Spirits of the Mountains – Part 7

Girl on a Rock

They say that if a person died in the mountains, his spirit is doomed to wander in the place of death. In any case, ghosts in the highlands appear quite often.

Less than a year ago, on the site reddit.com, a user under the name SlicedUpBeef posted a picture taken by his cousin in the Dundas peak area (Hamilton, Canada). The photo capture a fuzzy figure of a thin tall girl with dark hair standing on a steep slope, dressed in black trousers and a white sweater.

The point is that this place is practically inaccessible to a man, and hardly anyone could stand there so calmly. By the way, the author of the photo was taking photos of her friend at the time and did not notice any girl …

Most likely, as SlicedUpBeef believes, the camera captured the ghost of a girl who committed suicide. Dundas has a reputation for being the peak of suicides: at least twice a year someone jumps from here. And since the mountain is high enough, there are no chances to survive.

However, skeptics believe that many “supernatural” phenomena are the result of various electromagnetic, acoustic and other mountain natural anomalies that affect the human psyche. Although, can we really explain everything rationally?

Author: unknown

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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