Weapons of the Ancients

Those who have ever read any ancient books or chronicles most likely seen a mention of ancient weapons, powerful enough to destroy entire armies, cities and even worlds. Many skeptics say that such weapons never existed; others say that such weapons not only existed, but are also currently in the possession of those who hold the power over this world; and even others say that such weapons are so powerful that they were hidden by our Ancestors and only the chose few know where they are located. While the location of such artifacts may not be known, some things are known about them.

Information about these ancient artifacts was obtained in 1929 during an interrogation of a trotskyist Y. Blyumkin, who previously took part in the NKVD expedition to Tibet, in connection with the sale of the secret information about the weapons of the “civilization of the gods” to German and Japanese intelligence. The betrayal of Y. Blyumkin essentially allowed the leadership of the 3rd Reich to locate the advanced technologies of the “civilization of the gods” that were later used by the Germans to create a secret base in Antarctica, as well as for the creation of different “weapons of retaliation”.

In order to understand what is in question here, I propose to refer to a fragment of the interrogation of the traitor, provided in the book “Overturned World” by the doctor of historical sciences L. Ivashov. Here is what the accused himself said on the subject:

“As I have already told my investigator, on a business trip to Tibet in 1925 and by the order of the head of Tibetan government, the Dalai Lama 13th, I was led into the underground chambers and shown some so-called artifacts – the weapons of the gods, preserved on Earth from 15-20 thousand years B.C.E. These weapons are stored in separate rooms. I wrote extensively about this in my reports …

The characteristics of the weapons are approximately as follows:

1. The Giant Tongs – “Vadzhara”. The melting of precious metals occurs with their help. If the gold is melted at the temperature of the surface of the sun (6,000 degrees Celsius), the gold flashes for 70 seconds and turns to powder. This powder was used in the construction of huge mobile stone platforms. If the platform is sprinkled with the powder, its weight is reduced to a minimum. This powder is also used in medicine in the treatment of incurable diseases and for the elite – mainly used by leaders, who consumed it in order to extend their life.

2. The so-called Bell – “Shu-Ji”, with which a large squad, or an entire army can be temporarily blinded. The method of its action is in the conversion of electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency, which is not perceived by the human ear, but directly affects the brain. It is a very strange weapon. With its help, the Indian prophet Arjuna won large battles, causing panic to his enemies.

How these weapons work, I have not seen. I have seen the artifacts themselves in the underground halls, and the Tibetan Council member gave me the explanation of the technical specifications, which I handed to the Germans, and more specifically to a representative of the German military intelligence Herr von Shtilhe. I met with Shtilhe in Europe on a business trip.

In addition to the technical characteristics of these two artifacts, I also gave Shtilhe information about another weapon of the gods. This weapon was left from about 8-10 thousand years B.C.E., it was discovered in the underground cities beneath the ice of Antarctica in the area of Queen Maud Land. As far as I know, in order to get there, you need a key and a rite of passage, as this place is guarded by “guards”. These devices can move underwater and in the air, and do it with great speed. They move on special flying apparatus of circular shape that are not like airplanes or gliders known to us. Of these technical specifications I also told to Shtilhe …

I have also reported to Shtilhe about objects, which are located in all parts of the world in the mountains. With the help of these objects, all towns, cities, and industrial centers of all countries can be destroyed in an instant, regardless of their state or social systems. As far as I understood from the explanations at Headquarters, and as I pointed out about this in my articles, in all parts of the world are located spheres dug into the mountains, made of strong metal, which can neither be sawed, nor exploded. Certain mechanisms are located within these spheres, which, when turned on, produce a cloud, similar to the sun. This cloud escapes into the atmosphere, it is controllable, i.e. can move along a certain trajectory. At the desired location, it explodes. This happened in 1904, in Tunguska, this “cloud sun” exploded there, which flew out a few hours earlier from the underground sphere in Yakutia. Who and how controls this weapon – I do not know.”

Now it becomes clear why a stamp “secret” is imposed on the formal study of artifacts of ancient civilizations, as well as why on the official level, all these studies and artifacts themselves are either ignored or denied. The deliberate campaign to falsify our true history also becomes clear. In addition, this information also shed some light on the question of what kind of machines attacked a squadron of U.S. Admiral Richard Byrd near Queen Maud Land in 1947.

Although it is the world “elite”, who wants to individually own all of the advanced technologies of pre-Flood civilizations (the catastrophe that happened approximately 13,000 years ago), in order to achieve world power and control over mankind on this planet. This is why it is necessary to unlock the knowledge to mankind of the ancient advanced civilizations of Earth, our true history and the high-tech antiquity that are hidden from us so diligently.

As for the “weapons of the divine”, it is surely protected by intelligent extraterrestrial (or ancient) forces (remember the “Guardians of Antarctica”), in order to prevent the destruction of humanity, which will be surely unleashed by the representatives of the world’s “elite”.

Information taken from the internet

Translated and edited by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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