War of the Worlds

I will begin this article with a very bold statement: Something happened between the late 18th century and the early 19th century that not only wiped more than half of the world’s towns and cities off the face of the Earth, but also threw most of the world into a very Dark Age!

In the light of new discoverers and leading seekers of alternative history, echoes of past events begin to show in world literature and other sources. And so, I would like to bring your attention to the “analysis” of the novel by H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds”. For the first time, the text of this novel appeared in the “Pearson’s Magazine” publication in April of 1897. This novel also came out in the form of a book in February of 1898 from Heinemann publishing. It is not necessary to describe what this novel is about, but if you’d like to refresh your memory, you can either read the book or watch films that were made based on this novel.

So, what do we have from Wells? A retelling of events, the idea of which was given to him by his older brother, to whom the novel is dedicated. Herbert George Wells was born on September 21st of 1866 in Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom, and died on August 13th 1946 in Regent’s Park, London, United Kingdom. His brother, Frank, who gave the idea for the novel to Herbert, was born in 1857 and was 9 years older than H.G. Wells.

“War of the Worlds” is the fourth novel by H.G. Wells, and is related to his early works. As is admitted by the researchers of this creation, the idea of the book was present in the air, and Wells was inspired by several factors that coincided in the late 19th century. In 1877 and in 1892, astronomers were able to observe Mars in great detail. It was then, when satellites of Mars were discovered, the polar ice caps and the system of so-called channels on the surface of the planet were studied in detail. In 1896, the famous astronomer Percival Lowell published his book, which suggested the possibility of life on Mars. In 1894, the French astronomer Javel watched observed some sort of a flash on the Martian surface, which is directly reflected in the book. The research of astronomers made a great impression on Wells and seriously affected the story of the future novel. Subsequently, Wells continued to be interested in the subject of the Red Planet, and even published an article entitled “The Things That Live on Mars” in 1908.

So what was known to Humanity about life on Mars at that time?..

Life on Mars

The Humanity of that time knew quite a bit … Especially, the Rusian officers, in the process of their training, learned quite a bit about life on other planets, as evidenced by a textbook on Natural Science, based on a series of books by Karysheva “Fundamentals of True Science” (which by the way was also released around same time in the 1890s, a little earlier than “War of the Worlds” (1897), and here is what is said in that book about life on Mars:

Chapter X

Life on Mars

“… On Mars, there are no cities, these large twisted populated centers, which poison the air, the water, the earth and the people; which develop need, disease, perversion of thought and body; and which concentrate on exploitation by people of one another, on rule, on wealth, and on violence…”

“… At the same time, on Mars, there is no warrior caste, no judicial courts, no police, no rule of any kind, no authorities, except for the Divine; there is no whip other than the Love of the Deities, or fear to enrage Him or to overstep His Sacred law. On Mars, every being, in the pure meaning of the word, is the servant of his neighbor, his faithful helper, and his precautionary caring friend. There, it is considered a sin not to do that deed and not to give necessary attention to your neighbor, which a being could give…”

“… Mainly all the attention and care of the inhabitants of Mars is turned to the cultivation of the soil and everything that grows on it, for on Mars, the people and the animals feed exclusively on plant food, and primarily fruits. Nobody eats on Mars, not only animals, but nothing of what animals or plants may come from: caviar, eggs, seeds or grains. On Mars, there are even no carnivorous animals or insects – all eat some plants…”

“… The word “murder” is non-existent on the entire planet in its detailed meaning, for the Creator gives life, and only the Creator can take it away, and no one else. Everyone has to follow the example of the Creator and to increase Life, but not destroy Life…”

“… The planet Mars is half the size of Earth; is inhabited by no means over the entire surface, and by the way has a population much larger than that of Earth that lives in constant bliss, for the people live much longer than on Earth. On Mars, if we consider the length of time on our calendar, people live to an average of 500 summers…”

In other words, people of that time (and this is just over a century ago) knew of life of other planets, and knew of that life in great detail. Then, great censorship came and textbooks (not even books) such as these were taken out of circulation and destroy, for maybe a handful of copies exists in the entire world. People had to forget … but forget what? It is quite possible that H.G. Wells also knew this, like so much else, what we do not know today. A question comes to mind: why would the officers have to study types of extraterrestrial life, and how it may be useful to them in their immediate practice? Could it be the experience of recent events, the alleged alien invasion of the early 19th century, with the equivalent of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, which had destroyed the world of that time – a single power, the single commonwealth, which ruled our planet in those days? Let us take a look at some arguments, which are already widely known in our small circle of seekers of alternative history …

There was no “Happy End”

What is the reason for all this, the old naive fantasy novel with an ironic happy ending, where the alien invaders die themselves from a terrestrial bacteria, which is intolerable by the Martians? In reality, it seems there wasn’t even a hint to a “happy end” here. First, the alien aggressors knocked out the energy system of the unified Commonwealth of the Humanity that existed on our planet at that time. These were the “Star Cities” or the “Bastions in the form of the stars” – the world’s natural energy generators. After all, electricity appeared much earlier than the official history states. You all probably have seen pictures or drawings of illuminations, beginning of the 18th century. Here is the illustration of the coronation of Alexander I, in 1801.

The same can be said about the trolley, which first appeared in the U.S. in 1836, according to official chronology. But if we are creating rolled-metal rails, grinding all-metal wagon wheels and other metal accessories, we are dong all this for horse-drawn trolleys? Bull! Electricity and high rotational speed is necessary in order to grind wheels from solid ingots. So Truth becomes clearer and clearer: electricity appeared much earlier than we are told by the “scientists” and “scholars”. And horses began to be harnesses to the self-propelled electric trolleys only after the energy system of the unified Commonwealth was destroyed. Life goes on … the existing infrastructure was used, even if horses had to be brought back from retirement and harnessed into the wagons again.

Even if we put all of this evidence aside and take a look at what was going on in the world at that time: constant wars among nations … dividing what is left of the once all-powerful Commonwealth, which was destroyed in the 17th-18th centuries. The timeframe of that nuclear war begins to emerge, with its peak in the 1780-1816 years. In 1816, the world experienced nuclear winter. During a period of three years, the northern hemisphere experienced frost even during summers.

United Commonwealth Based on Architecture

Before the war of 1780-1816, the majority of cities of the world were built in the same antique style, at least the residential properties. The buildings, which are now referred to as the “temple buildings” and other buildings of unknown purpose, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Pyramids of Maya and so on (although even pyramids around the world are said to be of same origin) are different. In Western Europe, the ancient architecture survived best. In the rest of the world, most of the cities were completely destroyed. Some were partially damaged, that is why the ancient buildings that have survived are presented under the guide of “colonial” architecture. This of course, is nonsense! Those, who reformatted the world, had no time for the construction of buildings based on beautiful projects, during constant and regular uprisings, battles and wars.

All of the ancient cities on the planet were surrounded by huge, cyclopean structures in the form of stars, which are currently called – “bastion fortifications”. The construction volume of one such star around a large city often equals to the volume of the construction of the city. Millions of cubic meters of earthworks and millions of cubic meters of building stone, and the stone is delicately finished in an industrial way. The fortification features of the stars can be questioned, for there are many indicators that show otherwise, although true purposes of such “star structures” are unknown to people today. By using simple programs that allow for the viewing of satellite images, anyone can find such “star structures” (or what’s left of them), and also learn and understand that by implementing the principal “divide and conquer”, the current helmsmen, who won that war, are (already for two centuries) diligently wiping out cities in the antique style, and especially these “stars” from the face of the Earth. This is done in order to destroy the single architectural style of the planet, so that modern people would not know that the world was once “global”. The evidence of bombardments of the surface of the planet by high-tech weapons is the large number of craters on the planet’s surface, and especially on the territory of modern Russia. It is worth mentioning, that the notorious “Star Bastions”, the brainchild of the past bygone centuries, are perfectly preserved in Europe (although they no longer fulfill their original function) and currently serve as beautiful architectural mega structures. The same cannot be said of the territories of many Slavic countries, where the traces of such “stars” are found with difficulty because they are destroyed almost entirely.

The Lost Star Cities of Kiev Rus

If we are to take the “Kiovia Palatinatus” map of Ukraine of 1648, we will see many of such Star Cities. Now, if we take a modern map of Ukraine, we will see that many of these cities (and even smaller cities) are no longer in existence. Remember, these cities were built from millions of cubic meters of stone and consequently wiped off the face of the Earth. In fact, more than half of such cities just on the territory of Ukraine were not only destroyed, but “physically erased” (for the lack of better words). It is possible to find traces of some of such cities, by using satellite imagery, but it is difficult. Many of them are located at the bottom of the Dnipro reservoirs. Also, mountains are marked on the map (perhaps man-made) that currently do not exist. The channels of inflows of the Dnipro are not winding as today. They are more straightforward, as many rivers in present Western Europe. Some large cities, as “Trypol” that is just downstream from Kiev, no longer exist.

After examining all of the evidence presented in here and even doing a little digging, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that something horrible took place in the world just two centuries ago. It was “War of the Worlds”, but it did not end the same way as written in the book by H.G. Wells. So what happened? Well, my best guess is – Humanity lost! Although the side that won did have own allies among humanity and was aided in a great way. Who were these allies and traitors of Humanity? – you may ask. Well, just look at the map and at the territories that either experienced little destruction, or had no destruction at all. I am mostly leaning towards Europe. Humanity fell … Humanity was conquered! It would be very ignorant and naive of us to believe that the “War of the Worlds” was lost, and that the invading forces just left (“no aliens walk among us” – you may say). The “victors” did not leave. They rule our world today from the shadows, and their representatives walk among us. Otherwise how else can you explain that all people have to pay in order to live today?!

Information taken from the internet

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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