The Secret Map of the World

The color atlas of the world, created by the cartographer Urbano Monte (years of life 1544-1613) 430 years ago (in 1587), was recently scanned, restored and made publicly available.

The ancient map shows the world as it was 430 years ago. Researchers have restored 60 pages of the world atlas of Urbano Monte, in which mysterious creatures such as the unicorn Sibirin, the ambient ship, and awful gigantic birds are represented.

The hand-drawn map measuring 10 feet in height and width was created by the little-known cartographer Urbano Monte in 1587. Monte was born into a wealthy family in Milan and, since childhood, was fond of geography. From historical sources it is known that Monte met with the Japanese delegation, which visited Milan in 1585. Therefore, his map provides expanded information about Japan, which was not in other Western maps created at that time.

Monte worked on the creation of the atlas for 18 years, after Gerardus Mercator created a map, which is now used in most educational institutions and applications for smartphones. But the Monte map, unless the one of Mercator, depicts the Earth as it is visible from the space directly above the North Pole. Recently, Mercator’s projection has been criticized for its Eurocentric image, in which the western and northern regions are larger than they really are.

According to collector David Ramsey, who bought an old atlas and donated it to the David Ramsey cartography center at Stanford University, which he founded in 2016, Renaissance cartographers did not like “empty spaces”.

“I think that Monte really tried to show the circular nature of the Earth,” Ramsey said, “It’s more than just a map. It is a entire scientific tool.”

It is interesting that even 430 years ago, Urbano Monte drew everything very correctly and in great detail. And it was created only 80 years after Columbus “discovered” America, which you will agree is a very short amount of time in order to draw up such a detailed map, taking into account new discoveries. After all, in those days there were no satellites or planes, nothing with which to create something like that. And to create such a map 430 years ago, it was necessary to see the Earth precisely from the altitude of the flight of a modern aircraft or from the Earth’s orbit.

How did the ancient cartographer manage to create such a detailed map that it can now be superimposed onto a modern map and receive an amazing correspondence of the data. It is most interesting that the Earth on this map is depicted not as a sphere, but as a convex disk centered on the North Pole, as depicted on the UN emblem, and around this flat and convex Earth, the Moon and the Sun rotate.

This is a mystery, because this map is also very accurate, for its creation, serious data on cartography was required, and its creator clearly knew what our Earth looks like from space, if the satellite making the photo was exactly above the North Pole. At the same time, the map does not just show the northern hemisphere, but shows the entire Earth with all the continents, including the “ring” of unknown continents, which are not covered in ice. Take a look at the Monte’s map, then take a look at the modern depiction of “Flat Earth” that was taken from the internet … and come to own conclusions. One conclusion can be definitely made by all: We really do not know as much as we tend to think about the structure of our world!

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