The Pupil and the Elephant

In one forest, there lived a wise teacher, who had many pupils. He taught them the truth:

“The Creator lives in all things, and, knowing this, you need to bow to everything that you see.”

Once, one of his pupils went into the forest to get firewood. On his way there, he saw an enraged elephant stampeding towards him. The man, who sat on top of the elephant, shouted:

“Get off the road, faster get off the road! The elephant is enraged!”

But the pupil, instead of running away, remembered the lesson of his teacher and began to think: “The Creator lives in the elephant, the same as in me. The Creator cannot harm the Creator in any way. Why should I run?”

Thinking in such a way, he continued stand in place and greeted the elephant, as the elephant ran up closer. The rider continued to shout:

“Get off the road!”

But the pupil did not move.

The enraged elephant grabbed him, raised him into the air and threw him to the ground. The pupil continued to lay on the ground, blooded and unconscious. The wise teacher, once he heard of the incident, came with his other pupils, in order to take the injured home. When, after some time, the pupil came to, he told of what happened to him. The wise teacher said to him:

“My friend, it is true, the Creator is present in everything, but if He was present in the elephant, He was also present in the rider. Tell me then, why didn’t you direct your attention to the warnings of the rider?”

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