The Bio-Matrix

The author considers the period of human life in modern society from 3 to 16 years.Is it possible to say that the majority of children are brought up and taught by mediocre and incompetent people?How do we influence the knowledge gained in childhood?


Why is everything so gray and monotonous? Why are there so many stupid people around, crime and the ubiquitous gray mass? Having completed school and the institute, I did not hear not one thesis connected with similar problems. Only a partial statement of the facts that, per say, crime exists, stupid people have always been and the individual is not perfect. Of course, I did not live in pink glasses and did not expect happiness from life on a silver platter, but I did not expect such a nightmare. A man is a wolf to a man, common sense and individuality become a burden, and the struggle for a place under the sun in this vast world is getting tougher and tougher. Having gained a little experience and knowledge from practical encounters with life, I decided to formalize my inner protest in a small literary work.

Formation of personality

A person enters our world as an unreasonable infant. At this stage, it’s hard for me to imagine that 90% of them will subsequently become the gray mass of people. Although in 30 years, statistics will convince me otherwise. Let’s see what happens to the child from birth to graduation from school After all, the fact that the formation of a person, world perception and education of a person occurs in this period is not a secret for anyone. During this short period of time, a young man will visit the kindergarten and school. And in the first and second, his opinion (whether he wants to be there or not) is ignored. No one asks him, but as they say “it must be done!”.

And so, a small person enters the kindergarten. For three years he was with his mother every day, and now the day has come when she left him. Around are strangers. This is how the child instinctively perceives the first day in the kindergarten. Here’s to you the first childhood trauma, which will eventually develop into a conflict of distrust towards parents. The idea is that the kindergarten nurse (or teacher) should help cope with this problem. Is she able to do this? Not sure. First of all, not everyone has the gift of communicating with children, and also taking into account the fact that only the basic specialized secondary education is required for this job, the question will disappear of itself. For the salary, which the educator receives, will she be worried about the mental state of a “not mine” child? The question is mostly rhetorical.

It turns out that the child has a psychological trauma associated with the lack of understanding of why he every day parted with his mother and father and spent time with someone else’s “aunt”. What happens in the development of a child aged 3 to 7 years.

First of all, the most important thing is that a child develops a type of thinking and worldview. He is interested in everything around him: why the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the cat is fluffy. Ideally, the child should receive exhaustive answers to all question of interest to him. Now let’s imagine how a capable educator will cope with such a situation if there are 10-15 children in the group. How? Well, in no way at all! She will say she is busy. Or incapable, she will respond in such a way, that no one will want to deal with her. Here to the individual thinking. In addition, during this period a person has a so-called window of intensive development. During this period, a person must learn to speak, think, read, draw, and write. Lots of things! It’s just a flurry of information that you can easily learn and use in later life. This is the most crucial moment in a person’s life. Miss it, and you will get Mowgli – a human-animal.

To talk about the innate individuality, its respect and development of thinking is simply pointless. Rather, on the contrary, the educator is unlikely to be interested in the development of another’s child, due to the avoidance of unnecessary problems. Internal passivity, the motivation for averaging to be like everyone, lack of initiative, readiness to obey authorities is laid just at this stage of growth. At school it is fixed and supported. Also, the resulting psychological trauma associated with separation from the home creates a person’s sense of danger and anxiety.

Then the child goes to school.

At school, parents and mentors are replaced by teachers. Who are they? Let’s start with the prestige of the teacher’s profession and potential teachers. First of all, the profession of a teacher in our society is humiliated. To be a teacher is not prestigious, they earn little, and as a result, pedagogical universities are entered by (who then become teachers) mostly middle-class people. In my years, when I entered the institute, more or less wealthy parents pushed their children anywhere, but not into teaching. Talented peers, well, they did not even think of entering a pedagogical institute, so that they could work later in school. The pedagogical institutes were entered by those, who did not have a change to enter a “normal” university, and this is mostly the majority, most of whom did not plan to work in the school.

For this reason, the child, and then the young man, for 10 years falls under the influence of unremarkable people. And this is a big annoyance. Since the teacher’s share in this age is the task of being an example of imitation and a leader. In fact, everything is not so harmonious. Most teachers lack leadership qualities. They do not even know how to manage own talent, knowledge and respect.

Therefore, it turns out that teachers have nothing to give to the younger generation, besides terror and severity. And besides, any manifestation of individuality, which at this age can have nothing in common with the school curriculum, is punished rather harshly. This forms the child’s antisocial behavior and internal protest (hooligans, after all, appear precisely in school), or makes a schoolboy a mediocre person, generating in him obsequiousness, hypocrisy and deceit. The defiant hate the school and suffer, which gives the rest irrefutable proof of the correctness of the motive not to protrude. It should be noted here that those, who voice their opinion, but do not become a hooligan, create double hatred among the people around them. They are hated by everyone, since they do not fall into one of these groups.

After kindergarten and school, the personality is formed almost entirely. The embedded stereotype of behavior remains with the person usually forever.

These were the psychological qualities of a person, so to speak, the moral side of the issue. From the created picture you can see with what luggage of moral and ethical heritage a young man from the school graduation leaves for the future.

Now let’s analyze the school curriculum and its composition. Let’s take as an error that the basic set of basic subjects taught in the school has not changed.

And so, the exact sciences…


I just want to say that I love math, and I had “excellent” for it not only at school, but also at the institute. But I, for the life of me, cannot understand why in my life I needed equations with two unknowns, differential and integral calculus, vector algebra and most of the geometry. This is what develops the logic? By no means. This develops logic only for those, who are able to absorb all this abstraction. And then I want to tell you that the kind of logic that develops is exclusively abstract. Since in the material world – the logic is also material. In practice, I remember that at least two thirds of the class simply could not think in such forms, did not understand the physical meaning of such knowledge, and simply crammed and copied. And with age just forgot. I am sure that everyone remembers that there were some sort of differential and integral computations. Right? And why are they needed? What is their meaning? 90% of people studying this knowledge took time and did not bring any results. And it repeats from year to year.

It turns out, logic developed only in 1/3 of the class? Is that effective? Why do 2/3 of school children waste time? The result: 2/3 of the students simply wasted time.


I am not opposed to studying the nature of the world around us. But let’s take a bit of a critical look at the ballast of obsolete knowledge that is taught in physics lessons. Ballast, and morally obsolete, and I’m not kidding. Take, for example, the classical theory of gravitation of Newton. It sounds like this:

The force of gravitational attraction between two material point of mass and, separated by distance, is proportional to both masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them – that is:

And now, let’s check:

For verification, let us compare the force of attraction between the Sun and the Moon, and the Earth and the Sun. And, let’s understand why the Moon is attracted by the Earth, and not by the Sun, unless we can’t understand.


m1 = 5.9736×1024 kg is the mass of the Earth;

m2 = 7.3477×1022 kg is the mass of the Moon;

m3 = 1.98892×1030 kg is the mass of the Sun;

G = 6.67384×10-11 m3 * s-2 * kg-1

R12 = 384,400,000 m is the distance from the Earth to the Moon;

R23 = 149,216,000,000 m is the distance from the Moon to the Sun.

So, check, the force of attraction between the Moon and the Earth:

F1 = G * (m1 * m2) / R122 = 6.67384×10-11 * (5.9736×1024 * 7.3477×1022) / (384,400,000) 2 = 1.98×1020 N.

The power of attraction between the Moon and the Sun:

F2 = G * (m2 * m3) / R232 = 6.67384×10-11 * (1.98892×1030 * 7.3477×1022) / (149,216,000,000) 2 = 4.38×1020 N.

As we see from the calculation, the force of attraction between the Sun and the Moon more than twice exceeds the force of attraction between the Earth and the Moon. Why does the Moon not fly to the Sun, it’s not clear. Either they do not have the masses (official data is given), or they are lemon laws. Rather, both statements have a place to be. At the beginning of the 21st century, all physics burst at the seams from discrepancies. If in earlier times (in the 20th century), it somehow withstood the load of misunderstandings, recently, more and more scientists, being in the declining years, openly declare that most of the laws in physics are not consistent and ridiculous. If earlier, they did not openly express themselves about this, worrying for their authority and careers, then in the declining years, they already stopped to restrain themselves, and openly stated about problems in fundamental physics.

Here, I showed only one big problem. If you dig deeper, then similar problems can be found in all areas of physics. Not only do teachers not understand what they teach, but also scientists spread their hands and cannot explain anything. Nevertheless, the students, in spite of everything, have to chew on a similar granite of science, according to the school curriculum. And all their attempts to get to the bottom of the truth come across the aggression of teachers, as you see, very poorly educated in their subject.

As a result, you yourself understand what is happening in the school with those who try to find out the truth about the school, but nevertheless, the scientific field. And of course, the question is how to use the knowledge gained during the physics lessons? In no way at all! I’m an electrical engineer. Worked in the design for several years. I want to say that the well-known Ohm’s law for a chain section is used formally in all electrical engineering, but in fact for describing electrotechnical processes, sophisticated mathematical devices and algorithms are used that are quite far from Ohm’s derived laws. The problem is that the sections of the chain do not exist by themselves. And if we consider the chain as a whole, then it is not clear how to apply Ohm’s law. In these cases, scientific papers and instructions on calculation indicate that some influence is neglected and sometimes several additional components and coefficients are introduced, which change Ohm’s law sometimes beyond recognition.

Let us leave the exact and natural sciences and look at the humanitarian sciences.


Here I will be brief. It’s not a secret for anyone that the history taught in school changes radically with the change of political power. What kind of science is this, which changes at the discretion of the ruling elite? If we tackle this issue seriously, then we are 100% likely to end up in a confrontation, confronted with the work of Academician A.T. Fomenko and his concept of the “New Chronology”.


In this field of knowledge, we usually study various talented writers. Usually the talent of these writers is expressed in a very subtle ability to reflect the psychology of people’s behavior in different conditions. Do you think that children are able to assess such actions in the absence of their own everyday experience? I think no. Therefore, all works of this kind, on topics of moral and social problems, are usually written off and take the form of templates acceptable to teachers and the school curriculum. And where can an individual point of view arise here?

For reference, the talented Russian writer L.N. Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” in about six years. He began the work on the novel at 35 years old, and he finished the novel in at the age of 41. Do you think that adult thoughts present in such works will be understood by adolescents? There are a lot of similar examples, because most of the serious works were written by people already with the current worldview. What kind of understanding can we talk about, if similar books are read by 15 year old children?

In general, that is it on the school subjects. You could continue to shovel a mindless ballast of knowledge, which loads the virgin pure mind of the younger generation, but why? Anyone who could understand, he already understood, who is not ready to understand, he will not understand. The only thing left is to sum up.

So, after considering the period of life from 3 to 16 years, we see that a person gets into a social environment that is in no way interested in developing his personality and helping him in a difficult period. Rather, on the contrary, it throws him a whole bunch of problems and conflicts, and using the opportunity, it pumps out the unnecessary ballast of dead knowledge. From which to get rid of later is very difficult. All this, of course, is bad. And it gets worse (if at all does not put an end to the development of man), all this is also because the person and all the inner content that makes up the future of man (and humanity as a whole) is precisely laid down in this period.

In my opinion, calls for being original and individual in targeted youth programs and commercials sound quite cynical. This is when young people have already undergone a full-fledged treatment in our friendly social environment. It is very similar to caring for pigeons, which are prepared for shooting in central squares. First, they cut their wings so they do not fly away, and then they take care of them to bring in income.

Written by: Andrei Khrustalev

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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