The Relationship of Our Ancestors to Emigration and Marriage to Foreigners

Our Ancestors believed that every people is the manifested qualities of a certain Deity. Thanks to this, once in the ancient times, the peoples consciously chose for themselves the heraldic symbols, which reflected the qualities of a specific Deity, which they most strongly singled out. It does not matter that the same Deity was later called by different names, the essence of this has not changed. And, accordingly, from this come the cultural folk traditions, the different cultural cuisines, the systems of the upbringing of children, the peculiarities of the national costume, and so on.

National characteristics– it’s nothing bad and nothing good, just different, as in the botanical garden. There are no unnecessary plants, they are all different. Everyone, no matter where was born, there such became useful.

Merchants in Rus

Firstly, the first contacts were made by merchants, who conducted enlightening activities and contributed to some cultural exchange. The merchant’s task was through trade routes, through self-trading to find out on which principles of life and moral principles the given people are founded, and to see how possible the interaction is. And at the same time, through their goods, through jokes and tales, through the diplomacy that they used, to tell about the people from where they came.

If such a cultural exchange was established, there were covenants of the good union, certainly, first at the governmental level. Among the Priests, among the knowing people, there was a study of folk culture and its traditions, customs, people. The people watched how it was possible to implement the treaty in general, and at what level. Therefore, in the first decades, and sometimes hundreds of years of contact with this people, interethnic, interracial marriages were never created. In particular, this applied to those peoples, who were a part of another language group. Between all Slavic people, which belong to the Slavic group of languages, there certainly existed a kind of community.

The Mixing of Kins

Technically, there were no bans on mixing of different bloods (it was an implied LAW), although the possibility of marriage was strictly monitored not only by the people in charge, but also by such a class as matchmakers and midwives. Very often, one and the same woman performed both of these functions in the village. The point is that difficulties exist even within the framework of even one people, and what to say about peoples belonging to another linguistic community, life values, the main tasks strongly contradict, then, no good marriage or union will come of this.

Firstly, two individuals will not be able to agree well with each other, but in general, as representatives of two different peoples, they both spoil the blood of their own people. This can lead to the degeneration of a particular branch of a nation. For example: genetically the first generation of mestizos are beautiful, sometimes intellectually gifted, but beginning with the second or third generation, and this is confirmed by genetics, mental disorders and madness manifest, and even maniacs are born. Very often the third generation of mestizos and mulattoes are born infertile. Nature itself cuts off the possibilities of such mixtures for further existence. This can arise not only in the confluence of Caucasoid and Negroid races, but within Europe there are peoples that cannot interbreed, or such breeding leads to rapid degeneration, because these are different peoples, different programs.

I will not explain the mythology of this theory, the position of our Ancestors, in the modern world it is very well confirmed by genetics and sociology. These are two sciences that study these problems and give explanations why some dynasties, for example monarchs of Europe, have a century old history, meanwhile ceased to exist. Why did the rich people trace their genealogy? Well, because they closely monitored, especially in Europe, less in Rus, from which houses, from which kins came the influx of new suitors and brides, in what generation is it possible to mix, in what it is not.

In the Middle Ages, this was taken very seriously, so people were healthier, especially in Rus. In Europe, due to small borders and the fact that Laws of RITA began to be violated, not only intertribal, but also inter-family, clan marriages took root. It’s no secret that half of the dynasties of European monarchs were married to their own sisters and brothers. Not to mention cousins. Therefore, the existence of such dynasties ended badly.

In addition, some nationalities represent, in terms of destination, the opposite programs. Let us assume that one people is the embodiment of generosity and, therefore, it is characterized by a rejection of property values, accumulation, from a large amount of some material possessions. And next door neighboring nation, on the contrary, raises above all the quantity of material objects. They are opposite to each other, therefore, in the observed history between these two nations, monarchs are constant wars, seizures and cultural influences. But this struggle is unchangeable. And, naturally, if the representatives of these peoples mix at the level of matrimony, then this war will not disappear from their blood. Therefore, an individual born with such a program mix will find it difficult to agree, above all, with himself. He will be pulled by one blood, then by another blood, there will be unstable emotional outbursts, complexity in behavior: first into spirituality and austerity, then into all debauchery.

It is desirable for every person, if one does not lead a pedigree to the 14th Ancestor, since much has been lost in the modern world (most of destroyed on purpose by those in power with the specific purpose to procreate the mixing between races), then at least try to ask your living Ancestors as to what kind of blood was implicated in your family, to study the history of these peoples, at least superficially, in order to understand yourself better. These roll-calls in one’s own behavior can be easily explained in terms of those bloods that are present in us.

The Migration in Rus

Such is the reason, as to why our Ancestors basically did not leave the border of their own state in terms of life for the entire life, sorry for the tautology. They did not cross the border of the residence of the Slavic peoples, within the limits of the places of residence of the Slavic group of languages. Travels were made mainly on trade matters, according to one’s own interests, Spiritual needs. People went to the Temple, on a pilgrimage. It was always so, no matter what period, and no matter under what religion on the territory of Rus. But people always returned to their land. There is also a second reason for this, it is very simple. The fact is that the Native Land and the strength of the Ancestral land, if we are to recall the myths about Svyatogor, about Ilya Muromets, about Kalika Perihozh, who defeated the great hero, the myth about Achilles, from the ancient Greek mythology, it is always said that the Native Land gives us strength.

This is in fact so. The fact is that we, our Soul, are composed of elements of the energies of the Elements that are characteristic of a given area. Therefore, people living in the mountains are adapted bodily, mentally to live in that particular area, their body is biologically adapted to the food system, which is typical for that area. The people of the plains are completely different in bodily structure, in character. So, everyone, no matter where was born, there such became useful. It is very well explained by anthropology. Also I recommend to look into these works. We are different and this difference is remarkable.

A person, detached from his Native Land, loses connection with the place that energetically feeds his Soul. Therefore, those who leave for emigration, not only experience yearning their whole lives, they often cannot find their purpose, they are constantly rushing. It is very difficult for them to adjust, especially if one cannot find a place that is more-or-less similar in terms of plant and climatic features to the place where one was born. Because, in our blood the same biochemistry is contained, roughly speaking, as the one that is in the land on which we were born. This fine thread, the connection, exists our entire life.

And our Ancestors believed that leaving the place, where at least three generations of own Ancestors lived, is not just a betrayal of a small homeland, but it is also an escape from oneself, this is the rupture of the umbilical cord, which nourishes us. It is a voluntary choice of the coming difficulties in own life. Sometimes, yes, people manage, being abroad, to be in a state of happiness, but this is a rare exception. Basically, these are people who have a good established connection with their Ancestral place.

Why did the merchants, when leaving to go on the road, up to the 20th century, took a handful of their Native Land from under the threshold, or tried to take some kindred thing with them. Speaking of emigration, if we take a short history after the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution of the 1917, after the two Great Wars, people always took something from their Native Land. They carried seeds, seedlings, Ancestral things, tried not to lose this relationship.

Recently, I read a whole series of 6 books, written by different authors, but all of them were devoted to the topic of what people felt and how people lived after the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution, after the War. About the strong people, who experienced katorga, who emigrated. All of them, and their descendants write that the family has always had a dream to return again to where they were expelled or where they were forced to leave from. This is because the child always remembers that it was good for him in the womb, he always tries to cuddle to the hem of his mother. For us, our small homeland is as our mother, like that hem, behind which it is safe, comfortable, where your are exactly 100% loved.

Marriage to a Foreigner

If we talk about marriage with a foreigner, I believe that for women, who take such a step without the blessing of their parents (which is impossible to obtain in many such cases), this is a kind of betrayal. On the other hand, it is a great feat, if you do it consciously and with the blessing of your kin. The feat is that this person has a different way of thinking, he is nurtured by completely different juices and roots, so understanding him, learning to interact with him is two times heavier than with a man from own Native Land.

I had such a hobby in my youth, I collected all possible legends, historical records dedicated to Princess Yaroslavna, the daughter of a monarch, who was married to a foreigner. Arriving in France, having married, she discovered that she, who knew even Arabic numeracy and mathematics, married a man, who put a cross instead of his signature, although he was a great monarch.

She founded a magnificent library and, as history writes about her, she was loved by all of simple people. She was very educated for that time. For all her life she spent learning the world she got into, it was completely alien to her. But how much patience, work and respect for her own husband, given the cultural difference, she nurtured in herself. She gave birth to several children, became the founder of a whole dynasty of rulers in this country.

I believe that this is a very great feat and effort. Therefore, even if time changes, this task does not go anywhere. Before those women, who choose to marry a foreigner, stands the same individual question. It will take a very big Spiritual sacrifice and be prepared for very large changes in order to establish relations, because we are very different. No worse, no better, just different.

The Migration of Foreigners into Our Land

Into our country, there has always been a migration of foreigners, this is known from history. Rus attracted many people because it was associated with power, support, thanks to its large territory, thanks to the fact that the Slavic group of languages is the largest group of languages, which means that it always had more people than in others. In addition, the Slavic Soul has a beautiful mimicry, in us, generally, there is aspiration to understand another people, another nation.

But here, there is also a trap – to perceive the arrived people, migrants into our country as a fear for own lives. After all, they find themselves in a foreign country, so they become very collected, they want to survive at any cost. If we use this fear as an opportunity not to perform some kind of feats, it will lead to a very big mess, in principle, that we are now observing.

After all, those who come from other countries, which are in much worse living conditions than in Rus, find themselves here clinging to any opportunity to earn. If Slavic men will perceive this, like: “Oh, wonderful! I have a freebie. I can not agree on more difficult conditions with a Slavic master who values himself.” Take advantage of the cheap labor of migrants, because they are afraid of losing their jobs, they are afraid not to make money. They also have families, and due to this fear I will manipulate them like a gentleman. This will lead to the fact that migrants in our country will be more than the indigenous people. Because they cling to life, and often people who own their own land, relax, as cheap labor appears, they begin to play with them, lying on the sofa. But this is essentially a matter of laziness. Then we will cease to be masters of our own country.

In general, as our Ancestors say: “In every situation there are pluses and minuses.” On the one hand, appearing here, a foreign people bring us cultural exchange, bring us new values, new activities, new ways of thinking. On the other hand, they can quietly replace any Slavic individual, because they struggle more for their survival than an individual who lives in his place, and therefore accustomed, because he has everything.

Do you know your kin?Does it have unions with different peoples, nations?


Written by: Tatyana

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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