Real Men Don’t Shave

Imagine the following situation: for some unforeseen reason, a law is passed, a law that forces all male residents of your country to wear stalkings and mini skirts when out in public. If an individual forces to follow this law, that individual is heavily fined of approximately 10% of his monthly income for each day of breaking that law. If an individual cannot pay, that individual is imprisoned or worse … executed! Ridiculous! – You may say. Well, it happened in the past, when Slavic men were given a choice: shave beards or receive a death penalty!

Sexual identity is the cornerstone of a species survival. Any imbalance in the number of individuals, male or female, within a population, inevitable leads to a reduction in birth rates, and ultimately, to the extinction of the whole species. Before, this effect was achieved through all-out wars. If the male half of the tribe was exterminated, the tribe ceased to exist, for the surviving women were assimilated into the invading tribe and became carriers of foreign genetics.

Today, however, there is no need for a war of extermination, because there are new technologies. The worst – the destruction of gender identity. In order to conquer the people, and ultimately their lands, destruction of men is no longer necessary, it is enough to convince them that they are not quite men … or that they are not men at all.

It turns out, that this issue is not of cultural plane, as it may seem, but is directly linked to the issue of national security. And I’m sure that is not an exaggeration. Everything starts small. First, men go against nature and begin to resemble women in appearance: begin to shave hair on their face, then to pluck out eyebrows, then to apply makeup. Later, they take on the external features of the female behavior, and eventually, adopt the female way of thinking, and, accordingly, the methods of decision-making and actions.

However, the female pattern of behavior, is infantile by nature. Women, based on natural order, seek the one they can rely upon in matters of existence in a hostile environment. Only a man can take on the responsibility for the welfare of the woman and her children. Otherwise, a stronger man will come along and will take on the responsibility for the care of the woman and her children. But then, the weak man becomes useless, and will live out his worthless life as a piece of garbage.

So why is it that some men do not hesitate to ask others: “Why don’t you shave?”

Now, my answer in such cases is this: “I do not shave, because I do not want to be like women in appearance. Why do you strive to be different from a man? Are you unsure in your sexual orientation?”

Few will smile in such a case, most start to get angry and begin to talk nonsense about tradition, hygiene and so on. People! Wake up! What tradition?! It seems to be a tradition to us, for we were born in a world of beardless men. Then, there is a direct threat that our grandchildren will be born in a world where men were skirts! For them, it will also be “tradition”. Or am I wrong?

So, why create such “traditions”? Let’s be guided by common sense, rather than by “tradition” imposed on us by sexual perverts. Otherwise, tomorrow we will wake up and realize that homosexuality is a tradition, and then we will definitely not be saved by any deities or heroes. Own people can only be saved by the male half, no matter how this statement is looked at by critics. Gender equality, emancipation, tolerance, multiculturalism, pedophilia, all of these are not progressive achievements of a developed society. These are weapons of mass destruction of the electoral nature, which are aimed at the destruction of a particular society, a distinct people. The weapon, that is aimed at the destruction of white people, but that does not bring any harm to blacks, arabs or jews. And while the white males are confused and trying to figure out who they are, white females are already giving birth to children from males of other cultures, who were not affected by these weapons of mass destruction. Thus, directly resulting in extinction of the white culture.

You do not want such an end? It is inevitable, if our men will not become what they are meant to be – men! If they do not begin to behave as men! And the beard, it is certainly not an indicator of masculinity, but it’s a start. The main thing – to be able to take responsibility for the woman and for the children that woman gifts her husband with. Only a strong family with many children, with a strong man as it head of household can save our people from total annihilation.

Remember what our Ancestors used to call the male beard – the “Wealth of Rod” … the “Wealth of People” …

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.


  1. So for you because i shave my beard, i wanna look like a Woman ?? Your way of thinking if undoubtedly wrong on this part of article, i got many Slavic friends who shave their beards cause they don’t like to got one and act like real men. Beard, hairs is not necessary a symbol of Masculinity, it’s what i got in my brain and mental that makes the difference, judging a man when it comes to hairs is 100% stupid, it’s like judging the level of a woman feminity by her curves. In some Native American tribes, you had 3 genders, Women, Men, Transgender and it was a tradition in these tribes. Those men who were trans did not go to wars.
    From a French man with Slavic roots who bought 7 of your books.


    • Shaving has been introduced to Slavic lands and forced onto Slavic people a few centuries ago, when those, who couldn’t grow a beard, would stand out as spies. At first, there was a death penalty or high tax for not shaving one’s beard, which over the centuries had turned into a norm. I agree, a beard does not necessarily define a man, for some “men” with beards do not know how to be men, but it is our culture and our tradition. In Old Slavic, “beard” means “wealth of kin”.


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