What Year Is It?.. Or Who Was Able to Steal Over 6,000 Years of History?


Is it really XXI century?  We were deceived!  From the birth of the Christ … it is only the VI century … 

“Be awake, otherwise you will fall into laziness and oblivion … Remember that you must fulfill the mission that Providence has bestowed upon you.  When the time comes, it will open your eyes and guide you along the right path.  Be always ready for this … Listen carefully and you will hear when the call sounds!..” (Ancient astrologers about Saturn)

In the book by Alexei Kungurov (Tyumen), “Kievan Rus Was Not, or What Historians Are Hiding”, a curious fragment is found in the chapter “Arseniy Sukhanov.  Debate with the Greeks about faith.”  I will not now discuss the authenticity of this document, but, no matter what, it is quite reasonable to explain why three independent laboratories (Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA), not knowing about the origin of the tissue samples (the Turin Shroud), on the basis of dating research using radiocarbon analysis, gave almost the same conclusions about their age:  12th century of the current era.

The astronomers also indirectly indicate the date of birth of Jesus, calculating the rate of expansion of the Crab nebula, which the Evangelicals called the Bethlehem star.  They gave an approximate date of its appearance, and it is not “zero”, and not the I century AD.  It is the XII century!

Now we read a quote from the “Debate”:

“Well, you also lost the years from the Birth of Christ:  you write in the current 158th year from the Birth of Christ – 1650th year; and in this your Greek books condemn you, and you will not obey.  And all this you have received from the Romans, the vault of the Hellenic Teaching in having a publishing house in your courtyard and your books are printed in Rome and in Venice and in England; and you go to study the Hellenic Scriptures to Rome and to Venice, and diddascola (Diduskal [idaskal]; literally – teacher) your have of all those sciences come to you and, there being, as in cows’ herd even the sound cattle will become mad, and so, your diddascolus come to you from Rome and from Venice all covered in silks, like the Blasius spoke from the science of the Roman customs, and you are taught that; and you listen to them in everything, because you do not have your own sciences of the Hellenic language and you take books from them.  Everything else I say, that you didn’t have good, all that came to us from Moscow.”

And so, Arseny Sukhanov denounces the creators of a false history and a false calendar in plain text – Rome, Venice and England.  But most importantly, it turns out that even in the middle of the 17th century, people remembered when Jesus was born!  In 1650, he would have turned 158 years old!  It turns out that Jesus was born in 1492, and we, according to “their” calendar, should not have 2018, but only 526 on the calendar!

Again, we have to make adjustments in understanding who we are and where we are from.  More recently, I thought that 5508 years had been stolen from us, and now it turns out that as many as 6029 years have been stolen from humanity!  And what happened in these times?  More reliably, I only see the last 120-130 years.  Well, 135.  What happened before, nobody knows, because the whole story is written by Jesuits, Freemasons, Germans, and Bolsheviks.

Reasonable question:  How do they do it?  How can they rewrite history on the world scale?  A sensible person will say:  “No!  There are also manuscripts, archaeological finds, and everything is consistent with traditional history!”  More recently, sure “evidence” no one would even think to check for authenticity.  Having learned exactly how frauds and manipulations occur, I dare to draw my own conclusions.

What is worth only the myth of the Library of Alexandria, which allegedly kept the carriages of folios, despite the fact that the paper has not yet been invented?  And what are the attempts to find the library of Ivan the Terrible?  And remember how the Bolsheviks simply burned in the wastelands in different districts of Moscow the archive of the Romanovs’ house of more than half a million volumes?

I suppose this is the case:

1.  Replacing the calendars.  This is a reliable and proven way to bury the truth.  It is enough to make regular changes in the chronology system.  The lunar calendar, the sun calendar, Muslim, Jewish, Slavic, Hindu, Julian, Gregorian, the devil himself will break a leg in this chaos.  To bury in it, you can really anything.  By the “right” event, you can attach any date.  The Gregorian calendar does not fit, take the lunar calendar, and here you have a thousand-year history!

2.  The substitution of geographical names is also a favorite way to fake authentic events.  They wrote that the Kulikovo Battle was on the river Don, and still everyone is sure that it was on Don, on the Don, where the “horses roamed”.  And the fact that any river was called a “don” is hard to recall.  And now look for which of the “dons” were the events.  But LonDon is also Long Don – just a “long river”.  Paradoxically, the name of the mountain on the Falkland archipelago has pushed this hypothesis.  The mountain is called Longdon.

3.  Resettlement of large masses.  The most innocuous is the organization of large projects, such as BAM, NPO Nishnekamskneftekhim, Tselina, Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, Magnitka, and others.  A huge number of “visiting” workers and specialists fill with a “roar” of their traditions a certain territory, old-timers die, and the newcomers are no longer aware of the history of the land on which they profit to build something.  And separating from their homeland, they no longer remember the true history of the places where they were born.  And the most terrible of the tools of the “Progressors” are the great upheavals:  wars, revolutions, crises, epidemics, etc.  In such fires, not only books of libraries and archives, but also entire nations, and their memories, and their histories are ablaze.

4.  MASS MEDIA.  The most effective weapon.  It all started with wandering buffoons.  The lords quickly learned that satire and criticism, which was contained in the speeches of jokers and buffoons, is capable of raising popular uprisings.  The method is adopted, and here, get:  Hollywood “number one” – a project called “William Shakespeare” (which, translated into plain language, means:  Bill Shook the Spear).  And now a whole literary agency is scribbling dramas and tragedies (soap operas), and hundreds of nativity scenes across all the islands of the west of Europe show how to speak, move, dress, what houses to live in, what to strive for, what to value, whom to respect, and whom to hate and destroy as undemocratic regimes that do not know pluralism and tolerance.  And Britt’s, Walles’s & Scott’s, just like modern housewives, assimilated the rules of behavior, wept in the hem of dirty sackcloths and thought:  “Wow!  We’re sitting here in a backward village .. And the real life is that!”  Today, our compatriots see giant, the size of a basketball court apartments, luxurious furnishings, clothes and cars of their favorite heroes in TV shows, and absorb a special type of consumer behavior into their subconscious thinking.  Are there true stories here?  If it one thing in life, but completely different on the screen?

In general terms, the mechanism is clear.  It remains to answer the main question:  Why?  By the way, this is not the right question.  In the Russian (Slavic) language, before the reforms of Lunacharsky (jew), whose native language was Yiddish, every Russian (Slav) knew the difference between “Zachem” (why), “Pochemu” (why), and “Otchego” (why).  These concepts are not interchangeable.  Depending on the question asked, the answer to it was given the appropriate, not the same in meaning.  For example:


Q:  Why (Zachem) are you dressed in black?

A:  To fit the mourning situation at the funeral.


Q:  Why (Pochemu) are you dressed in black?

A:  Concerning the mourning for Yaroslav Vladimirovich.


Q:  Why (Otchego) are you dressed in black?

A:  From the fact that I grieve for the untimely loss.

So, clearly, this is not the same thing.  So “Zachem” (why), “Pochemu” (why) and “Otchego” why do we see the application to humanity of the above four tactics of depriving people of true information about the history of mankind?

My version is as follows:

To keep people in ignorance as long as possible for ease of management.  So they wouldn’t guess that they are simply bred as plants or cattle.  So they carry out a given program and continue to meekly feed their masters.  So they would never learn who they really are and from where, and what their true nature and purpose are.

All this is true for all three questions – why, why and why.  With motives figured out, not the main course.  What exactly are the “progressors” hiding from humans?  Some very important event, most likely the very one through which they managed to seize and hold power.  Could they have gained strength as a result of a world catastrophe that they themselves had arranged (echoes of which are myths about the flood, the battle of the titans, Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea)?

And having learned the truth about it, will mankind be able to find ways to prevent it in the future, and break out of slavery, interrupt this endless run in a circle?  Let’s think, not believe!

After the above:  So what was the year according to the Slavic calendar, if Jesus was really born in 1492?  Incredibly, but this is a round date – 7,000 years from The Creation of the World (or Creation of the Peace in the Star Temple)!  And this year is considered the official date of discovery of America!  Coincidence?  No, my fellow democrats!  I do not believe in coincidences of this order!

What else has this year been noted in history for, apart from the “discovery of America”?  First of all … The End of the World!  Yes, like this, no less.  The 7,000 year was originally considered the last in the history of the World, in accordance with the early apocryphal prophecies that were not included in the canonical edition of the modern Bible.  Let us assume that the situation developed exactly as in 1900, or in 2012, when the world enthusiastically waited for the end of the World.  And it experienced a terrible dissatisfaction with the fact that it was not possible to see the promised grand performance.  Clarify:  LIGHT-presentation.

But in the same year, in the Moscow Tartary, the calendar changed!  Is it coincidence for the tradition from the Constantinople calendar, in which the year began on March 1, to the Byzantine, where the beginning of the year was September 1?  And what is the difference between “Constantinople” and “Byzantine”, if it was one country, as we are assured?

And here is another oddity.  Ensysheim meteorite.  Let’s start with the name.  I understand that it is absurd to look for the etymology of the name of the village in Galia (France), in modern English, but as practice shows, in the absence of visible connections, the essence of the phenomenon often manifests itself even in words that are absent in use at the time of the event.

So, in this word, there is one single letter missing “D”, which, like an evil prankster, was purposely removed.  “End sys game” requires translation?  Yes, there are such jokes in history.  There is a legend that the great Albrecht Dürer witnessed the fall of this meteorite.  In our time, this is a common thing:  if a plane can crash into a skyscraper, then surely one of the eyewitnesses will, at this moment, “accidentally” turn on the included video camera with a view of the skyscraper.  And at the time when he cameras did not exist, it was necessary that some painter – the schedule brought him to the right place at the right time.

And this is why it seems to me that this “meteorite” is not exactly a meteorite.  More precisely, it was not a loner, and they fell in different places, otherwise how can one explain the fact that Dürer painted many drawings in which the same event is depicted in completely different ways?

Here are two options:


The fall of the Ensisheim meteorite on November 7, 1492. Albrecht Dürer.


The fall of the Ensisheim meteorite on November 7, 1492. Albrecht Dürer.

It seems to be even “shot” from the same point, but why then does the meteorite falls in different directions?  Or were there more than one?  But it seems to me that these two engravings can in no was belong to the same person.  Moreover, I do not believe in the authorship of the great Dürer.

We look at the photo of the meteorite itself, which, by a strange circumstance, was not melted down into swords for kings, as was the case at that time.  Images also have the same title, for some reason.  In addition, abundant “meteorological conditions” “fell out” in Europe at about the same time, which never happened later.


Энсисгеймский метеорит


Энсисгеймский метеорит

The reason for the fact that both meteorites are called among researchers by the same name, I could not establish.

For example, over the past 200 years, not a single reliable fact has survived that anything larger than small meteors have fallen to Earth.  With the exception of the Tunguska “meteorite”, which is not at all a fact that it fell from the sky.  Nevertheless, the meteorological service existed in the XVIII century, and was official.  It did not observe the weather at all, as now, to specifically for the celestial bodies falling to Earth.  But why do I explain this?  From the very name “METEOR-o-logical” is so very obvious.

It turns out that to suspect some very important events for the history of mankind in the late XV – early XVI century, we have grounds.  An indirect confirmation is the “deep immersion” of Albrecht Dürer in the meteorite theme.  Recall his famous “Melancholy” (1513).


Melancholy. A. Dürer 1513.

The winged woman staying in a state of melancholy (this is when it is not just sad, but when everything is over) is surrounded by objects:  measuring, carpentry tools, and a sphere lies at her feet … Symbolism is easy to guess.  Here you have a set of items from the “arsenal” of Freemasons, builders of the world, and a symbol of the planet (another deception?), and a bright light from above.

Alienation, a sense of powerlessness to change the situation, emphasize the hourglass.  A huge crystal (or meteorite), an incomprehensible creature that carrier a “Melancholia” banner in lacquers.  Everything points to the end of time.  And the possible beginning of a new era.  Especially attracts the magic square on the wall.


The sum of numbers in all lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally gives the same number – 34.  Why?  If we are talking about Masonic symbolism, then 33 is the highest degree of initiation (or is it?).  Then.  34 – God?

In general, it seems that this was not an easy time!  The flare of the Bethlehem Star, the fall of meteorites, war, rebellion, pestilence, the discovery of America, the calendar change, the arrival of Jesus, the dawn of the Renaissance, and … The beginning of the Reformation!

Two questions:  What, in fact, was revived, and what was reformed?  The answer to both questions may lie in the solution of the main question – the reason for these processes.  In the encyclopedia, mind you, do not look, if someone forgot, and who remembers – forget what you were told about this at school and college.  It is enough to decipher the “oversea” terms, and much becomes clear.

Rebirth, or Renaissance (fr. Renaissance, ital. Rinascimento; from re/ri – “again” or “anew” + nasci – “born”) Epoch that replaced … (What?).  A distinctive feature is a secular character, an interest in ancient culture, it is as if its “revival”.

You see how simple it is, if we discard the “noise” invented by cultural scientists who are not very versed in history.  First of all “Nazi” is not a fascist, but literally “Nationalist” … “Rodnovery”.  Secondly, it is clearly stated that the antiquity (the era of the Antes) died, and the Europeans began to “reanimate” it.

Reformation (lat. Reformatio – correction, transformation, reform) is a broad religious movement aimed at reforming Christianity in accordance with the Bible.

Well then!  Clearer then clear.  Secular rebirth is an attempt to adopt and revive technology, a lost civilization, and religious reform is to bring spiritual rule in line with new realities, such as:  Introduction to Christianity of Jesus, as a son of God, and writing the Bible.

If we assume that the guess is correct, then a new version of the post-flooding events is easily born:  Jesus was executed by the Jews when he was thirty and three years old.  Exactly as Slavic fairy tales say.  It turns out that if he was born in 1492, he died in 1525.  And why is this year remarkable, according to the officially adopted chronology?  Well, almost nothing happened, except for completely “legendary” battles, and milestones of the Reformation.  But!  This year was born the famous Peter Bruegel (senior), who is known for non-trivial images of biblical scenes.

If we are to believe the culturologists.  It is all logical.  The man lived at a time when there were already the most vague ideas about how everything happened in ancient Judea, and he portrayed characters from the time of the birth of Christianity in the form of his contemporaries.  Well … as our Nikas Safronov is now swaggering, depicting pop stars in suits and armor of the late Middle Ages.

However … Bruegel is not alone.  There is a whole layer of art depicting biblical stories precisely in accordance with the level of development of the civilization of the late XV century.  Well, see for yourself!


Peter Bruegel Sr. Battle of Shrovetide and fasting. 1559 Digital reproduction is in the Internet museum Gallerix.ru

Here, we are, first of all, concerned with the question of how, during the Renaissance, they could celebrate the Slavic pagan Maslenitsa in Catholic Europe?!  Meaning, when, not we celebrated the European “Halloween” and “Valentine’s Day”, but the Europeans celebrated Maslenitsa!


Lucas Cranach the Elder. Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt (1504)

This is one is really a seditious picture.  There is a direct confirmation of the version that Jesus had an older sister.  It may seem to some as incredible, but see for yourself, Jesus is in the hands of Mary, and to her right is not an anger, but an earthly girl who quite pretends to be the elder sister.  Well, so how else?  Formerly, women, at that age in which Maria is depicted, already had up to a dozen children.

And most importantly – the landscape.  It is European, if not Siberian!


Paolo Veronese. Finding Moses (1575)

Culturologists say that in the center of the picture is the wife of the Egyptian pharaoh.  And that, they say, the artist did not know how Arab women look, and the landscape of North Africa.  But … Our cultural scientists were born in the XX century, and they have far fewer opportunities to correctly describe biblical events from the household side, than those who were much closer to them on the timeline.  As for me, I believe more in Renaissance artists.  Yes, and the surname of Paul obliges … Veronese, translated into Slavic, means “Truthful”, “Verityfull”, “Truthspeaker”.


Peter Bruegel Jr. Adoration of the Volhvs (Magi). XVI.

Again, European architecture, flora and climate.  Snow and winter.  If illiterate artists, who for some reason at once, rushed to paint pictures of biblical themes one and a half thousand years later, and did not know how people lived in Palestine, then why do they so well depict snow on the streets and roofs?  It seems to me, only for one reason.  In their time, they still knew exactly when and exactly where these events took place.


Peter Bruegel Sr. Massacre of the innocents. (1567).

This picture gives even more food for thought.  In addition to the brick buildings of the snow-covered city, we see a typical image of the Slavic squad.  They are under the red banner, in armor and in the uniform of the Slavic army from the beginning of the XVI century.  Well, and horse Cossacks in red caftans are a real “cherry on the cake”.


Peter Bruegel Sr. The path to Calvary. (1564g.)

This picture is a real treasure.  It alone deserves a separate article, so I will not dwell in detail, let me just note that on this canvas, we again see the typical Slavic landscape, the Slavic Cossacks, who are carrying upon a cart the suffering Jesus to the “people’s court” (calvary), and even an indispensable attribute of the Slavic village in the form of the nest for storks in the form of a broken wagon wheel used for the storks’ nest.

From the presented, the idea already suggests itself that, in fact, the artists of the reformation era saw the biblical story in a completely different way than we do now.  If we were told that all the events described in the New Testament occurred in prehistoric Palestine, where everyone walked in sandals, wrapped in rags, girded with ropes, then this does not mean that it was in fact!

The events described could actually have been, but not there, and not when it is now accepted to be considered, and more recently, not in Palestine, but in Europe, and (or) partially in Asia.  Then a lot of questions are removed off the heads of historians.  Everything becomes logical, simple, and understandable without interpretation and explanation.

In the XIV century happened the tragedy, which went down in history as the Great Flood.  It destroyed a civilization called “antique’.  And this is reflected in the pictures of the food witnesses:


God instructs Noah. Woodcut 1539g. Artist Amman.

Another one of the objects looks absolutely fantastic.  Whether a skyscraper is falling, or a log is in the eye of God.  This engraving was sold from an online auction for $60,000.  The new owner did not want to disclose his name.  And the picture from the site was deleted, so you can only see it on the site “Tart-Aria.info”.

Note!  The picture of the forty-day rain and the flood caused by it is depicted against the background of the most real skyscrapers.  One of the, the so-called “Tower of Babel”.  It is now reconstructed.  I think that in the same place where its biblical prototype existed – in Brussels.  But who will tell us about this?


European Parliament Building in Brussels

Do not believe in the depraved, fallen Babylon, is this a prototype of the European Union?  And what about this?


The painting “The Tower of Babel”, Peter Bruegel the Elder (1563)

And again, Peter Brezhnev … Oh … Sorry, Peter Bruegel, of course, in the know.  Don’t you think this is all a bit strange?

Author:  Golubev Andrey Viktorovich

Translated by:   Dmitriy Kushnir


  1. 1492 is NOT the XIIth century. You’re off by 300 years.
    And the only source you have is this alleged quote from the “debate”, in which some guy says that he read in some document in Moskow that the date 1650ad in the Roman calendar is actually 158ad?
    Which means the actual date of zero ad would be 1500-1502 in the Roman calendar.
    Obviously someone forgot a zero there.
    If anything the date should accord with the Hebrew Anno Mundi calendar, and that is not the case with the date of 1500ad Romani. It also does not accord with the Greek Orthodox nor the Coptic Orthodox Anno Mundi.
    Perhaps your case would be more convincing if you could give links to actual texts or manuscripts,
    and/or names of those manuscripts, that clearly give the date. That way people can look it up and
    read for themselves.
    But now all you show is a quote that you claim comes from somewhere, but nobody knows it.
    You may honestly believe what you are saying, and there may be truth in it, but we have no way
    to check your claims without sources, and all the sources I can find disagree with what you are saying.
    So please try to dig up some more proof and provide some links, to make your case more solid?
    Oh, and dragging the recorded sightings of a meteorite into the story does not help to support it.
    The fact that a meteorite was seen does not prove that the meteorite was the alleged star, nor
    does it prove that the date is wrong. Meteorites and “stars” were seen throughout the ages,
    it is not like there only ever was one and that immediately pinpoints the birth of Christ.
    If there ever really was a Christ and the entire story is not just a remake of the older myths of Ios
    or one of the other “messiah” figures.
    (You do know there were quite a lot of these “holy men”running around in the Mediterranean region,
    who all share the same characteristics, healing the sick, performing miracles, etc? It’s not like the Jesus
    story is the only variant of this. There were many.)


      • but 1492 is still not in the 12th century dude. 12th century = 1300s. Basic enough for you?
        Or do I really need to spell out for you that 13 is not 14?


      • That is assuming that the timeline was not messed with in any way. Truth is: we really do not know of anything that happened before 1492. And we really barely know anything that happened between then and the 20th century. And we really know very little of the actual truth of what happened in the last 100 years.


  2. Poor fellow… “we” know a lot more than you seem to think. In my village alone there are buildings from the 1400s, they are real, and we know who built them and lived in them for… wait for it…. 600 years!

    It may be that where you live history was not recorded properly or maybe the people were just stupid or something…
    Don’t go pushing your ignorance of history onto others.


    • I highly doubt that. Every time someone claims something like that, and you really begin to dig, you find out exactly how full of BS they are. The number one rule to creating a fake story or a fake legend is to make sure it sounds legit. So how hard it would be for someone, say a hundred years ago or two hundred years ago, to lay claim to a vacant building and create a beautiful legend surrounding it. Then, just to make things appear “legit” … carve own family name or family crest on it? You poor thing, you actually believe what you’re told. You probably believe that pyramids were built as tombs. If it takes just two generations to forget the truth, and 600 hundred years is about 30 generations … that heritage could’ve been rewritten 15 times. If you doubt my words, I can do the same thing with the house I currently live in, and 200 years from now everyone who lives in this neighborhood will believe that this house was in my family for 800 years. They did the same thing in Russia with St. Petersburg … which Peter the 1st did not build, but simply laid claim to an empty city from the previous civilization. Very same things were done with hundreds of cities all across Earth! For stating that these cities were found “abandoned” would raise too many questions … it is much simpler to state that these cities were built by “ruling families” and use the actual age of the building to make the “ruling family” seem older than it actually is. Of course, creating a beautiful legend is part of such practice … and in just TWO GENERATIONS all people will accept it as the truth!


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