The exact origin of the borsch is unknown. Most likely, it appeared on the territory that previously occupied Kievan Rus. Mentions of the main first course of Ukrainian cuisine can be found in the Novgorod Yamsk books for the years 1586-1631, persistently recommends it and “Domostroy”.

In honor of borsch was named a small town Borshchev, located in the Ternopil region. Every autumn it becomes the center of the folklore festival “Borsch-iv”. According to an old legend, in ancient times the Turks conquered this town and wanted to taste the local delicacy – borsch. One Ukrainian woman agreed to prepare the dinner for the invaders, but the dish did not have something to the liking of (perhaps the use of un-halal pork) the leader, who began to scold the woman with abuse. He shouted until the Ukrainian woman became angry and hit him on the head with a ladle, and then drowned the offender in borsch. Therefore, the town was named after the dish that caused the death of the unkempt enemy.

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