The main human qualities we must educate in our children ourselves, and not give them to the teachers, schools and other foreign people. As an example, you can use the author under the name Svetozar, who creates wonderful stories for his children …

Grandfather and Alex were sitting by the steam. In the morning, they left the house, but reached the place when the sun was already high. Although the early autumn was already in place, the sun did not seem to reflect on it. The thick grove wrapped around them like a veil from the heat. The forest was very joyous of the unexpected guests. Maybe because before entering it, the grandfather broke off a piece of bread that he took with him, and, as he kneeled down on one knee, wished all forest inhabitants and the forest master health and prosperity, and asked not to be angry with the uninvited guests. He put some pieces under the trees, and fixed some onto the branches.

They settled down by the stream. The stream was shallow. The width no more than a few steps, but quite fast. It was evident that it gets very full in the spring, when meltwater descends from the mountains, and it turns into a real mountain river. It cut the mountain ridge into two parts and was a natural watershed. In the taiga, this occurs everywhere, but here, the rock, as if growing out of the earth, created bizarre differences in altitude, and from this formed beautiful rapids and a whole ridge of small waterfalls, through which, sparkling, in the rays of the autumn sun, water rolled down. Just near one such waterfall, next to the large stones covered with moss, Alex and Grandfather settled down.

Grandfather lit a fire from the branches that he had gathered in the thicket, near the place where they had stopped. Alex noticed that his grandfather collected branches for the fire, as if he was putting things in order in the forest. As if, he was not there as some outsider, but as a full-fledged-master of this place. Maybe that’s why he wanted to create a cosiness at home. In addition, Alex did not remember a single case, when his grandfather left behind some sort of garbage or some kind of mess. Once he told his grandfather about this. To this, grandfather, as usual smiled and said that it is so.

“In any place, Alex, you must first clean up, bring things to order. From this, any place will become homey. It is inviting and homey from the outside, as well as inside. Or maybe vice versa, who knows. You think that you’re cleaning up the forest, but in reality you are cleaning and bringing order to your heart.” Grandfather’s eyes narrowed gaily, looking at the boy. “Well, yes, now you will be doing this. Now you know how to do it. And when you begin to work with your own hands, you will explain a lot to yourself, and will discover many new things, of which you never even thought.”

Long or short, but now the branches in the fire crackled. The fire did not really want to flare up. Then the grandfather sat down and blew into it. The fire immediately responded and brightened up. From the outside it looked like the grandfather breathed life into the fire. As if an unknown spirit filled the fire with Force. Grandfather, as if whispered something, and the wind, which appeared from nowhere, caught his breath. Probably, watching from the side, no one even payed attention to it. But the boy saw, the grandfather spoke with the fire and with the wind, in the language, only known to him. But, the most important thing was that they answered him. They understood each other. It was so obvious that he had no doubt about it.

“And why are we igniting a fire?” Alex asked.

“So this place would let us in.” mysteriously, grandfather answered.

“And what does this mean, “let us in”?” the boy asked, puzzled.

“Well, look, fire and light inside of the person. Remember?”

“I remember, of course.” nodded the boy.

“But this fire is not in the World of Yav’ per say. We are transferring its likeness to the visible World. The light inside, the light outside. A fire helps the Soul to open. So the place is enlightened. With the inner fire and the outer fire. One supports and aligns the other. The easiest way. There are others, of course. But for me, the simpler, the better. Difficulties are not from a great mind, people say. Now, in truth, only Deities know what people understand by the enlightened place. But our Ancestors understood that the foundation is the light, which comes from the Soul.”

“It appears as an internal fire, that in the Soul and the fire seem to merge?” thought the boy.

“This is what I’m saying,” the old man smiled “Now, our assistant is the campfire. If you stayed in the woods at night, what will you do?”

“Ignite a fire”


“Well, I do not know, some protection. It drives away the darkness. Gives heat. Shines. Warms the heart.”

“You speak the truth. The heart is warmed first. The man does this, probably, also so his inner fire would not go out. Cheering himself up. It is like creating a copy of self and an assistant. As to not lose the power of the Soul. Let’s look around, Alex. What do you see?”

It’s unclear why, but with his grandfather, he really began to see life in everything. Either the grandfather immersed him in some unknown world, or everything came alive from his grandfather. But only the movement of life seemed to fill the space around him. Everything seemed to blossom, stretched towards him and filled with light. The forest seemed alive. The trees were humans. Each tree is the same as the neighboring one, but all are different. Their crones reached to the sun, but at the same time they were spread out above, they seemed to protect young, fragile trees and other forest inhabitants from misery. With their desire to reach for the sun, they, as if by the way, without hesitation, created a whole world below, which was home to animals, birds and other plants.

“When I look at the forest, it always seems to me that it’s alive.” Alex said.

“It is so. Have you ever doubted it?” the grandfather winked at him slyly. “Let’s take a closer look. Does a tree look like a person?”

“Well, it’s also alive.” Alex answered.

“But can it walk?” the old man smiled.

“I have never met a tree such as this.” the boy scratched his head.

“In truth, I, too.” said the grandfather and laughed gaily. “But let’s take a look at this. A man, like a tree, is nourished by his native land. From this the earth is the nurse for us and for the tree. As Mother our Ancestors revered her. “Mother Raw Earth” they said. She is also our support. Without support, there is no strength in a man. There is nothing to rely on in life, people say of such men. And the tree. There is no native land – no roots. For a man, his roots are Kin. Native people. Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Brothers, Sisters. Previously, many generations of relatives were remembered, not so now. Maybe from that, too, the people weaker than before. The kin is a support as the roots of a tree. That’s why they say about a man, who has no native land, that he does not stand on his legs and does not remember his roots. And if so, where will he take the Earth’s power from? If we cut the trunk from the roots, will such a tree stand for long?”

“It will not stand at all, and no one will help it stand.”

“Exactly! Let’s look further. Here is the forest. This is not one tree?”

“Yes, they cannot even be counted! And all are so different.”

“Different. Right. In the forest, not one tree grows, of course. There are a lot of them. They even create their own climate. Comfort for life. Culture, you can even say. In one word, the same society as people. But I still like the word People. The forest can be of different kind, just as people. There are groves of birch, oak, maple and ash trees. And they all get along with each other. But the mandarins do not grow in the spruce taiga for some reason. There are cultivated plants, there are weeds, there are wild plants. But here is a thing, often the same trees do not grow in different conditions, and on different land. Some only grow well on their land only. The forest even has own borders, in a word, like humans. There are places, where trees support each other, and places where they cannot get along, some they take the lives of others. In the woods, there can be gloomy places. And the person feels bad in them.”

“Just like in our village.” Alex frowned.

“And on the other hand. The forest lives on its native land and in such a climate not by accident. And imagine, one tree decided to leave its forest and move to another side of the world, into another forest. You and I know, that a free can only move from the forest without roots. And without roots, it is no longer a tree, but lumber or firewood. So without roots, will it survive?”

“No, of course.” the boy was sincerely surprised.

“And if you take and move it with the roots?” the grandfather narrowed his eyes.

“Then, it’s possible.”

“But will that tree survive, not on its own land? It will constantly miss something. Whether hot, whether damp, or cold, and then look and the new forest will be different, and the desire to live will be lost. It’s the same with people. Well, okay, I live on my land with close people next to me, and in my culture. A culture native to a person is like native land underfoot. A person’s strength is increased threefold from it.”

“You, most importantly look at Nature, Alex. Always look. Laws that people write change, teachings change, people’s views, their customs, and what exists in Nature, it’s already thousands of years old. And Nature is a clue to righteousness. She is Wise. Through her, the World of Law in our World is reflected.”

“What is this World of Prav?” asked Alex.

“The World in which everything is right.” the grandfather just answered and began to search to a kettle for Ivan-tea.

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