The Eye of the Sahara

Upon reaching adulthood, many individuals, who live upon this Earth, have already accumulated a whole number of unanswered questions about the surrounding world, phenomenons, events and historical monuments. Because most individuals simply do not have time to search for answers to such question due to a busy work schedule, families and so on, the chances of finding answers to such questions are nearly non-existent. And the individual is satisfied through, even if crude and often conflicting, official explanations, interpretations and information.

And so did I, for a long time, accumulated vast amounts of facts, which most people come across daily, such as the Alexandrian Pillar, the Babol’s Bath and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Pompeian Column in Alexandria, the megaliths of Peru, Baalbek, etc., there is a large number of them. All of these objects of the past are united by one notable fact, they cannot be duplicated in our modern time. The time of oil, gas and atomic energy. No amount of money can help achieve this, due to the absence of the necessary technologies and equipment. More importantly, a question is just begging to be asked: Where did all of these technologies disappear to?

And for a long time, this question drove many individuals into a corner, myself included, interrupting the logical chain or reasoning. Until one day, I watched the video of the respected Alexei Kungurov, where he says that approximately from the 14-15th centuries, a thermonuclear war is taking place on our Earth, which is only occasionally interrupted for short periods of time. In the video, he demonstrated several nuclear funnels, detected with the help of Google Maps service. He also mentions the absence of old natural forests on almost the entire territory of our Earth. All of the forests are young, and most of them are artificially planted in neat rows. And here, the logic appears. The technologies existed, the factories existed, the advanced energies existed, but all disappeared as the result of a World War. And the remains of the previous infrastructure were divided among the descendants, who were thrown into a feudal regime.

I decided to recheck these unthinkable for me statements, and what I found made me rethink everything about our history. We live in an artificial information matrix, which is invested in its own lie three times. And we need to figure all of this out.

Now, as planting a seed, I will show you a couple of the most odious facts of using super-powerful weapons in Africa. We are interested in two locations: The Eye of Sahara and Lake Victoria.

I will make a small remark explaining the consequences of the fall of a large asteroid on the surface of the Earth from a thermonuclear explosion.

1. The fall of an asteroid will always happen at different angles to the surface of the Earth, and at different speeds. It is quite possible that an asteroid will overtake the Earth, catching up with it, having only a slight advantage in speed. Considering this, the funnel from the impact will rarely have circular shape. Mainly, it will be ellipsoidal, elongated. Around such funnel, rupture of the Earth’s crust on one side and the piling of soil or rock on the other are possible. The asteroid, in fact, has huge kinetic energy, which, deepening, it transfers to the Earth’s crust.

2. In the location, where the asteroid falls, the temperature will rise only locally by several thousand or tens of thousands of degrees. No melting of sand and stones around in a radius of several kilometers will never even occur. The temperatures are different. Search YouTube for videos on the testing of armor-piercing tank tungsten projectiles. They are shot at the armor at the speed of 1.6 km per second. At the moment of impact, everything looks more than modest. No flashes.

3. The nuclear, thermonuclear missile, and the tactical special ammunition will also approach the surface from different angles. But, firstly, it has a low mass, and secondly, even a blast with some penetration into the ground, and even more so at ground level or in the air, it completely loses mass as it evaporates. The temperature in the epicenter is hundreds of millions of degrees. The real mini-sun. The shock wave forms a uniformly expanding sphere, which almost always forms a round scar. Sometimes slightly oval. Due to such a thing as soil resistance. But most importantly, around, the stone, brick, sand, all will be very heavily burned. Different types of stone acquire a different color, from brown, red-brown to shiny black color. Google the term tektites.

Now, following the statement “Do not believe your ears, believe your eyes”, we will carry out simple studies.

The Eye of Sahara, with the diameter of 30 kilometers, corresponds to an explosion with the power of approximately 200-250 megatons. If this is a place of a thermonuclear explosion, then the stony terrain around should be charred. Let us check… Search the coordinates: 21.129472, -11.394238. Google will also provide you with a number of photographs, which were taken at the location of this funnel. Let us look at few of them, some as far as tens of kilometers away from the epicenter.

It can be seen perfectly, that large areas on the territory are simply burned. On some images, a bulldozer removed the top layer of charred stones, revealing a light-colored stone underneath. On other images, it can be seen that many stones are melted from the upper side, and from the lower side they have a light shade, which unequivocally speaks of a powerful radiation in all spectra coming from one direction. It is obvious that no comments are necessary. I will skip ahead and state, that the city destroyed by this blast was Hoden. I learned this from old maps of Africa, which can be easily found on the internet. The old maps were in fact quite accurate.

Let us now move onto Lake Victoria.

Note, that Lake Victoria sounds a lot like “Victory”, but who won? The lake is huge, 320 km at its longest length and 274 km wide. After the construction of the Owen Falls Dam, the lake was turned into a reservoir. Meaning, the water level rose, thereby, deforming the original form and flooding the outskirts. Would anyone construct a dam to hide an asteroid impact site? I think not! Furthermore, the lake was discovered and named in honor of queen Victoria by a British traveler John Henning Speke in 1858. In 1858! More than two centuries after the discovery and colonization of both Americas, but in the fertile Africa, which is located in the side of Anglo-Saxons, no one knew of a lake 300 by 300 kilometers! Really?! But let us check, using the data of Anglo-Saxons themselves.

In 1768, the Encyclopedia Britannica was released. The largest encyclopedia at the time. With a detailed map of the world. Let’s look at the English map of Africa from 1768, that is, created 90 years before the “discovery” of Lake Victoria.

What do we see? We see Lake Nyasa. But in the place of Lake Victoria, not a blank unexplored area, but a pool of the Nile with a couple of cities. One of which is named Sanguard. As it turns out, the 1858, this is not the year of the discovery of this lake. This is the year of the formation of this funnel … plus or minus a few years. Wait a minute, instead of trusting just one map, let us recheck this theory using maps of different countries, and at the same time glance at the place, where the Eye of the Sahara is now located.

If you look at the map of Abraham Ortelius in high resolution, it can be seen, that in the past, this area was a pool of the Nile. There were approximately 30 cities in this region, which almost entirely disappeared. It would take an earthquake with the magnitude of more than 10.

The conclusion is yet to be made, for this article shows only a small fragment of the mega-war that unfolded on this Earth from approximately 13-15th century. It can be simply said, that as the result of this war, the energy of the past was completely lost, which allowed for the processing of stone products of absolutely unthinkable masses for today, which allowed for the construction of cities of granite, which amaze today’s architects.

After this catastrophe, regular wars were ongoing, the map of the world was reshaped like a cotton dress in a female hostel. Most of the population was destroyed. And in the middle of the 19th century, we began to use oil for fuel, which allowed us to improve our way of life and to increase our population. Do you know why it is possible for us to extract oil and gas? Because oil and gas are hidden in the depths of the Earth. Such fuels were never mined by those, who created the megaliths. They were simply not interested in oil and gas as sources for fuel and energy.

To answer the question: Why no one remembers anything? It is no accident that 99% do not remember their great grand parents. In the middle of the 19th century, the 1% (or to be more accurate, the “less than 1%”) that knows everything, created a rip in the generations. It is when all of the adults are destroyed in wars or concentration camps, and their children are brought up in foster homes. Children are like a clean memory slate, in the absence of parents and grandparents, they can be programmed in any way suitable to those, who hold all the power. Children can be made to believe anything about the structure of the world and its fictional history.

Written by: wakeuphuman

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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