The Guardian Tree

Several years ago, I purchased several fruit trees and planted them on my family’s property. It doesn’t take much effort to care for trees, all I had to do is water them occasionally. Out of all the trees I planted, several did not take and dried out almost immediately, although this was expected. Amazing was the fact that one tree bore fruit the next summer, contrary to what I was told.

However, this tale is not about that. One day, as I was taking a walk, I noticed that one apricot tree literally burned up, not just dried out, but burned. I’ve seen trees dry out before (especially after forest fires, once the roots were damaged), this was not it. This apricot tree looked as if someone took a large magnifying glass to it. Its leaves were burned, not dry. This was not a gradual process and did not take several days, this happened in less than a day. What is more interesting, that other trees around it were not damaged in any way … neither was the grass.

I wondered for a long time of what could’ve happened, then it struck me out of nowhere. Prior to this, and those who follow me through social media may remember this, I came down with a “mysterious” illness. I was coughing my lungs out non-stop, had no change in body temperature (which would indicate infection) and had no other indicators of an illness (even did an x-ray of the lungs, which came back clear). I had instances, when I thought I was going to lose consciousness for no apparent reason. I even had a cold sore pop out on my lip, which would indicate a weakened immune system (last time I had a cold sore before this, was 15 years before). Then, just as sudden, most of the symptoms were gone. It was then, when I discovered this burned apricot tree.

Suddenly, I remembered reading a description of exactly this in an old book. It stated that trees are living beings (something that was discussed many times before) and will protect the individual who planted them and took care of them. It said that when a curse, or something of that nature, is placed upon an individual, a tree may redirect that curse upon itself, in order to protect that person from an illness or even death. I believe this is exactly what happened in this case! This tree, this young tree, protected me from either a curse or a psych attack that was directed at me.

It is important to note: it said in that old book, that if a tree dies suddenly and for no apparent reason, odds are it died as the result of a curse or a psych attack. This tree is not to be touched or cut down for at least a year, until the dark energy within it is dissolved into the surrounding space. Anyone who touches or cuts down such a tree may take on the energy from the curse or the psych attack upon himself, which may cause an illness or even death. So should you experience something similar or come across a dried up tree in the forest or in the city, unless you know the “cause of death” of that tree was natural … do not touch it or cut it down! It may save your life!

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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