the senior of the group, Andrey Skobelev, shouted that he did not dare to approach the “sausage”, or better yet, to stay in place! But Sasha kept going, while clicking his shutter. And this thing … It instantly changed shape again – stretched into a narrow strip and encircled around Sasha as a halo, similar to ones around the saints. I remember how he cried and dropped the device…

In this moment, two shots rang out – fired Andrey Skobelev and standing on my right, our doctor Roma Kustov. It seemed to me, that they were not firing with explosive rounds, but with bombs – such was the sound. The glowing tape swelled, and sparks splashed in all directions, and some kind of short lightnings.

I ran to Sasha. He was lying face down … and was dead! Back of his head, hands, and, as it turned out, the whole back were charred, the special polar suit turned into rags…

We tried to contact the station “Mirniy” over radio, but it did not work, something unimaginable was going on in the ether – continuous whistle and growl. I have never seen such a wild magnetic storm! It lasted the entire three days we spent at the pole. The camera was melted, as if from a direct lightning strike. Snow and ice, where the tape “crawled”, evaporated, forming a groove half a meter deep and two meters wide.

We buried Sasha at the pole. Two days later Kustov and Borisov died, then – Andrey Skobelev. Everything happened again…

We were working outside, the atmosphere was depressing … At first, one ball appeared, right on Sasha’s hill, and a minute later – two more. This time, we saw everything: the balls appeared, as if densified out of thin air, at an altitude of about a hundred meters, descended slowly, hung above the ground and began to move by some complex trajectories, approaching us.

Andrey Skobelev was recording, and I measured electromagnetic and spectral characteristics – the equipment was installed in advance approximately a hundred meters from the vehicle. Kustov and Borisov stood nearby with their carbines at the ready. They began to shoot as soon as they thought that the balls began to stretch, turning into a “sausage”.

When we recovered from the shock, the balls were gone, and there was a smell of ozone in the air, though after a severe thunderstorm. Kustov with Borisov were lying in the snow. We immediately rushed to them, thinking we can still do something to help. Then, we turned our attention to Skobelev – he stood, pressing his palms to his eyes, the camera laid on the ice five meters away. He was alive, but did not remember anything, and did not see anything.

He … it is now frightening to remember … was like an infant. He went, I’m sorry, under himself. He did not want to chew – just drank, spilling the liquid around. Perhaps, he should’ve been fed from the nipple, but you understand, we did not have any laying around. The entire time Skobelev whimpered and drooled … he died on the way back…

After returning home, we decided to tell the truth – that what happened weighed down on us. To my surprise, we were believed. Although there was no conclusive evidence. Although no new expedition was sent to the Pole: the research program did not allow for it, and it also lacked the necessary equipment.

… As I understand it, the same thing as to us, happened in 1962 to the Americans … “

This story of the polar explorer Yuriy Korshunov was published in an American newspaper.”

So What Was It?

The next group of researchers who journeyed to the South magnetic pole, was an American – from the “Midway” station. It happened in 1962. The Americans have taken into the account the unfortunate experience of their Soviet colleagues: took the most sophisticated equipment, the expedition included 17 people on three all-terrain vehicles, constant radio communication was maintained with them.

No one died in this expedition. Although all of the researchers returned in only one surviving vehicle, all on the verge of insanity. They were all immediately evacuated home. About what happened, we still know very little; a few articles appeared in newspapers and scientific journals. Everything was immediately classified.

After returning home, almost half of the campaign participants ended up in psychiatric hospitals. Therefore, it can be assumed that nothing happened without the participation of the so-called “balloons”. There is an assumption that the participants of the first expedition to the South Pole, too, encountered the killer balls in their path.

As is known, the first to have been there was the American researcher Robert Falcon Scott in 1912. On the way to the South Pole, the expedition lost only one man. After placing the flag, the travelers began to return and … died. According to the official version, Scott and his companions died because they lost their way, were left without food and froze. However, it is suspected that in addition to natural storms and bad weather, the explorers several times encountered some unexplained anomalies, and as the result died one after another.

So far, the explorers failed to explain the phenomenon that was observed. In 1966, the researchers gave the killer-balls a name – plasmasaurs. American physicist Roy Christopher suggested that the Antarctic “monsters” are some electrically-charged clots of plasma. According to his version, plasmasaurs live at an altitude of 400-800 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. They stay there in a rarefied state and remain invisible. However, in the vicinity of the South Pole (such phenomena was never observed on the North Pole), plasmasaurs can approach the surface of the Earth. Once in a dense environment, they densify and can be seen.

Plasmasaurs, according to the American researcher, can cause people to hallucinate and also strike them with electric shocks. Christopher places them in the category of living beings, which were “born” in nature even before organic life forms appeared on Earth. Of course, this is only a theory.

Perhaps, in time, this mysterious phenomenon will no longer be a mystery. Who knows, maybe thanks to the latest achievements of Russian researchers in Antarctica, the plasmasaur mystery will be solved.

Written by: Ivan Gusev

So What is Really Hidden in Antarctica?

Unlike Ivan Gusev, I do not agree with the official versions and theories of researchers stated above, of what is really hidden in Antarctica. In order to understand my theory better, one has to be familiar with such theories as the “Flat Earth Theory”, the “Inner Earths Theory” and a theory of my own – the “Giant Earth Theory”. But before I provide you with my opinion as to what is really located in Antarctica, let me say a few words about my “Giant Earth Theory”…

Let us be real, none of the official theories brought forth by NASA and governments from around the world can be supported by any “solid” evidence. Only fools and slaves believe everything they are told by those in power. That’s why I call those theories – official lies. If we are to take a look at many ancient myths from around the world, we will learn about “worlds inside of worlds” … this is where the “Inner Earths Theory” comes in. If we take a look at some of the experiments done by “independent researchers” from around the world, we will learn that there is a “ceiling” several hundred (or maybe even thousand) kilometers away from the surface of our world. This is where most people begin to believe into the “Flat-Earth Theory”. There are also researchers who provided evidence that this “ceiling” is “lower” in Antarctica and is not “solid” but rather “very dense”. Again, many begin to believe into the “Flat-Earth Theory”. However, in Nature, circular or round forms are dominant, and “flat” forms are rare. Then, I considered animals in a zoo, or better yet, a nature preserve … if you create a preserve large enough, an animal will think it’s free. In addition, if you create an “invisible” fence of sort that will first warn (animal feels fear and turns around), then, if animal keeps on going, such an “invisible” fence (or border) will attack in order to prevent an animal from getting out. If such an “attack” can be carried out by a highly advanced and intelligent machine that is able to take on any form and use natural weaponry (lightning, heat, etc.), no being needs to be present in order to keep watch. This is where the “Giant Earth Theory” come in: think of us as an animal in such a nature preserve with no visible fence; also think about our “preserve” as not being the only one; and lastly, think of this – What if the circumference of the world upon which we live is not 40,000 km, but a million km … ten million, or even more? This would definitely explain why independent researchers cannot see a curvature at even 100 km up. Lastly, imagine the images behind the “Inner Earths Theory” and think of our world as of not the “last” or “surface” world. Freaked out yet?! We are the beings in a nature preserve!

Now the question of: What are these “killer balloons” in Antarctica? can be answered quite easy. They are intelligent, artificially created “guardians” of our border, who’s purpose is to prevent an animal (or a test subject … rat in a maze) from getting out. We are the test subject! Need more? Alright, Slavic heritage speaks of our Ancestors and Deities “coming” to this world with the purpose of “mixing” the four white cultures between each other – da’Ariys, h’Ariys, Raseny and Svetorusy, in order to create a “super-being”. Then, other cultures of Black, Yellow and Red skin color were added to the equation. Lastly, the “gray” culture (the Hebrew and Jewish culture) was forced into our world by dark forces with the purpose of being parasites and slowing down our Spiritual development (a change in management during the Night of Svarog).

Feel free to come to own conclusions … but remember, the truth is more complicated than you may think. No single theory can explain it. Multiple theories often explain the same and support the same truth … just from different angles.

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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