Who Is Harmed By Native Slavic Faith?

There has been a lot of fuss in Russian news lately about the Slavic-Aryan Vedas. It was said that Slavic-Aryan Vedas are an “extremist publication” and are a danger to society. Now, I, personally, do not care who writes a book, so I will leave the authors and writers of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas our of this article. What is important, is the message of the book. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have read these books (5 books in all), shortly after they were published and became available to the general audience, instead of being spread only within certain communities.

The message in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas is simple: protect your heritage, take care of your children and elders, care for and love your spouse, live a healthy lifestyle, and so on and so forth. Even the “law” was able to find literally one or two sentences, on which to build the case for “extremism”: “do not marry a woman with black skin, but marry a woman with white skin”. That is it! Out of over one thousand pages! That is what the entire case is based on. Of course, to any logical individual, it is complete horse crap. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different religious cults and sects in Russia alone, yet, the authorities chose to go after Yngliists. Immediately a question comes to mind: Who is really hurt by the Native Slavic Faith?

Before I answer that question, let me try and explain what Native Slavic Faith is … in a nutshell. It doesn’t really matter which Native Slavic (or Aryan) faith you’re speaking of: Yngliism, Rodnoverie, Norse, Odinism, etc. They are all branches of the same tree; they all grew from the same roots. The one thing that always matters, is the message! The Native Slavic Faith (NSF) is primarily a true presentation of events that have occurred in the past. If the parents forced their children to learn by heart their entire known lineage, to know all of the affairs and deeds of their Ancestors, then the entire people knew well of all of their accomplishments, roots, learned from their mistakes … thus gaining wisdom.

It is a very interesting concept: knowing that one will have to teach own sons to remember the past of his family, his community, his state, an element of self-restraint appears in a person in relation to manifestation and creation of evil deeds. It becomes very difficult to be a scoundrel and a bastard under such circumstances. The evil and vile breeds lose all opportunity to continue own lineage. For in such case, it is the reputation of Rod that’s on the line, and not the amount of looted capital. And it is highly doubtful, that an honest Rod will want to be unified with the vile kind. Only by destroying tradition and the transference of knowledge from generation to generation, the vile and despicable Rods are able to remain in power and hold on to rule.

As it appears, for the follower of NSF, it is simply unworthy to create evil and vile acts. Because of evil acts, such individual will simply be isolated from his community, and from generation to generation, the information and knowledge of his evil deed and Ancestry will be transferred.

However, anything can be written in a book, and books can be rewritten to suit those in power as often as necessary. And is this not the reason why there are so many different versions of our past? And isn’t this what Lomonosov fought, when foreigners rewrote the Slavic heritage and named it “history”?

Is this the reason why the world is currently ruled by families of former slave traders, pirates and colonizers, who stained their bloodlines with the blood of robbed people? And was NSF destroyed, so the honor and reputation of Rod would cease to play an important role?

It is no longer important to be an honest man, in order to become a businessman or a politician. It is also doubtful that an honest man from a reputable Rod will be able to reach career heights. The success in the modern life requires a completely different mentality that can hardly be called humane and fair.

Maybe because people no longer take care of the honor and reputation of own Rod, the catastrophic processes related to degeneration and degradation occur?

Humanity, like a maniac, is chasing after earthly goods, destroying habitats and killing each other. The term “clear conscience” has become an anachronism. Is it possible to imagine that an honest person, who cares about own reputation, adding harmful chemicals to baby food or producing harmful and dangerous products only for profit? What will the descendants say of those, who willingly destroy our world? How long will Nature tolerate the parasitic human civilization?

Maybe it’s time to revive the tradition of narration of the truth of own Rod, own community, own state from generation to generation? So the children would know about their past by heart and would be willing to tell of their own achievements to their children? Then, perhaps, the tree of life of the people will revive, where each individual will be a branch, receiving the life-giving sap from the common trunk of the glorious past and will develop into a common prosperous future.

Information taken from:

“Who is hindered by Paganism?”

by Fedor Preobrazhenskiy

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

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