A Year Without Trousers

A year ago I threw out my last trousers. And I devoted this events to today’s article. It is not quite ordinary. I just want to share with you my discoveries this year. I decided to switch to skirts about two years ago. During pregnancy, I attempted to wear only tunics and dresses. And gradually, I just stopped buying jeans and trousers. But after giving birth, there was a small problem – those jeans that I already had before the pregnancy, won over the rest of the clothes. It’s much simpler to put on jeans and a sweater, sports shoes and a jacket. And that’s all. Especially with a small child. And with two young children … especially, when you’re too lazy to even think about your appearance. But a miracle happened! And the jeans were torn. Then the choice arose in front of me: buy new jeans … or go the way that I had already chosen …

In general, instead of jeans, I bought two dresses. Then two more … and yet … I want to share with you what this year has given me. Me, my family, my children.

1. In a skirt, it is much easier to refute from men’s affairs. To carry heavy packages from the store in a long dress is at least inconvenient. And also ugly. And there is no need. Most likely, someone will come to the rescue.

2. Putting on a skirt and shoes, I immediately notice how my posture and gait change. It would seem that not such a big change on the outside, and such a huge shift on the inside. Just other clothes, but the sensations are very, very different.

3. Children are wildly delighted with long skirts. The elder plays hide and seek in them. The little one always plays “house”.

4. After putting on a dress, you just want to bring your hair in order and your make up. It requires you to start taking care of yourself. It take more time and effort to spend, before you leave the house, but it’s worth it.

5. My husband really likes me in dresses. And if before it was necessary to ask for a new sweater for a long time, now he constantly asks: “Maybe you should buy another dress? Or maybe you need new beads?”

6. We became much less quarrelsome. And quarrels began to pass easier and faster. It became easier for me to cry during a quarrel, instead of shouting, as before. Reconciliation also happens much faster than before.

7. I generally became less irritated, angry, whining, swearing and experiencing other unpleasant feelings. As if the situation for their residence has become less.

8. Small miracles began to happen around me. For example, I found my dad’s lineage, and I hope to get to know them soon and visit his grave. And I’ve been looking for them for more than 5 years.

9. My husband gifts me flowers and gifts more often. Over the past year, he gave me everything that I dreamed of all these 7 years. Maybe because I learned to ask, inspire and thank?

10. It became easier for me to ask. Ask for help, ask for gifts, ask for money, ask for attention. Simply, girlish, cute, with a smile …

11. During this year, the husband at least doubled his income and earnings. At the same time, he refused all those projects that pulled energy from him. And he began to develop those, that he wanted to develop for a long time. And this gives him even more strength and joy.

12. Together with dresses, accessories came to me. Now I understand that women in many ways are made by these little things – earrings, beads, scarves … And only these things can constantly change a woman’s image.

13. I began to be offered a sit on public transportation. Not because I am pregnant, or with a child. But because I look like a woman. And what is surprising, such sits are offered by men.

14. It is warmer in a skirt in winter, because I wear high boots and a long down jacket. And it turns out to be much warmer than jeans, a jacket and boots.

15. My hormones have changed as well. The hair on legs grows much less, for example. Menstrual cycles are less painful. The condition of the skin and hair is almost perfect.

16. This time I have no problems with breastfeeding. No matter what kind of lactation and other nonsense I experienced with my eldest son, I could not breastfeed him for a long time! And this time, there is not a single stagnation, no problems.

17. I became friends with needlework. There used to be a belief that my hands are not growing from the right place. And now, I’m weaving mandalas, sewing and embroidering a little – all with the same hands that I could not even apply earlier.

18. It is easier for me to deal with women’s affairs. I put on a dress: to the stove, in the kitchen, to cleaning. This process is easier and is done with great pleasure.

19. It has become much easier to develop women’s qualities. It’s easier to be affectionate and kind, when you’re wearing a light sundress. And it’s almost impossible to be obedient and soft in rough jeans.

20. I stopped being submerged in jobs. If earlier I did a lot in terms of work – I helped my husband here and there, doing this and that for him, and was completely exhausted, now I am only doing what is mine. And more that I like. Even thoughts do not arise to pile up a heap of work and drag it out for everyone.

21. I see how I am admired on the streets. By men, and women, and even grandmothers. Especially when I go, no, I’m “swimming” in a long sundress with two children …

22. There are too few women in skirts and dresses on the streets. That’s why I really stand out. Considering that I do not wear mini skirts, but chic long skirts that so nicely rustle and drape during walking.

23. I do not even have a single thought to buy trousers. In the shops, I go right through these departments, without even noticing what is there.

24. I really have more energy and strength. Even though there are now two children. I have more time, much more. At the same time, the energy in me is accumulated by the Moon. Completely different than before.

25. I begin to feel the fluidity of female energy – its softness and smoothness. And it’s much easier to trust life and to swim according to its flow.

26. I began to treat Divine differently. To all rituals, rules, knowledge. I wanted to go deeper, learn more about Divine and strengthen my Love for It. This sounds strange, but now I feel much more connection with It than a year ago. Perhaps, it’s not for nothing that in many beliefs women are forbidden to wear trousers?

27. I made many new friends – although this was really a problem for me before. It became easier to approach women, it became easier for me to communicate with them. And besides – I began to receive pleasure from it.

28. I realized what it means to fell like a Woman. I saw the positive side of the Woman’s nature – and most importantly – I could feel the difference.

29. It was this year that I began writing articles. Maintain arrangements. Groups for women. I finally managed to find myself, find my balance between family and self-realization, self-development and charity. This is an incomparable sensation.

30. And I, finally, can say that I’m really happy. Inside me there is a light, there is this feeling of eternal happiness inherent in every soul. And even if the events in the outside world are not joyful, my light stays with me. Almost always.

In all women’s groups, the first exercise, which I always give is wearing skirts. I want to look out the window one day and not see any women in trousers. This is such a simply dream. I would want to write as many more points, because this year has changed a lot in my life. Maybe it’s just an astrological period. Or something else is there. But it coincided that exactly one year ago I buried my last trousers. And I see this simple relationship. It became easier for me to follow my nature, it’s easier to be a Woman, to behave like a Woman, to be Feminine. And most of all, I am happy that around me more and more women are risking and throwing out their trousers. They switch to dresses … and get similar results. Long live dresses and skirts, accessories and hairstyles, Moon energy! All feminine to women. All masculine, including pants and responsibility, let’s give it to men.

We can change the world. In a feminine way. Just doing our own thing. Remaining Women.

And I wish all the same to change this world. In a feminine way.

Written by: Olga Valyaeva

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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