Choose Your Wife … for Life

Have you ever wondered what happened to traditional values, when a husband chose his wife for Life? The answer to that question is simple: They were destroyed by the Institute of Marriage. As soon as Harmonious family Life mutated from Spiritual to material, traditional family Life was destroyed.

Just take a look at the average family and its “creation” today.

First, both spouses spend loads of their time, resources and irreplaceable Life’s energy “trying out” different partners, before they find the one they can stand (or the one who will provide them with everything (material) they want). This “trying out” is something that spoils and destroys countless generations on its own, but that’s a completely different subject.

Second, they enter the “competition” of the “wedding of the year”, borrowing from anywhere they can find, in order to “prove” to those around them – how much they “love” each other.

Third, they begin to develop problems in their relationship because of the debt, and choose to bring a child into this world, in order to “fix” their already doomed relationship. The result: an unwanted child and more debt!

Last, the couple who “loved” each other – separates (accumulation of more debt in the process); divorces; the child is forced to grow up in a broken family, which greatly imprints on his subconsciousness; and the process begins over again!

Now take a look at how traditional union of two people is supposed to be.

First, the father of the potential groom (or the lad himself) searches for a potential bride.

Second, once the potential bride is found (notice, no meeting ever takes place until this), a meeting between the potential bride and groom is arranged. It is a family affair, and at least parents from both sides are present (although sometimes grandparents and even great grandparents are present). At this meeting, the potential bride attends to the potential groom and all others present (in order to demonstrate her worthiness). After the initial meeting, both the potential bride and groom are taken into separate rooms and asked of their opinion. If both, the potential bride and groom agree to marriage, further preparations are made. If for some reason either the maiden or the lad refuse (can be any reason, that may be discovered during this meeting); the parents of the maiden are presented with gifts, and the lad continues his search. It is important to note, that if the maiden rejected several possible candidates, her honor was “stained” and such maiden was no longer “favorable”. In addition, only “pure” (virgin) maidens were considered. However, if a maiden had the courage to ask the parents of any lad for his hand in marriage; a lad could never turn down such a proposal. The punishment for turning down such a proposal was the exile from Rod. It is the reason why there were never any “single” maiden in old and ancient times.

Third, before marriage took place, both the bride and the groom were explained by all of their parents: if problems should arise, they would be helped by ALL relatives. Marriage, in old and ancient times, was never a union between two people, but a union of two clans, tribes or families through the union of two people.

Lastly, all children brought into this world were the result of true Love between two people and never means to an end. Such children, when brought up in a household of Love and Harmony, created own successful union later in Life. Both spouses, as you see, are to Spiritually complete each other, for they both have the same purpose: to fulfill their duty before Rod.

If you notice the difference between the modern marriage and the traditional union; in the traditional union (or marriage), the material element is almost never in the “big picture”. No person or organization outside of the two families, clans or tribes are “paid” or “asked permission” to bring the two people together … or to keep them together.

In conclusion: Do not be victims of materialism! Create strong unions! and Bring strong and healthy children into this world! Slava!


One comment

  1. And people laughed when i told them that i believe and live “one woman for a life”
    Yet it works for me and im happy. Interestingly we found each other on web but not purposely. It was on some health forum where i talked offtopic hard. We have kid together. Live together and spend all the possible time together. Working like a charm but funny thing is that this did come out of my own mind or sort of and i do not regret it. I know whats good and high quality without testing 50 another options. Wife is not a car. Maybe some ancestor genes or so. Anyway im a proof that this can be a happy way of living our lives. I was 25 when i met her. No one from our families are divorced. And i will work hard to keep this forever.


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