We are going to the Moon! We are going to Mars! We are going to other planets!

Many of us, when we look back at our childhood, realize that we wanted to be astronauts at one time or another. It is no surprise, for astronauts are considered to be heroes, for they go, where no man has gone before. They are explorers.

However, when I look back at my childhood, I see an unfulfilled promise instead. It was promised to us for decades, that the Moon would be colonized by the turn of the millennium. Needless to say, space agencies, including NASA, have not fulfilled their promise. One would think that with as much money as these space agencies are given, and NASA has an annual budget of over $18 billion, they would do everything in their power to fulfill that promise not only to my generation, but to all future generation. Yes, one would think!

Instead, currently NASA is saying that they no longer possess the necessary technologies to go to the Moon, that those technologies have been lost. So for the past decade or so, NASA had their sights set on Mars. Immediately an intelligent individual would ask an obvious question: If you can’t go to the Moon, if colonizing the Moon is no longer an option, why are you planning a trip to Mars? For while the Moon is just under 385 thousand kilometers, the distance to Mars is 54.6 million kilometers. That is an astounding 142 times the distance to the Moon.

To make things worse, currently, NASA is kicking around the idea that Mars is not good enough, and that they are planning a trip to nearest “Earth class” planet in a nearby solar system. Again, and I will stress that an intelligent person would have a number of questions by now, the first question that comes to mind is: Why would you plan to go light years away, if you cannot even make it past the 400 kilometer mark (the ceiling given by NASA for all “space flights”)?!

I cannot force my opinion onto you, but I can definitely offer it. I believe that NASA (and other space agencies) have not even made it “out of their garage”, so to say. But with an annual $18 billion budget, a LIE has to be kept in place and it has to be constantly “updated”, in order to keep people dreaming. The people were first told about the colonization of the Moon, and they bought that lie, and of course that never happened. Next, the people were told about the colonization of Mars, and they bought that lie as well, and, of course, that did not happen either. Now, and in order to justify an $18 billion annual budget, the people are being told about the colonization of distant planets in nearby solar systems. Needless to say, that will never happen either, but NASA will be able to keep up that lie for a few years or decades as well, while bringing in $18 billion annually, which they justifiably spend on cardboard models that are shown to the public. All of these promises are “presented” to the people, while NASA has openly admitted to not be able to break the 400 kilometer ceiling by any of their spacecraft.

Why 400 kilometers? Simple, and I must stress one really important point here: I am not a flat-earth theorists! But after having researched “Operation Fish Bowl”, which just happens to have the same 400 kilometer ceiling (as if the name is not a total giveaway), I believe that humanity has found itself under an impermeable dome (or force field). We have been quarantined! Although I will discuss that more in another article.

Dmitriy Kushnir

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