Spirits of the Mountains – Part 4

Mountain Spirit Rübezahl

Rübezahl is the famous spirit of the Krkonose Mountains in Silesia and Bohemia (Sudety), the underground king, the lord of the dwarves, one of the central figures in all Germanic mythology.

Rübezahl was the embodiment of bad weather, the guardian of underground treasures. His possessions stretched for 780 km deep into the earth, and on the surface he owned a small forest plot in the mountainous Bohemia. Here he was sometimes seen as an old man, physically he could take on any appearance: from an old grandmother to a bat, or a toad, or could become a giant.

Rübezahl is considered good-natured, but quick-tempered. He helps good people, causes trouble to the evil ones, leading them off the path and directing towards the abyss. He first appeared in German tales and legends in the 15th century. His 3.5 meter sculpture, carved from a single piece of stone, was sculpted by an unknown sculptor in the 15th-16th centuries, in a forest atop a mountain, long before the Rübezahl castle of the same name was built near it.

As in the past pagan times, people come to the monument with flowers and, after performing an uncomplicated ritual, make a secret wish, which, as the centuries-old practice shows, will necessarily be fulfilled if your heart and thoughts are pure.

Rübezahl is a hero of many myths, fairy tales, many books are published about him, many films have been made. Rübezahl can heal your ailments, and the hotel is located in the field of his good energy. Today, the Rübezahl Monument is a historically protected object that is located in the hotel park.

The most famous of the fairy tales plays the etymology of the name “Rübezahl”, which literally means “counting turnips”:

The Turnip King stole a real human princess and dragged her into his kingdom, under the ground. The princess was homesick, she missed her court ladies, her favorite dogs. The ruler of the turnips decided to console her: he turned one turnip into one such court lady, the other into another, made everyone; from small turnips he made dogs, exactly like those real ones. The princess was delighted. But her joy did not last long. Three days later, the young ladies began to dry and wither; the dogs withered, so they could not get up from the pillows. This dog’s age, unnaturally fast (only three days!), was explained by the fact that both, the dogs and the court ladies, were made of turnips.

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