The Slavic Code of Honor

Many people are lost today, many people were lost even a century, two centuries ago. Very few people know what true honor is. Some time ago, people believed that in order to defend own honor, they had to commit a premeditated murder at a duel. Today, some believe that only the strongest are the honorable. The Slavic code of honor is based on Conscience, and while for a true Slav no rules are necessary, for those still asleep, the best way to explain the Slavic code of honor is through rules.

1. Remember always and everywhere: You are a descendant of the people with a long and glorious heritage, and therefore do not have the right to an unworthy act.

2. Learn the customs, the traditions and the culture of your people, and awaken your Slavic Spirit.

3. Learn the heritage of your people and your Fatherland; this knowledge will strengthen your Spirit, exalt your Soul, and give you strength during difficult moments of your Life.

4. Continuously work on your physical development. Temper and strengthen your body, in order to be worthy of your great Ancestors.

5. Preserve the memory of all the Ancestors of your Rod, learn as much as you can about them. Respect and honor your Elders, and most of all – parents, who gave you Life.

6. As the supreme commandment, adopt the Truth – the greatness of the Slavic individual was never measured by material things, but rather by courage and labor that was given to the Fatherland.

7. Do not waste your time in vain. Fill your life with joy and good deeds. All the good and all the bad things that you do in life will come back to you many times over.

8. In a conversation: listen more, talk less and never brag. There are many among other people who are smarter, stronger and more experienced than you.

9. Avoid quarrels and scandals. In a quarrel with a fool, you will become foolish; it is better to simply listen to a wise companion.

10. Be moderate in eating and drinking. For those who do not know measure lose human appearance.

11. Help your neighbor when disaster comes to him, and when disaster comes to you, you will be helped by your neighbors.

12. Be proud and honest. Neither hunger, nor cold, nor the fear of death must not break your Spirit, if you are a true son of the Slavic people.

13. Live in Harmony with Nature. Preserve and multiply the beauty of your Native land for your descendants.

14. Remember that every Slavic individual must have a clear intellect, an inquiring mind, a loving and brave heart, a clear Conscience, strong hands and strong Will.

15. Do not despise anyone’s advice – listen. To follow or not is your choice. The ability to use the good advice of another is an art, no less than to give good advice to others.

16. If you are unable to say something good of another, prevent yourself from saying anything bad, even if you know it.

17. Do everything with joy, and if you have not yet learned to do so, consider that you not yet know how to do it.

18. Do not expose yourself or your people to humiliation and shame.

As you can see, the above Code of Honor has more to do with self-development, than with revenge or payback to others. Only through developing Self and own Spirit can we truly learn how to live in Harmony with others and with Nature. Although that does not mean that if your are wronged, you should leave the evil doers unpunished. Remember, leaving evil doers unpunished only multiplies that evil, and if you could do something, but didn’t, you will be responsible for the created evil.

Information found on the internet

Translated and edited by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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