I Saw Dinosaurs!!!

I will continue to review the secrets and mysteries of Kolyma. I have often already written about this on many different forums. Reactions … er … how would I say it in a more decent way? Anyway. Listen and be surprised. You can consider me abnormal, just do not say that I’m a liar. I do not like this. I hate lying.

So … about the petrified remains of plants, you all, of course, know. Petrified remains of animals, just do not cause astonishment. But of that, that LIVE creatures can survive in layers of coal, very few know, and nobody believes. Nevertheless, I say that this is not just possible, but it really is! I saw it with my own eyes! And not only me.

My father, Viktor Petrovich Golubev, who has now gone into another world, worked all his life in the mines. In the fifties of the 20th century, he began in the shale mine, in the town of Slantsy, Leningrad region. Then, in the mines of Donbass. He finished working at the mine No. 7 “Kedrovskaya” in Kadykchan settlement, Susuman district, Magadan region. He mastered all the mining professions from the rigger to the chief of the blasting site.

In the late 1970s, he was a guide at mine No. 10 “Kadykchanskaya”. The depth of the mine is 400 meters. From this depth, at one time, the miners brought out in abundant quantities various curiosities. Basically – fossils of plants in pieces of coal. But there were also small dinosaurs! They say, these were newts, which were immured in layers of organic matter and fell into anabiosis, like most reptiles, and then the organics turned to coal, and the anabiosis dragged on for hundreds of millions of years. This is, of course, if the geologists are not lying. In my opinion, this dating is stretched to order. This may not be about millions, not even hundreds of thousands, but just thousands of years. Maybe 5 or 7.

You know, the most amazing thing is that we did not perceive this as a wonderful miracle! It was just as common as seeing a herd of deer on a nearby pass, or a bear in the vicinity of the village. My brother and I rejoiced at each such dragon.

The creatures that we extracted from the chopped pieces of coal looked very similar to the photo. Only the crest was from the forehead, along the back and to the tip of the tail. The coloration was uniform dark brown, scaly skin, dark eyes, round, as if covered by a transparent film. The length of the body from the nose to the tail was from 12 to 15 centimeters. In addition, it is necessary to know that there are absolutely no amphibians and reptiles on the Kolyma. There are also no hedgehogs or moles. It’s simple. In the year, only about 2 months of summer, and permafrost. The ground, over the summer, thaws to a depth of about 30 cm. Further, continuous ice. The graves are not dug here, but are blown up.

We, carefree boys, poured water into the tub and threw in the petrified dragons. In a few minutes, they came to life and began to move slowly, and then to swim! It was particularly great, if we came across two or three dinosaurs at once. We laughed, watching as those with furious speed began to swim in the clear water one after another. The view, unfortunately, was never long. Very quickly, the dinosaurs began to get tired and die.

And always, regardless of whether they were on land, or in the water. They obviously did not like this world. Either during the hibernation their body completely faded, aged “to death”, or they “did not like” the composition of the current water or atmosphere. Maybe the force of gravity. Most likely the combination of all, because according to my hypothesis, in those days, when these beings lived, the gravity was weaker at least by the factor of 2, and the saturation of the atmosphere with oxygen was about 50%.

It’s a shame. What now sounds like a sensation, was perceived by us 30 years ago as norm. And the “scientists” do not even want to hear about this phenomenon. This cannot be, in their opinion. But it was the same! It is interesting that when my brother and I meet, remember our games and envoys from the past, such chrononauts (we rarely see each other, several thousand kilometers divide us), but we ask our peers, nobody can remember or confirm everything that I have just said.

written by: Andrei Golubev

translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

from the comments:

My grandfather worked as a driver on the Kolyma, he drove the cargoes along the Kolyma road on KrAZ, and so he told me that they found, say in the permafrost, such newts: “You bring home, it recovers and comes alive”, but soon they died, as you describe. I then thought that this is some kind of local species of amphibians or reptiles that fall into anabiosis in the winter.

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