Spirits of the Mountains – Part 3

Builders from the Earth Phaeton

The teacher, Natalia Kazimirskaya, comes from the village of Kondoma, Kemerovo region. In her childhood, on the road near the village stood a stone sculpture of six meters high with rough-hewn features on two cubes-pedestals. This stone giant was called – Man-Mountain.

Suddenly, after many years, Natalia began to dream of the Man-Mountain calling to her … One evening, before going to bed, the woman heard a sound as if stones were pouring in, and behind it a voice:

“We are waiting for you, girl.”

Oddly enough, Natalia was not ever surprised at this: her grandfather was a fortuneteller and made amulets for soldiers leaving for war, and her grandmother healed with prayers. Natalia herself was once told that she was the bearer of the shamanic gift.

Kazimirskaya was able to get to that place in the Taiga where the Man-Mountain stood. And found a nearby wall, composed of rectangular stone blocks. Immediately there was a door with a face. It seemed that here in ancient times some kind of construction was conducted.

The woman sat down on a stone and fell into an altered state of consciousness, in which she spoke in an unfamiliar hissing language with those ancient builders. They told her that they are called Asuras and came to Earth from Phaeton, escaping from some dark ones.

On Earth, the aliens began to build protective installations that reflect negative energy. The Asuras told Natalia that they were giants and that they have descendants among the earthlings. In the end, according to the Asuras, the dark ones found them on our Earth (Midgard). The souls of those who spoke with the woman remained in a stone trap.

Closing her eyes, Kazimirskaya “saw” how a luminous sphere flew from her, into which lightning strikes from the nearest rock began.

Later, Natalia read that the Asura race once lived on our Earth. They built three cities, one of which was called Iron. Maybe Natalia just visited the ruins of this city?

By the way, in 2013, in the area of Mount Kulyum, at an altitude of more than a kilometer, a similar structure was found, near which the expedition of the research expedition Kosmopoisk recently visited. It is possible that all these are the remains of one mega-settlement.

One of the participants of the expedition “Kosmopoisk” right in the tent had a vision: a girl in a light dress and a man walking silently along the corridor. Probably, it was a chrono-mirage: phantoms of people who once lived here.

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