How To Raise a Man – 7 Worthy Advices

I feel bad for women, they constantly complain that there are no good and worthy men around. At the same time, I don’t feel bad for women, for it is they, who raise their sons as girls. The result speaks for itself. This article is the answer to all those maidens and women, who would like to find a good and worthy man … but can’t.

First – the raising of boy(s) is a task for the father. Moreover, from birth; and from his own birth, and not of his son. The education and bringing up within the family is not based on “preaching”. A boy duplicates a pattern of behavior of his father, and not his words.

A question for mothers – Do you want your son to become just as your husband?

Second – a man must be strong. What does that mean? A man must be able to make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions.

A question for parents – Is your son learning to make his own decisions and take responsibility for them?

Third – making decisions and taking responsibility are two sides of the same coin: freedom of choice from one side, restriction of freedom of choice from another.

Example: A man makes a decision, but the responsibility for that decision is taken by his woman. This is not a man, but a sissy, a mama’s boy. A man does not make a decision, but takes the responsibility for it. This is not a man, but a sissy, he’s under someone’s thumb.

Forth – freedom begins with self-restraint. There is an eastern proverb: “Camels drink first, for they have no hands; men drink second, for they have no patience; women drink last.”

Educational scheme (for all fathers!): “The best is for mother, because she’s a girl. Next is the cat, for he is helpless and is dependent on us. Then, it is our turn, because we are men!”

Fifth – at what age does a child become a man? Since the awareness of oneself as an individual. Psychologists know that age – it is three years old. Yes, mothers. Three years! It is from this age that you constantly need to inspire your son – “You are a man!” It is from this age that you need to teach him the normal male word – “Must!” A man must.

Must be able to endure. Must be able to overcome himself. Must be able to make mistakes. Must be able to be gentle. Must be able to be hard. Must be able to be different. Must be able to answer for his words. Must be able to BE.

Sixth – the child must be treated as an adult. Although it does not mean that he shouldn’t be played with, that his mistakes shouldn’t be forgiven, that he shouldn’t be caressed, that you shouldn’t smile at him.

Seventh – the child can be wrong. He explores the world around him, exploring its boundaries. Do you know why men are like children? Because of the way men are also pushing the boundaries of their world. A man must be restless. He is the driving force of humanity. And the woman – has the power to save, the power to preserve. You cannot punish a boy for his mistakes. They need to be fixed. By him. Himself. Independently. But with your hint, advice and support.

Written by: Dmitriy Kushnir

Information taken from the internet

Writing is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so if you found this article useful, buy me a coffee or an energy bar.

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