The Codex of a Maiden

1. To never allow yourself to contradict your husband, for the husband is the tree and the strength, who the maiden herself chose and knew what she was doing.

2. To not destroy own healthy body with bad habits (alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc.).

3. To rid yourself of the familiarity of male attention, especially if married.

4. To learn thyself and the universe through development of own talents and the discovery of new knowledge.

5. To never destroy own Rod through racial mixing.

6. To understand that the place of the spouse is not in front, not behind her husband, but at his side.

7. To bring up a worthy generation of children, instilling in them a love for their native traditions and culture.

8. To protect self from all the annoying attention of jealous women.

9. To never gossip, for the desecration of language is not worthy of the beautiful female lips.

10. To keep dignified behavior in the family circle of the husband and in a circle of his associates.

11. To protect own hearth, to upkeep the home, and to gift a smile to the family.

12. To keep honor and faithfulness to the beloved husband until death.

13. To give as much love and affection to husband as possible.

14. To not forget the female crafts such as embroidery and sewing.

15. To always support her husband.

16. To keep to natural beauty, but to not forget to care for yourself, so the look of your beloved husband would always fall on you.

17. To not wear fur just for the sake of fashion, knowing that innocent animals were killed for the sake of the wealthy; but to wear fur out of necessity during severe weather situations.

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