“The main human qualities we must educate in our children themselves, and not give it to the teachers, schools and other foreign people.As an example, you can use the author by the name Svetozar, who creates wonderful fairy tales for his children … “

They always sat on the stones covered with moss. Nearby, the stream was still flowing merrily, and drops of water sparkled in the rays of the autumn sun and seemed to be talking about something. From that stream murmured, as if an uncountable number of drops participated in the conversation. The stones were as if laid by someone specially, and it seemed that they constituted some ancient structure. In places they seemed to grow out of the earth. It’s unclear why, but they all had different shades, and from this the impression was created that they, like the forest, were like the people. It seemed that they, too, had passed their own period of life, in which everyone had his place, time and purpose.

The grandfather looked around, and then bent down and picked up a stone that lay almost under his feet. He seemed to see the boy’s thoughts flowing. Somehow the grandfather seemed to read his thoughts.

“This is how interesting it is in life, the whole essence of this world is usually under your feet, but we do not notice,” he chuckled. “We stand, we can say, on it and do not notice. Here is a stone for example, what is it like?”

“Hard.” the boy replied.

“And if we begin to squeeze this hard stone or knock one on the other, what will happen?”

“It will probably split.” the boy shrugged.

“It turns out, even though it is hard, it has its weakness and its own time in this world. But while its whole, we can use it for support, lean on it. And you can build a structure with it. But can it fly to the heavens?”

“By itself?! Of course not. Only if you throw it.” the boy smiled.

“Only it will not remain in the sky. It will fall to the ground.” the grandfather thought about it.

“It will fall back, of course,” nodded the boy.

“Otherwise, watch out, or it will fall onto our head right from the sky. And the head will hurt from it. Look how interesting everything turns out! The stone is hard and heavy, and why is that? It is that way, Alex, because it is dense. And it belongs to the dense world. And the head hurts from the fact that density collides with density. It turns out that on the one hand the dense world is the “support” for us, and on the other hand – the “pain”. Maybe it is because of this our Ancestors called it the “World of Yav” – the visible (dense) world? From the fact that these things are so obvious that it is not necessary to explain much.

So that’s it! The entire Earthly world, Alex, can in fact be described as Void & Density. The Earth belongs to the world of density. It seems to be akin to our body. And the density is on one hand the support, and on the other hand the pain. So? Here you walked along the street, your feet supported by the ground and the earth was the support, stumbled over a stone and fell. It hurts you. From the fact that density collided with density. The soul has added to this sensual coloring, so that you understand how it hurts, and your mind responded from what it hurts, i.e., you found the cause. It is important that the body understands where there is density, there is support and pain. You can say that the body only understands density. In other words, it has its own consciousness for communicating with the World of Density. It only talks with density. And with you speaks only in the language of pain. When there is a threat to life or illness, it reacts to it so that you begin to feel pain. That is how it communicates with you. Draws your attention to itself, so you would begin to listen. And then you begin to perceive with your soul, what exactly you feel, and you head begins to think as to why this happened. The body is given to us only for this reason: to investigate and to change the world of density. As clothing for work in this world. The soul itself cannot change this world without a body. As the soul of the dead, for example, which cannot move on and remain as ghosts here, they cannot influence the World of Yav – the World of Density.”

“But why do they stay?” the boy became interested.

“They are strongly connected with the dense world. Have many unfinished businesses. There are different reasons. Densities draw them to Earth and do not let them rise. Here they have a body left for example, but they cannot accept that they can live without it. So they walk around it, without even noticing the other world. Well, as people in this world do not see that everything around them is alive. Well, what is there to say, if some people on the bus full of people next to them do not even see those people. And others simply had no joy in life, and there is not enough light in their souls, in order to begin a new life in the next world. And so they wander about here in their reflections. That is why they are called creations of Nav (Navi creations). Nav (Navi) is the World of Reflections, at least so our Ancestors called it. It is not some kind of afterlife, as many people understand. It is the Inner World, in which you also live as well as on the outside. That is, they now live in thinking about the past life, about what they did wrong and do not see the next life, because this past life, they cannot leave in any way. They are experiencing it anew, without a body already, in their thoughts. Well, about that we’ll have a different conversation. Everything has its time. We will also talk about these worlds, in which people also live, and also about the light and dark souls, and why it happens so. We still have a whole life ahead of us,” grinned the grandfather.

“So that’s it! The soul, unlike the body, needs a less dense world. For the body it is a world of emptiness, the world of void. This does not mean that it is empty in fact. The soul, it always goes where there is no density. It avoids pain and suffering. Because it does not need it and because it knows how it is, it hurts. And it knows that without joy, it will not return home. Its house is in another world. But it is glued as if to the body. Like every joint of the body is glued to the soul. Therefore, the body feels the movement of the soul whether it wants or not. It is sometimes called the language of the body. Our soul is interested in everything in this world. This world is always new for our soul. And if there is a void in the soul, then the hunger in it is constant. New impressions, feelings and emotions, like firewood for fire, are necessary for her. Do you remember our conversation about fire that burns in the soul? All the unknown attracts it. So that’s it! If the body’s task is to perceive pain, then this pain is translated into the feeling of fear by the soul, and the soul adds coloring to this feeling. The world of the soul is less dense, but it is also possible to injure it in that world. In a word, for example. Insult is a type of soul pain. To insult or offend a person is like nipping a soul. Because in that World, where our Soul is from, a word can destroy or create. The word for the Soul is like a stone for the Body. And if the soul is pricked, then the person begins to embarrass himself (to hesitate) and to restrict (compress) himself. His soul is compressed at the same time and hides in the body. And from the fact that it hides, the person ceases to create, because the soul no longer lives. On that probably, if the body is squeezed tightly enough, it can be strangled. But you can look even further. If in the soul the offense is strong, then the pain appears in the body. And if there is much resentment, the soul creates a separate space in the body, where such pain and insults are hidden. That is why they say that all illnesses are caused by the nerves (emotional pain). Do not see correctly the “what” and the “how” now people. Not from nerves – from the suffering of the soul. When the Soul hurts, the Body screams.

Let’s look at the stone again. Our stone, again, cannot fly to heaven by itself, because it is connected to the earth. A dense world attracts density. But the soul, on the contrary, is wanting to rise to the heaven, as if to return home. That’s why they say “soars”. The person, it turns out, is tied to his earthly body, and his soul strives to heaven. And until he will leave his earthly body – the soul will not fly to heaven. Only for this journey there should be enough light within the soul. And for this, one must live his earthly life in joy, for it is only but a single moment. And unless you have learned of everything in this world, then the soul will always strive to return. This is the essence of it. That’s it Alex. So, there is no need to hurry. That’s why they say: who understands life – he does not hurry.

For now just remember, that the dense world is like a stone. A stone can serve as support and can cause pain. We will need this later.

I’ll come back and will tell you a story,” he said mysteriously, got up, took the pan and went to the creek for water.

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