Spirits of the Mountains – Part 1

The mountains have long fascinated and frightened people with their mystery and unknownness. Many of them are surrounded by aura of mystical legends, for example, about otherworldly creatures that live there.

The Master of the Mountain

According to beliefs, special spirits live in the mountains. They protect the local places, do not allow strangers there, and sometimes help those in trouble.

Extensive material about mountain spirits was collected in 1923-1925 by a researcher and folklorist Alexander Misyurev. Basically, there were stories of former gold mining workers of Mountain Shore. They said that before the Revolution, the Master of the Mountain was spoken of in these parts even more often than God. And if anything, it was said: “You will upset the Master of the Mountain!”

And so, it was forbidden to whistle during hunts. If anyone dared, then a whistle was heard from everywhere for a long time. It was especially frightening at night, if alone.

Once, a worker named Ogarkov, after becoming drunk, began to dare: “Hey, Master, come out and fight!”

Later, when he was walking with his friends from the mines, he suddenly stopped and began to wave his fists. To others, it seemed as if he began to fight with someone invisible. Then, he began to somersault and roll around in the snow covered in blood, as if he really was beaten. Somehow, with prayers, all reached the barracks. They locked themselves in and trembled in fear the entire night. And Ogarkov was severely beaten, spent the entire day laying down.

Another worker once came home, and the children told him that a big guy came, drove them from the middle of the house into the corner. The worker asked for another home for his family. But even the new place was “evil”. In the evenings the door opened by itself. The dog barked heavily. Once, the man and his wife decided to go and see who the dog is barking at. They left and collided with the uninvited guest the size “of a tree”. They did not remember how they fled home …

The head of the household decided that Gorny (the Master of the Mountain) needs to be cajoled. He went to the glade, placed a bottle of alcohol and a pouch of tobacco, asked the Master of the Mountain not to be angry. Three days later everything “evil” stopped, and since, no one in the family was ever bothered again.

An elderly woman went to visit one of her daughters and got lost. It began to get dark, it began to rain. The woman sat under the fir tree, trembling with cold. Suddenly, according to her, from the thicket came out “a man as tall as a mountain”. Between them there was the following dialogue:

“You, grandmother, sitting?”




“Then, keep trembling.”

Then, the man disappeared, and the woman, only in the morning, when it became light, was able to return home. She was trembling for three days, and since then, she was afraid to go visit her daughters.

At Andoba, workers once heard how the caretaker was calling for dinner. Although, for some reason, it was in very loud roars. They went, but there was nobody there. They told the caretaker, and he realized that it was Gorny (Master of the Mountain) calling, and immediately ordered to splash him some vodka.

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