The Hyperborea is Returning

According to Ancestral heritage, the ancient Hyperborea was located on a large continent in the modern region of the arctic circle and the north pole.  It is believed that because of the change of the climate, the peoples, which inhabited the once legendary and epic continent, migrated south to the north of Eurasia, all the way to the Iranian Highlands and Mesopotamia.

Hyperborea is the ancient Fatherland of great peoples, one of which just happen to be Slavs.  The Slavic descendants inherited from ancient Hyperboreans the universal wisdom, spirituality, kindness and mystical keys to harmony with the outside world.

In Hyperborea, they worshiped a kind, good deity, which was revealed in two guises:  Father and Mother of pure love.  They were one and equal, heading the hierarchy of the pantheons of human-loving deities.

The social structure of the Hyperboreans was simple and democratic.  They lived as a single universal family. Communities settled along reservoirs.  They built sturdy, beautiful settlements, theopolises and asgards.  The highest level reached the development of numerous sciences, crafts, arts, applied arts, subordinated to a single purpose:  the disclosure of spiritual potential of an individual.

There was no need for an individual through blood and sweat to earn their daily bread, for Nature, the animals, flora, climate, filled with kindness and love by them, miraculously gave everything necessary for Life.

Under the sky of a good deity there lived good people surrounded by good animals, plants, birds and fish.  Evil was absent, sin did not exist.  Love ruled the world.  The few evil tribes neighboring Hyperborea, by virtue of their spiritual and social weakness, did not dare to resist the Hyperboreans and violate their good rules of Life.

Much later, when evil tribes began to strengthen, surrounding and hardening the world around them, Nature gradually became hardened and gleamed, the climate was changing in the direction of rapid warming or cooling.  There were a lot of evil animals that began to aggressively eat one another.

Then such concepts as “fear”, “death”, “illness” appeared on the Earth, about which there was no concept in Hyperborea.  The Hyperborean communities were headed by wise men, white elders, reaching the degrees of personified Deities on Earth.  Their faces shone with a heavenly light.  They held great secrets, created wonders.  They were tasked with determining the fate of the World, to control the Elements.  They knew the language of birds, animals, trees and plants.

They carried within them the Divine Spirit of Love and Wisdom.  Their every word was holy and indestructible.  For the most part, they were in isolation, in contemplation.  Many of them were able to live on Earth for hundreds and thousands of years, reaching the level of immortality.

They were distinguished by their unmatched unearthly kindness, with which they subdued people and animals, inhabitants of the seas, forests and steppes.  They taught that man is an immortal Deity, who came from Heaven to Earth with the mysterious purpose of “deification”.  Under their leadership, Hyperboreans reached the highest levels of Spirituality, in their light bodies they admired ascended to heavens, descended into the underground spheres, lighted spaces, healed from deadly ailments, changed the fate of human destinies.

Hyperboreans categorically excluded any violence, strict regulations and formal rituals.  Their Faith was absolutely non-religious, alive and divinely revealed.  They recognized only power and language of Love, rejecting the language of coercion and usurpation.  Relations between them were built solely on the principals of mercy, kindness and love.

Hyperborean existed on Earth for thousands of years.  Geographically, it occupied a huge part of known Earth:  from South America, Japan, Siberia to the Scandinavian countries and southern Africa.

It is a wrong assumption that Hyperborea is dead.  Some suggest that it disappeared due to tectonic faults, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, nuclear equivalent war, etc.

Hyperborea did not perish, but mysteriously transfigured into another world order, into a different dimension.  For several millennia, Hyperborea, being in the beyond passionate, has accumulated the abundant Spiritual potential that it now wishes to realize on Earth.


Translated by:  Dmitriy Kushnir

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