12 Steps to Exit the Matrix

There are certain circumstances that prevent an individual from living consciously, and in fact it is the key to life outside the matrix.  Each of us somehow understands that our World is already filled to the limit with crime, passions, vulgarity and pain.

But we also all understand that this cannot continue any longer, and the time has come when it is necessary to undertake something on our own in order to turn the situation into a safe course.  What to do and how to be if there is a desire for change, but there is no understanding of what needs to be done?

Today, the resource Kramola will help you with the aid of a small list to tune in to a more harmonious, rational and free life.  Here are the 12 steps to exit the matrix:

Step 1 – Anti-Poison

It is no secret for anyone, that there are poisons present in our world, which many individuals consume (some on daily basis) without even realizing it.  People are consciously poisoning themselves because of their ignorance and lack of understanding.  It is necessary to stop drinking alcohol in any amounts, to stop drinking energy drinks, to stop smoking not only tobacco products, but to stop smoking period.  It is also necessary to either completely exclude or at the very least try to reduce such things as:  sugar, salt, carbohydrates, medicines, etc., etc.  It is also a good idea to switch to organic tooth paste without fluoride or to completely switch to tooth powders … remember:  fluoride is poison!  Use your own common sense and do your best to reduce the amount of poisons consumed by you and other members of your family on daily, weekly or yearly basis!

Step 2 – The Clearing of the Informational Field

By the informational field it is meant the information introduced to our minds from the outside.  This is comparable to the kind of fuel we use for our cars.  If it is good, the car will operate; and if it is bad, the engine will break.  Therefore, the one of the important steps to get out of the matrix is to stop watching TV, listening to stupid radio with its endless advertising and strange music, and saying no to any kind of “popular” press.  To explain this step as simple as possible, then the food for the mind must be carefully filtered.

Step 3 – Realize – There Are No Illnesses

First, we need to carry out anti-parasitic cleanse.  After all, parasites, in fact, also have a certain effect on us, namely, the suppression of human awareness, which contributes to his involvement in the matrix.  Next, is to throw away the excesses of medicines, leaving at home only iodine … and maybe the bare necessities for survival.  And the most important thing is to stop believing in illness altogether, because there are none.  Pay attention to how much advertising on TV about drugs/medicines for a wide variety of illnesses is a passive effect on our consciousness.  Whether we like it or not, we begin to perceive diseases as real, while the disease is just an indicator that we need to change our lifestyle and nothing more.

Step 4 – The Great Wash

It is necessary to bring your home to order and clean it.  This step is based on the concept of “What is outside is inside”.  Here is what is included in the concept of this step:

– sell or throw away things that you do not and will not use;

– turn off unnecessary appliances in the home from the grid;

– turn off Wi-Fi during sleep and when you are not at home;

– say goodbye to all the broken, damaged, not working, hidden in the mezzanine things;

– fix all that is needed in the home.  For example:  faucets should not leak, doors should not creak, light bulbs should all work;

– go through your wardrobe, get rid of excess clothing and leave only comfortable, practical, not frilly, natural items.

Step 5 – Listen to Your Body

You probably understand that our body is a vessel for the soul and is extremely necessary to listen to.  After all, it has its own voice and its own consciousness, and always says what it needs and what it does not need.  You need to learn to respect it.  And we, basically, do not listen:  we force it into a sitting job 5 days a week, we force ourselves to always go to work even if sick with a temperature.  In one word, we neglect.  Did you know that the need for junk food is an unreal desire of the body and evidence of a distortion within the cellular structure?  Therefore, it is important to establish contact with the elements of the body, make friends with them and give them tasks for cleaning, restoring and transforming the true body.

Step 6 – Clean Your Social Circle

Surely you had such an occasion, that after communicating with this or that person, you did not have any strength left either morally or physically.  It’s worth to get rid of this kind of communication once and for all, because with such a lack of strength, the body lets you understand that it is only harmful to communicate with such a person.  Get organized in the contracts of your phone – remove from it unnecessary, as well as forgotten names.

Step 7 – Increase the Physical Load

It is important to introduce a very useful habit into your life – to do daily gymnastics and any complex of quiet physical exercises with relaxing meditative music.  We are not talking about the fact that you have to “push” the barbell, we are talking about stretching and toning your muscles.  The body should not harden, because with this process the brain and consciousness hardens.  you can turn the process into a small “body feast” using an aroma lamp and pleasant music.  The flexibility of the body is very connected with the flexibility of the mind.

Step 8 – No More Chemicals

Once, there were none of these numerous household products from supermarket shelves and our grandmothers used natural detergents, which were no worse in dealing with messes.  For example, such can be soda, mustard, vinegar, salt.  This step also applies to body cleansers.  You can make soap yourself, as well as shampoos and hair balsams, which, by the way, wash your hair no worse than industrial analogs.  Of course, this is less convenient, since it is necessary to find time to manufacture such natural cleaners, but if you realize that body contact with chemical shower gels greatly affects our awareness, then you’ll make the time to make natural remedies for sure.

Step 9 – Walk Away from the Matrix

Surely, each of us understands that there is nothing good in living in a big city, but sometimes it is a necessity.  Despite this, you need to find the time and walk for a couple of hours in the open air every day.  Find a park, a forest – anything to take to nature.  your priority should not be shopping centers, stadiums, demonstrations, smoky pubs and glamor establishments, but places of nature, silence, where there is fresh air, where you can put your thoughts in order.  It can be a hike in the woods, fishing, rafting on the river.  Thus, far from the matrix and vanity – the mind becomes clearer.  By the way, moving away from spending your matrix time in shopping centers, you will gradually notice how your expenses will be reduced, which in turn will allow you to work less and not be in the race for financial survival.

Step 10 – Be the Creator

How often do you do your favorite thing, hobby?  How long have you been singing, drawing, dancing?  Have you ever written prose poems, made model airplanes, made crafts, sewed?  What for?  You ask.  After all, it does not make money (or does it?).  Our consciousness is so crammed with survival in the matrix, that we have completely forgotten that we are born creators and should have time for creativity and creation.  And the system intends to drive us into the framework of survival, depriving us of the creative processes.

Step 11 – Transport Independence

Surely, you have heard the phrase:  “Cyclist is a disaster for the economy.”  And so it is.  After all, he:

– does not buy a car;

– does not take a loan out for it;

– does not buy gasoline for it;

– does not use the services of repair shops;

– does not buy insurance for it;

– does not use paid parking;

– does not suffer from obesity.

Plus, the bike makes a person durable and healthy, which is not very useful for the economy, because healthy people do not buy medicines and do not go to see doctors.

Step 12 – Sow good, reasonable, eternal

When we turn on the TV, we see mostly pain, fear, crime, danger.  Our media completely stopped the spread of kind and good news, knowledge.  And we, if we want a bright future, are simply obliged to share useful, good and interesting information among ourselves for the benefit of all of us.  You can spread the truth in your social networks, online communities.  For example, you can share with friends the articles you liked.  We are the same simple people as you are in search of truth and improvement of the World for the better.  Therefore, the joint distribution of the found useful information for the common good.

It is important to realize that if we carry out all the steps to get out of the matrix with you, we will have free money, respectively, will not have to work as much as we do now, and also we will not need loans.

On the example of a bicycle, you saw how you can rid of financial dependence, namely the foundation of the matrix – the constant circulation of consumption.

Well, you say, well, we have taken these steps, but how will this affect the main world?  They ruled us as they will!  But this is not the case.  The essence of the matrix, thanks to which they govern us, is financial dependence.  We stop buying, consume everything that they cram into us through advertising on the street and the networks, we deprive them of income.  And, accordingly, their strength and influence over us.  Agree, it is difficult to control those who have free will and are not dependent.

By taking these steps, you will be healthier and will deprive the pharmacology, by the way, one of the main tools of managing us, with huge funds.  You will also become smarter, more erudite and it will be difficult to control you through the media, which are also an instrument of influence.  And so on.  The matrix is essentially a weed, which we water with our constant consumption.  And what will happen if you stop water the weed and create a drought?  Right.  The weed will die!

Already today, you can start to stop feeding this monster.  Connect relatives and friends to this process.  Believe in yourself, clear the mind and the body of rubbish, and then the process of freeing yourself will take place as quickly as possible.  Say to the Matrix – Farewell!!!

Translated by:  Dmitriy Kushnir

Source:  Kramola.info


    • I’d say it’s other way around: most carbohydrates are bad, but very few are necessary for good health. If it comes in a package, odd are … it’s bad for your health! 🙂


  1. High quality article indeed. This reading makes me dress up (10pm here atm) from pyjamas to work cloth and go oyt and work the sh.. out of my body muscles and soul. Then that exhausting feeling is like drug- made a lot of work which last (money kind of doesnt). Anyway i know myself. I wake up tomorrow and do tenth of what i would do now but hey…once it will come.
    Seriously, this article is truest true out there. Even with carbs. Dont believe me ? Try that. Eat nuts. Diary is also fatty. Fat is 9kcal on one gram (1/30oz). Trust me its hell lot of energy. Cashew has carbs but fats too and yummy. You might like different nuts. Expensive yes. But if you save elsewhere you win. Anyway. You have two options only. Beliece it or not. If not. Your waste. You try and fail? Whats the life about? Even pain is sometimes a gain. Imagine what would a dead person give to feel a pain? I guess a lot.


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