The Inner Sphere – Part 1

It important to not only always keep an open mind, but to also consider all points of view. That said, recently, I came across an entirely different point of view, which makes an individual look in a completely different way at the world we live in. The article was presented on the webpage, and now I present it for you here … slightly edited, of course…

A. Pushkin once wrote:

“… Responds the violent wind

– There, beyond the quiet river

Is a tall mountain,

In it – a deep burrow;

In that burrow, in the sad darkness,

A crystal casket is rocking

Upon the chains between the pillars.

No tracks can be seen

Around that empty place;

In that casket – is your bride…”

It is difficult to know exactly what information A. Pushkin wanted to pass on to us through his books, but after reading this article, I can promise you, you will look at works of Pushkin and other authors in a different way.

In many Slavic tales, animals are hidden inside animals, but those noble warriors that search for the “death of Kashey” can only find it on the “tip of the needle” in the egg. The number of animals may differ from one tale to the next, but the final layer is always the egg with a needle in it. It is also important to note, that the “death of Kashey” is on the “tip of the needle” and nowhere else. Also notice, most tales speak of a “crystal chest”. This tells us one thing for sure: our Ancestors carefully preserved and passed on to their children and grandchildren the knowledge of the precise location of evil and the only way to destroy it.

If our wise Ancestors passed on that knowledge from lips to lips, than what did other people do, philosophers such as Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Ptolemy and others? Well, the simple answer is – we don’t know! and no one will tell us! You think when you pick up a book about an ancient philosopher, you’re actually reading the knowledge and wisdom passed on by that philosopher? All of them are fake! As the good saying goes: “A wise man will explain everything with simple words, a fool will do the completely opposite”. That is why when a book by one of these philosophers is read, one gets the feeling that it was written by a drug addict. Wise people do not speak in such a way, and especially don’t write in such a way! A wise man speaks naturally, as the sound of a natural spring, without speaking any “unnecessary” words.

The motivation of the grays is understood – distortion of knowledge. What is interesting, is how the meaning of drawings and sketches, left to us by those same philosophers, could be changed and distorted. If Pushkin was able to code such information in the lines of his works, imagine the amount of information that was passed on to us by those great philosophers and wise men. They knew perfectly well the structure of the Universe, although the fruits of their labors reached us “turned inside out”. Fortunately, we are well aware of the “inside out” method used, so we will use that method as the foundation as we go along.

Take a look at the drawing of the structure of the world by Ptolemy. In short, Ptolemy based his model on the model of Aristotle, where the sky is made up of seven crystal spheres, upon which the Sun, Moon and 5 planets are fixed. Although this model contradicts Kepler’s First Law, but not because Ptolemy was a fool, but rather because grays have edited it as well: placed the Earth in the center of the spheres, instead of the spheres inside of the Earth – i.e. inside out. The ugly angels in the corners of this drawing only confirm their intervention. This could also be the reason why this model survived for 13 centuries! … according to wikipedia. You may object and say: “Why fake? Maybe Ptolemy saw our world precisely in this way!” Fair comment, but I insist – it’s a fake! And now I will prove it to you.

Take a look at the following toys. It is no joke! These are ancient globes of the sky! Now, someone explain to me: how can a chaotic scattering of the stars around the Earth (according to the official science) be transformed into a geometrically correct sphere? It is the same as to create a globe of Africa or any other continent! Have you seen a globe of Africa? Then show me a spot on Earth, from which an individual will be able to see a globe of constellations! Wikipedia: “… representation of the celestial sphere originated in ancient times; the existence of the dome sky served as the basis for this visual impression …” It is because the existence of the crystal sphere in the center of the Earth was never even discussed, so such globes were made!

Other artifacts of the structure of the world reached us as well. The “ace” of these artifacts is such, that they were made by such skilled craftsmen and are so complicated, that they cannot be “corrected” in any way. Maps, diagrams and globes of the starry sky are but a child’s toy in comparison to this Armillary Sphere!


These are simply masterpieces, which combine the impeccable mastery of performance with the deepest knowledge of the structure of the sky. As you have probably guessed, an armillary sphere is the precise filling of the celestial globe. Look carefully: the main outer shell is our Earth, inside of which is a multi-layered shell – sky, divided by Ptolemy into 7 spheres, but in the heart of all this ingenious design is some gold-plated ball, which by no means resembles anything, because the Earth is from the outside, and the sun is on the third orbit. And so it turns out that in ancient times people knew – Solar is tucked away in the heart of the sky. On the other hand, we have bio-robots, who are so busy buying poisoned food, that are blind to the armillary sphere, even you stick their noses into it.

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Now, let us take a look at the bizarre coincidence: the crystal spheres of the sky, placed one into another, strangely resemble the placed one into another animals of the crystal casket, in which the death of Kashey lies. As you might’ve guessed, it is one and the same, and the animals are simply Slavic “zodiac” symbols: the Hall of the Hare, the Hall of the Duck, etc. However, this coincidence is nothing compared to this: Ptolemy names the crystal spheres with the names of the planets – the sphere of Mercury, the sphere of Venus, the sphere of Mars and so on. You think these are names of the planets? Wrong! These are names of the gods, and the spheres are their residences. And so, Ptolemy directly points to seven firm crystal spheres placed one into another as dolls of Matreshka, each of which is ruled by a specific god!

Alright, so 7 spheres are placed one into another. But how does anything (or anyone) travel from one sphere into another? This question we will try to answer next. Imagine, that there is a port in each sphere, and this port is “plugged” with a small ball with a door. A sort of portal, gate, hatch … or anything else you might want to call it, that provides a safe transference between spheres without a change in “air pressure”. You enter the ball … door closes … the ball rotates 180 degrees with you inside … door opens … you exit the ball, but already inside a new sphere!


There are seven such spheres. They all rotate at incredible speeds. Each sphere has own portal, which is filled with many “guards” under the leadership of a specific god or goddess. It is a perfect system, where one would have to pass through seven checkpoints, guarded by the strongest of gods, who utilize the most advanced technologies. Isn’t this the perfect protection for the Solar?

As you might’ve guessed: the planets in “space” are these portals, which provide passage into inner spheres. Each portal is guarded by a god with his helpers. Other than planets, there are many other things flying around in space (asteroids, gas clouds, comets, etc.), which astronomers were able to see in their telescopes and are happy to stick our noses into it. But no matter how you look at it, the planets are still called with the names of the gods. Of course, the official science had to come up with a number of “new” planets and moons around them, and even those newly discovered celestial bodies are still named with names of the gods. Apparently, the gods have a firm hold on science.

Let us move on. As was once said: “face can only be seen at a distance”. We see the same problem with our Earth: we see it up close, but never at a distance (photoshop images created by NASA do not count). Airplanes fly 10 km above the surface, but such distance is inconsiderable when the size of our Earth is taken into account. Very convenient for the parasites that control everything.

The true appearance of our Earth is much different from what was forced onto us from early childhood. So how does our Earth appear from space?.. from the “outside”? It appears as a branch with grapes of different sizes, which are not round, but slightly elongated. Therefore, our Earth looks like a grape … or an egg, the yolk inside of which is our Solar

The author of the article only assumes the true appearance of the Earth based on his understanding. In truth, no one (other than the initiated) knows the true appearance of our Earth, or the existence of other Worlds (or Earths) in near proximity.

After conquering our planet, the parasites not only isolated Solar (the yolk), but also took care of the outer shell of the Earth. In order to completely isolate us from any salvific radiations, the parasites isolated our planet by covering it with gold … an image conveyed to us by the tale of the “Speckled Hen”.


If you believe the guilding of our planet to be a joke, take a look at the sculpture at the Vatican. As the good saying goes: “If you want to hide something, place it for all to see”. Just as the parasites did, by placing this 4 meter sculpture right under the noses of the sleeping bio-robots. Yes, this simplified it a little by making it round, for the egg-shaped structure would be more difficult to explain. And this structure was not just placed anywhere, but in the middle of the Vatican!

Let us summarize:

7525 summers ago, our Earth was reformatted, the central processor, Solar, was blocked … isolated. The conquerors created spheres of influence with passages-portals, each of which is protected (guarded) by a specific god with his companions (satellites). The attentive reader will ask a minimum of two questions:

What are constellations? and Why can’t we see Solar through the crystal spheres?

In order to find the answers to those questions, be sure to check out the next issue of Slava Rodu Magazine. It is true, such a view point flips our entire understanding of the Universe, but as I always say: “It is important to consider all viewpoints, for unless we experience something for ourselves, we only know theories … and not the truth!”

Information taken from the website

Translated and edited by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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