What happened to the plant, which students insulted for a month?

The organizers offered schoolchildren to care for two identical plants, one of which was to be watered together with compliments, and the second was to be given water, but at the same time constantly verbally insulted and ridiculed. At the end of the month, the students were surprised by the results, because the plants did not look at all like what the students expected to see.

One of the plants was lucky to grow in love and care. The students, who took patronage over it, did not spare compliments in its address, telling it how beautiful and handsome it was, and how they loved it. The second was given only sidelong glances and insults. Before the start of the experiment, many participants were convinced that the plants are not sensitive to the human attitude, that it is inherent only to domestic animals and other people. When the result was announced, they were all genuinely surprised at how things really are.

Many participants of the experiment said that it was difficult to hear how others offended a plant; deep down they felt sorry for the plant. So many negative words flew to its address, and the plant could not just turn and leave, close its ears and not listen. Soon it began to languish before their eyes, the leaves turned yellow and looked lifeless.

The purpose of the experiment was simple: to show the children that a negative attitude towards a living being could hurt it. Pots of flowers stood in the hall of the school, and each student could approach them at any time. They saw that words hurt, so you need to be responsible for each cue addressed to another being. Despite the fact that the flowers were watered and fertilized equally, the difference is striking.

Source: Unknown

Translated by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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