Selling for Bitcoin

No matter where you look these days, the word “bitcoin” seems to be everywhere.  Why wouldn’t it be, it is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world right now.  More and more businesses each and every day are beginning to sell and buy with the help of bitcoin.  Sure, it may be difficult at first, but all new things are, and Bitcoin has been on the market since 2009 … so less than a decade.

It is said that the bitcoin is capped at 21 million coins, and the world market is trading at roughly 17 million bitcoins right now (only 4 million more will be mined).  So for most people, the only way to get their hands on some bitcoin right now, is to either buy it … or sell something for it.

I too decided to offer all of the goods I have available through my shops to be able to bought for bitcoin.  It is a giant leap for me, and there is quite a bit of risk involved.  After all, bitcoin “bubble” can pop tomorrow … and many people will be last with nothing.  Also, the price of bitcoin varies so much, that something that is worth $100 in bitcoin today, can be worth $50 tomorrow.  However, for me it will be a calculated risk, for I will not be offering more than 50% of my inventory to be bought with bitcoin.  And trust me, I have quite a bit to offer …

The way I see it, it will have to be an honor based system, where 100% of the order will have to be prepaid in bitcoin (a risk on your end as well).  Although, I did not remain in business for years by cheating people out of their hard earned money.  So what do I have to offer?, well, you can check out my shops and see for yourself:

The Slavic Way Shop or The Norse Way Shop

I also have a number of books, which I have written over the years … and you can see them here on my Amazon page.

This is somewhat of an experiment for me, where I will not only get to work with bitcoin, but where I will also obtain the necessary experience in order to write a book later.

So if you find something that appeals to you, and you’d like to buy it using bitcoin, without having to go through the hassle of converting BTC to USD … contact me:

I thank you for your time.

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