Life’s Energy … ten holes through which it is lost …

In eastern medicine, great attention is paid not only to physical, but also to Spiritual health. This is the root cause of health in general and also the root cause of many illnesses, curing which is almost impossible. You just live with them, and they are exhausting you physically and mentally.

It will continue so until such time as you put forth a strong-willed effort and decide to get rid of them. To do this, you will need to review 10 areas of your life that pull the maximum amount of life’s energy out of you:

1. Incomplete, unfinished business.

Whenever you take up some business, you begin something, but do not bring it to an end, not only material resources are wasted. Inside your mind, like in a computer, an unclosed process is hanging, which is not recognized, but is constantly devouring attention and energy. This includes: to give a promise and not fulfill it; to borrow; to start something and quit; to take on something beyond own strength.

2. Lying to others and to yourself.

When an individual is lying, he has to spend a lot of energy in order to maintain the fictional images. In addition, the energy flow between the throat chakra and the heart chakra becomes warped. That is why people often say “to bend own Soul”, for from the lies the Soul really bends. The following need be eradicated: the hypocrisy; self-deception; trying to appear to be something you’re not.

3. Grievances, isolation, and any other form of self-imposed isolation.

Human – is an open energy system. And if it is isolated, it will weaken. Similarly as during the blockade of the city, the port or the state. Isolate physically, economically or even informationally any object, and it will begin to wither. This happens when: you give up family ties; forget own Ancestors; neglect own native land and homeland; from insults to people, to life or anything else. When an individual is not included in any community or group of people, he also weakens. The loss of communication with own cultural egregor, is also a loss of energy.

4. Fear, mistrust and unnecessary hostility.

The same comes from fear and mistrust, as from the offense. In addition, the energy resources are consumed in vain, for the body is in the constant “war mode”, and is ready to fight or flee. It’s exhausting.

5. Physical, emotional or informational overloads or lack of exercise and contact with Nature.

When an individual overloads himself with work or experiences beyond what he can handle, it quickly dissipates his strength. The processing of information takes too much energy from the brain; meaningless worrying waste and consume adrenal hormones in vain, which may result in renal failure.

6. Incorrect and insufficient sleep.

If you sleep at the wrong time, or have lack of sleep, the body does cannot fully recover its strength during sleep. Toxins accumulate, biorhythms slip, brain overloads with unprocessed information.

7. Overeating, alcohol intoxication, cigarettes and drugs.

All of these cause your body to waste resources on the neutralization and elimination of toxins. Thus, the nervous system, the kidneys and the intestines become overloaded.

8. Unnecessary conversations, internal dialogue in the mind, restlessness.

These may seem insignificant to you, but in fact consume a tremendous amount of energy, often in vain. This becomes more noticeable after the practice of silence.

9. Illnesses, unhealed injuries, bad external circumstances, parasites and energy vampires.

These include unpleasant and harmful people in the your surroundings, geopathic zones, industrial pollution, injuries and other damages.

10. The most powerful channel for wasting energy – sexual excess.

Low culture of sex and the lack of understanding of the essence of such processes (promiscuity, frequent self-gratification) leads to the fact that the individual overstrains his most powerful reserves of energy. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to replenish those reserves, and the harm from this type of waste of life’s energy is at the maximum. Spend this precious resource sparingly and wisely.

Information taken from the internet

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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