The Inner Sphere – Part 2

The correct matryoshka doll consists of seven figures, one within another. It is an encrypted model of a person: 7 bodies nested within each other (although according to some Slavic beliefs the correct number is 9), where the smallest, weakest and the most vulnerable physical body is protected by six ascending in size bodies of energy.

Our bodies are controlled by the implants in the form of endocrine glands. These are the nozzles for the total control of body and mind through the injection of the right amount of hormones at the right time (right for the Deities). It is believed that those of us who are able to gain such control of our physical bodies, to where each function of the body is control through will, can be called “aces” or “deities in the flesh”.

The signals to the glands for the injection of hormones are given by the energy centers (chakras), which are located along the spine. Seers know that each chakra radiates a different color on the higher plane, and that these colors are arranged in the order of the rainbow. Again, according to the Slavic belief, the true rainbow has 9 colors and not seven, for the two colors (infrared and ultraviolet) are not seen by the unaided eye. In Slavic teachings, 9 chakras are also mentioned and not 7.

The glands are controlled by the chakras, and the chakras are in turn controlled by the celestial realms of the Deities. Each crystal shell layer sends a signal to own chakra, according to the frequency of own color. The following are Deities of the ancient Egypt. Remember, the knowledge and wisdom was brought to ancient Egypt by wise white priests, who were regarded as “white deities”, shortly after Antlan (or Atlantis) was destroyed.

Each one of these “gods” (although I prefer to use the term “deity”) has a sphere of influence upon his (or her) head. Egyptologists erroneously believe these to be the moon and the suns, with no explanation as to where so many suns came from.

As you most likely guessed by now, each people differently named and portrayed the same Deities in their cultures. For example: for the Egyptians – Sekhmet with a lion’s head; for us – King Lion (KorolLevstvo later became KingDom). Note, that if the Egyptian bestial appearance of their Deities is depicted in stone, we describe the our Deities in fairytales: Finist the Bright Falcon, the Swan Princess, the Raven and so on. And in the fairytale of Morevna, three birds took three sisters as wives and carried them off to three different “tsarstvo” (kingdom), the word which comes from the word “tsar”, which in turn comes from the word “shar” – sphere!

Especially I want to emphasize that before Jehovah appeared on the scene, our relationship with our Deities were more or less friendly. People, even though under the influence of their will, could still easily visit the Deities in the Heavens (this will be explained in part 3).

To sum up: the “kingdoms” (spheres of influence) of the Deities send signals to the chakras, and the chakras send signals to the glands within our bodies, which inject a hormone into the bloodstream, and people (people without own will especially) are unable to resist the will of a particular Deity. Commanded to sleep – then sleep! Commanded to eat – then eat! Commanded to breed – then breed, multiply! In children, the “sexual” chakra is disabled, so they are temporarily exempt from the most dangerous “button” that can be pressed by the Deities.

During the deliberate travel into the astral plane or just in a dream, we see the colors and hear the sounds that are not found in the physical world. Upon waking, we are not able to recognize, let alone recall the dream, because our five senses are too primitive. But the problem is not only in their primitiveness. Even if our “analyzers” expanded to the level of super-sensitive equipment, we would perceive the world only in a more developed range, but we would still see only 7 colors (or 9) and hear only 7 notes (or 9 – also sub-sound and ultrasound), because the entire “planet” is limited to this number.

The fact is that one of the most effective ways to control living beings is to limit their perception. So we eat only crumbs from the master’s table, not knowing how rich and diverse the foods on the table itself are.

Many will not exclaim: “But the rainbow and music are beautiful!” To what I’ll say: “You simply haven’t experienced anything grander!”

Do not forget that we are illuminated by the lamps of the stellar sphere, and not the sun, which only provides the coverage of the direct rays. Therefore, the light released from the stellar sphere, after passing through 7 crystal barriers, becomes very limited by the spectrum, to which each of the crystal spheres contributes, adding own light wave to the stream. There are 7 (or 9) such adjustments in all. As a result, the original light beam reaches us in the form of a circumcised beam of only 7 (or 9) colors. That is why the shell is also called “Moon Rainbow”.

In the musical sphere, there are two terrible mysteries that no one will reveal to you, simply because no one knows the answers.

The sound is sometimes called rough and subtle. This association is associated with the string section or diameter of the opening from which the sound is produced. The sounds are also divided into short and long waves – although everything is clear, because the length of the sound wave is measured. But the most common characteristic of sound – its division into low, mid and high frequencies.

What does “high” or “low” really mean? What? The musical instrument keys, strings or air outlet valves are arranged vertically? No! Besides, if the instrument is turned upside down, the sound frequency will not change. Or maybe a tall individual has more subtle vocal cords and his voice is higher than that of a shorter individual? Nonsense! The tone of voice is independent from the height. So why is the sound divided into high, medium and low? Such is the first mystery…

The second mystery – why there are exactly 7 notes? – no one will reveal to you!

You can search through all of the internet, graduate from music school, or even intermarry with the dynasty of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, but you will never know why there are 7 notes and why the sound is called high or low!

The reason is – the crystal kingdoms in the heavens are classified – and with them, the answers to these two simple questions.

The fact is, the spheres are constantly rotating relative to each other at a breakneck speed. Their friction against the ether creates a sound wave. 7 spheres – 7 notes. The space between the spheres is also divided into layers – tones. The tones, in turn, are divided into half-tones. The lowest sphere is the largest, so the sound created by it is the lowest (rough). Now do you understand? The higher the sphere – the higher the sound. This is why from the immemorial time, the sound is called – high and low.

As to the question about the “Globe of Heavens” and the Armillary Sphere, it is another proof that the wild, unwashed barbarians knew very well how the sky was actually arranged.

Given the size of this giant musical instrument, other notes simply do not have a chance to exist, for their wavelength is immediately muffled by the heavenly mega generator.

By analogy with the light spectrum, a diversion is also placed here. But despite the “plan” of the Deities, individuals with super-sensitive hearing can extract music directly from the heavens. We believe that genius composers create their work, but in fact, they just listen and record the movement of crystal spheres. They do not realize it, however, explaining to us that the melody itself sounded in their head. This is what musical hearing is, and not what we are told!

In addition to these features, 7 spheres, at the same time, represent a giant generator, that our Ancestors dubbed “Phatta”, which not only controls the chakras, colors and sounds, but also the sequence of life scenarios of every living organism on the Earth’s surface through different radiations.

Let us summarize:

As is known, there is no limit to perfection, but here’s the problem – our perception was cut down to 7 (or 9) levels, which means we are living in confined conditions, and hence our evolution on Earth is very limited. All living beings have one feature: a being either develops or degrades – no middle ground. Following this logic, we cannot develop past these 7 (or 9) levels, for we will hit the ceiling. Given there is no third option, we either burst through the ceiling or begin to degrade back down to the bottom level. Such is the cycle of life here on Earth.

Make sure to check out the 3rd and final part of “The Inner Sphere” in the next issue of Slava Rodu Magazine. Slava!

Information taken from the website

Translated and edited by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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