5 Facts About Honey

Honey is one of the most tasty and healthy products. Besides the taste and nutritional qualities, for more than one millennium humanity has used the healing properties of this remarkable product, using them for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. One may think that about honey we literally know everything. However, it is not. Let us consider 5 facts about this product of beekeeping, which you probably have not heard.

1. Honey is an excellent remedy for cough.

Honey soothes irritation in the mouth and throat, forming a protective film. It will help relieve cough without any side effects, and at the same time eliminate the difficulties in falling asleep, which is prevented by the upper respiratory tract disease.

2. Honey is able to heal wounds.

To some it may seem surprising, but before the beginning of the 20th century, honey was considered as the most appropriate means of fighting infections. Today, over 100 years later, the popularity of the treatment of skin infections and wound surfaces using this natural remedy is again increasing. Its efficacy in this regard has been confirmed more than once.

Honey has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti fungal properties, making it ideal for the treatment of wounds.

3. Honey improves the condition of the scalp.

Honey, slightly diluted with warm water, can effectively eliminate seborrheic dermatitis – an inflammatory disease characterized by redness and intense itching of the scalp. And the itching is already gone several days after the treatment with honey, and at the end of the second week, the redness on the scalp disappears completely.

4. Honey increases body tone.

Good nutrition and healthy sleep – the golden rule of good body tone. However, if you need a quick burst of energy and strength, for example, before or after a workout, try the powerful “energy” of honey. This advice will be useful to athletes because energy, with which honey fills the body, lasts long and is not harmful to health.

5. Honey reduces allergy (as long as you’re not allergic to honey).

Try it yourself. In just a few months before the pollen season, begin taking a daily teaspoonful of honey. You will see that this will create a strong immune system, even for those, who could not spend the spring and summer without a daily dose of antihistamines.

As you see, honey is a universal medical remedy that can help in a variety of situations and protect your health. Take care of yourself!

Be careful! Real honey is now virtually impossible to buy! Anywhere! Even “real” beekeepers almost always use antibiotics and other medicines for bees, chemicals, dressings, sugar, plastic, chemical honeycombs diluted with paraffin, artificial hives, foam for insulation during winter, artificial breed of bees and other rubbish. Such honey is dangerous to eat!, not even to use for treatment! Therefore, keep your own bees or deal with beekeepers that you trust and know how they take care of their bees.

Information taken from the internet

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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